Su Xi-er looked to the upper floor and scanned the surroundings, catching sight of a blue figure near a curtain door on the second floor. I feel like I have seen this person somewhere before. As she continued to think, the person had already disappeared from sight.


Looking at the swaying curtain door, Su Xi-er returned to her senses. That person is really similar to the man in blue I saw in the outskirts. He leaves no traces as he mysteriously comes and goes.


Now he’s also appearing in the second floor of the teahouse. Is he related to this incident?


Perplexed, Su Xi-er wanted to go to the second floor to explore, but her current attire wouldn’t allow her to enter.


A waiter carrying a tray and heading for the second floor happened to walk past her, prompting Su Xi-er to tug on his sleeve. “You are carrying this to my Miss right?”


The waiter sneered and lowered his voice. “You are a maidservant from the Wei Residence?”


So, it turns out that the two miss’ from the Wei Family are on the second floor of this teahouse. This means that they have heard all of the criticisms directed at them on the first floor just now.


Holding in their temper and enduring for so long isn’t simple.


“Your Miss’ personality is very different. Why did she enter from the backdoor of the teahouse tonight?” The waiter was simple and honest, and seeing that Su Xi-er was a little lass, he didn’t feel like there was a need to lie to her.


Furthermore, who would be happy to masquerade as the maidservant of an unruly woman! 


Su Xi-er shook her head. “Let me send it instead. Miss isn’t in a good mood today. If you go in, you may not be able to escape a beating.”


The waiter was frightened by Su Xi-er’s words and immediately passed the tray to her. “You go then. I’m not accepting this hot potato.”


As such, Su Xi-er carried the tray up to the second floor. Since she didn’t know specifically which room the two women from the Wei Family were in, she decided that she would just check each of them one by one. 


However, her real goal was the man in blue.


When she reached the room at the corner, she immediately heard the sharp exclamation of a woman’s voice before it immediately dropped to a hushed whisper.


“Aren’t we making too much of a commotion with this? After all…”


“Their investigation won’t lead to us. Ning Anlian will definitely find trouble for that siren. As long as we punish the siren, we don’t have to be afraid even if they find out that we were the ones who spread the rumour. Even if we aren’t related by blood, being Big Brother Wei’s relatives will protect us.”


Su Xi-er overheard their entire conversation. So it was these two who released the news. Such great courage.


I can take this chance to give them a lesson tonight, and let them know that some words can’t be casually said.


Su Xi-er knocked the door, prompting Wei Pan to say, “Enter.”


Afterwards, Su Xi-er carried the tray in with her head lowered. She then used her leg to close the room door.


When Wei Pan noticed her action, it instantly resulted in her displeasure. “There’s actually someone like you with no courtesy in the teahouse. Don’t you know how to use your hand to close the door? What attitude is this? Do you know who we are?”


Su Xi-er kept her head lowered as she respectfully replied, “Of course I know the two miss’ from the Wei Family.”


She placed the tray down, picked up a bowl of warm soup, and swiftly poured it on Wei Yue’s head.


Before Wei Yue could even cry out, she had already been knocked out by Su Xi-er.


Wei Pan began to tremble, her finger pointing at Su Xi-er. “Who are you? We have no grudge against each other…”


Su Xi-er’s head was still lowered as she spoke in a low and deep voice overflowing with danger. “Count yourself lucky that I’m lenient in not pulling your tongues out. There are some words that can’t be said.”


Wei Pan immediately associated it with the news. Ning Anlian isn’t clever enough to find us so quickly!


Don’t tell me...


Just as Wei Pan wanted to say something, she felt a pain at the back of her neck and passed out.


Su Xi-er patted the hem of her shirt, then pulled down the decorative cloth in the cabin, and swiftly tied up Wei Pan and Wei Yue together. She even rolled up a huge piece of cloth and shoved one each into their mouths.


This is just a light punishment. If they still dare to randomly start rumours in the future, I can even take their lives.


Once everything was settled, Su Xi-er retreated from the room and looked around the second floor again. However, she didn’t spot the blue figure this time.


Hence, she headed for the first floor.


Just as she reached the first floor, the curtain door of the second floor moved. A man in blue was hiding behind it, silently watching Su Xi-er before his gaze turned towards the cabin where the two miss’ from the Wei Family were.

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