Su Xi-er went to the first floor and happened to run into the waiter from before. He looked at her worriedly. “Did your Miss make things difficult for you? My manager chided me and said that the desserts from our teahouse must be delivered by our waiters,  so I came to ask…”


Su Xi-er understood his intentions and nodded. “It’s fine, the miss’ said that everything was delicious. You shouldn’t disturb them, otherwise, you’ll suffer for making them angry.”


“Good, it’s good that everything is okay.” The waiter nodded a few times before walking to the back of the teahouse to report to the manager who was checking on the food in the kitchen.


Su Xi-er walked out of the busy teahouse. Even though the night life of the Nanzhao capital city cannot compete with that of Beimin, it was still bustling. Numerous flower lanterns[1] could be seen in the distance and stalls of sugar makers[2] could be spotted nearby.


Although most of the people who walked around were men, there were also some aunties. Apart from impoverished daughters helping their families tidy up the stalls however, there were very few young women who appeared.


Unless it was required, always appearing in public like the two miss’ from the Wei Family was a rare thing for young women in Nanzhao.


The street was filled with a familiar smell. Su Xi-er took a deep breath and looked up at the full moon in the sky. I came here again with a heart full of hate, but that’s changed a bit. Although my hatred hasn’t lessened, my mood has improved.


Those bitches will be taken care of in time, definitely hit hard when the time is right.


The corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth raised when she saw a few children playing with a flower lantern as she strolled down the street.


One of the little boys shouted, “Don’t move, my little sister wants this rabbit lantern. She can’t leave the house, so I will bring this to her.”


The other little boys let go immediately, some even muttering, “All you talk about is your little sister, acting so arrogant just because you have one... I am going to ask my parents to give me a little sister too.”


This childlike conversation, filled with innocence, made people not know whether to laugh or cry.


The little boy put away the lantern and turned to go home, but he accidentally bumped into Su Xi-er. He sniffed his little nose, looked at Su Xi-er and suddenly asked, “Big Sister, what difficulties did you encounter? Why is your face so dirty?”


Su Xi-er laughed. “I do manual labour, so it’s normal for my face to be dirty. You should quickly go and bring the flower lantern to your little sister.”


The little boy giggled. “Big Sister, if you want a flower lantern, go home and find your big brother.” He smiled again before running back to his house.


Go back and find your big brother… Su Xi-er gave a wry laugh, I don’t have a big brother, only a little brother.


However, Lianchen never liked flower lanterns. He always said that they were something girls like, and that he was going to be a big and powerful man. “Imperial Sister, I will be the one protecting you in the future.”


She remembered that right after Lianchen had said this, he had fallen and knocked out one of his teeth.


The corner of Su Xi-er’s mouth unknowingly raised, she only coming back to her senses when she heard a peddler mentioning the words ‘Ning Rulan’.


“Ning Rulan deserves to be dead. Men of Nanzhao cares about their reputation the most, but she trampled all of them under her feet. Serves her right.”

1. They come in many designs, but here are a few examples:




2. A Wikipedia article for more info:


An example of the sugar art:

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