Su Xi-er looked at his brows and eyes. He looked more familiar the longer she looked, prompting her to ask, “What’s your name?”


“Miss, do you fancy this humble one? I’m afraid that I already have a woman that I like, so your sincerity will be wasted.” The man in blue smiled with his eyes and suddenly joked.


Su Xi-er didn’t respond and continued to stare into his eyes before she suddenly laughed. “I don’t fancy you, but you act suspiciously…”


Without another word, Su Xi-er raised her right hand and swiped at his veil.


The man in blue stepped back and ducked, avoiding her hand with a spin. Su Xi-er’s hand struck out again before he could recover, but the man still managed to dodge.


The match between the two continued with Su Xi-er on the offense and the man in blue defending. After a few rounds, the veil still remained in its place.


Su Xi-er stopped and slowly remarked, “Great skills, you don’t seem like a physician who can only cure diseases and treat patients.”


The man in blue patted the hem of his clothes and replied casually, “I could say the same to you Miss. You don’t seem like a weak woman yourself.”


“Oh? Is that so?” Su Xi-er smiled before adding, “Perhaps I am mistaken, goodbye and have a safe journey.” She turned to leave as she finished speaking.


Su Xi-er had only taken several steps before her instincts began to scream at her that she was in danger. Her body leaned back, and her waist rotated 360 degrees.


When she stood up, she found that a silver needle had dropped to the ground.


Su Xi-er bent over and picked up the needle before she turned to look at the man in blue, enunciating as she spoke, “It’s not good to launch a sneak attack on someone. How could a physician like you hurt people instead of saving them?”


However, the reaction of the man in blue was unexpected. His eyes suddenly blanked out, and his eyebrows became scrunched up. His pupils contracted as he stared at Su Xi-er fixedly.


He slowly approached her, stopping when he was about a meter away. He raised his hand and slowly traced the outline of her face in the air.


As Su Xi-er was getting more and more perplexed, the man in blue suddenly laughed. “Impossible.” He then quickly turned and disappeared into the alley.


Su Xi-er looked at the direction in which he disappeared. This man is very strange. Do I look like someone he knows?


But he suddenly appeared on the second floor of the teahouse, his tracks a mystery. On top of that, he was also present when the peddlers suddenly stopped talking.


Forget it, I won’t think about this anymore. I’ve already accomplished my objective of finding and punishing whoever started the rumours. The two Miss’ from the Wei family just wanted to use Ning Anlian’s power to punish me; they didn’t have any other intentions.


Moreover, I have also punished the two Miss’ from the Wei family.


The night was getting darker and darker, prompting Su Xi-er to immediately head towards the posthouse. Once she arrived at the main street however, she saw a row of bailiff runners hurrying towards the teahouse.


Many commoners walked out of their houses and watched the solemn-faced bailiff runners. The people standing on the street were also in puzzlement as they discussed what had happened.


Su Xi-er slowed her pace and saw a horse carriage with the word ‘Wei’ carved on it hastily passing by. A horse carriage belonging to the Wei Family and bailiff runners walking past just now...


Did something happen to the Miss’ from the Wei Family? I only tied them together.


A middle-aged man suddenly rushed over before speaking. “Let’s go to the teahouse and take a look. I heard that the two Miss’ from the Wei Family were murdered!”


The crowd exploded at this revelation, with many of them running towards the teahouse.

Su Xi-er stared at the groups of people running forward. A moment later, the street she stood on became completely quiet. The Miss’ from the Wei Family are dead. Did someone else enter the cabin after I tied them up?

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Su Xi-er looked at his brows and eyes. The more she looked, the more familiar he became

Comment from Sangria: Could the man in blue be Lianchen? Is he here to avenge his sister’s death?

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