“Hard to say; isn’t it a little overboard to be evicted from the imperial household?”


“Overboard? Not at all, her body wasn’t even buried in the Imperial Mausoleum. I don’t know where it went. Could they have fed it to the wolves?”


The other peddlers immediately shook their heads and sighed, but some continued to say that she deserved it.


Su Xi-er listened quietly, as if this had nothing to do with her.


She was calm- calm to the point that it felt as if there was a frightening air of coldness around her. A few of the peddlers involved in the heated discussion stopped talking and looked at Su Xi-er.


This woman, what happened to her? One look at her had made them panicking.


After a while, the peddlers couldn’t endure it anymore. This woman has an aura as horrifying as a dead person. Even though they wanted to continue their conversation, their tongues suddenly felt as if they were glued to their mouths.


Su Xi-er noticed that the peddlers were acting strange and immediately glanced around. In the street corner in front of her, she saw a blue figure.


The man in blue? Did he attack the peddlers? Why did he do it? Just because they were talking about Ning Rulan?


Her questions swirling about in her head, Su Xi-er followed him to the other street. It’s him indeed, the man with the blue hat and blue veil.


She watched as he entered a drug store, deciding to wait out at the front for him to come out. However, after waiting for a long time, she never saw him exit.


As a result, Su Xi-er decided to enter the drug store, only to find a physician packing some medicine. Where’s the man in blue?


When the physician saw that she was looking for someone, he called out to her, “Miss, there’s no one else here. Are you looking for some medicine?”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “There was a man in blue who came in a while back. Where did he go?”


“Miss, who is he to you? Your husband?”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “No, we’re not related, but he owes me money. Although it’s not a lot, it can’t be unpaid.”


The physician understood. “He left from the back door and took a lot of medicine along. He must have borrowed money from you to buy those medicine to treat injuries inflicted from a sword.”


Su Xi-er nodded and asked, “I am in a hurry to collect the debt, can I leave from the back door of the drug store?”


The physician nodded, pointing forward with his finger. “Open the curtain and walk to the back. There will be a small door once you pass through the courtyard; just go out through there.”


Following the physician’s directions, Su Xi-er immediately walked towards the backdoor.


Exiting the building, she found the street she emerged onto to be exceptionally quiet, quite unlike the bustling main road she had been on. Even the sound of her footsteps could be clearly heard as she stepped on the pebbles on the road.


Su Xi-er walked around, finding no sign of the person she was looking for until she finally noticed some medicine scraps on the ground that must have fallen from the bundle that the man carried. 


Following the fragments of medicine, she was led to the entrance of an alley. Just as she was about to walk in, the voice of a man suddenly came from behind her.


“Miss, what are you planning to do by trying so hard to find me? This humble one has never seen a woman chasing after an unknown man.”


Su Xi-er turned around, finding the man in blue standing before her. She didn’t intend to hide anything and directly said, “Why would a grown-up man wear a veil? Only women would wear it.”


The man in blue laughed. “Miss, what does it have to do with you as to whether this humble one wears a veil or not?”


“Were you the one who did something to stop those peddlers from talking just now?” Su Xi-er looked at him carefully and only saw his eyes.


“You tried to hard to find me, only to ask me this?” The voice of the man in blue was pure with a trace of depth.


Su Xi-er suddenly felt that the voice was familiar. However, she couldn’t recall exactly where she had heard it before as there wasn’t such a special man in her memory.


“Why did you do it to the peddlers? It was just…” Su Xi-er stopped and looked at him carefully, but his expression was unchanged.


“Miss, this humble one travels around the four nations to treat and save people. Why would I do something to harm to the peddlers? Why don’t you tell me a reason that I would do that?”

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Su Xi-er turned around, finding the man in blue standing before her. She didn’t intend to hide anything and directly said, “Why would a grown-up man wear a veil? Only women would wear it.”

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