As the imperial guard stopped in his tracks, even his voice had softened. “I caught wind of something that Prince Hao doesn’t know yet. There is a rumour spreading that a peerless beauty has come to Nanzhao.They say she’s equally matched with the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan, and many times more beautiful than the current Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Anlian. What do you think? We have just arrived in Nanzhao and this beauty arrived right after us. If Prince Hao finds out, will he…”


Before he could finish, he was interrupted by another imperial guard. “You’re getting so alarmed and making such a big fuss over such a small matter. From what I see, you are the one who’s secretly itching to do something, right? What’s good about that beauty, isn’t there-”


The imperial guard who was speaking caught Su Xi-er sizing him up and immediately shut his mouth. I almost said that out loud.


After the panicked imperial guard spotted Su Xi-er, he understood the situation and immediately pulled his companion away. “Come, let’s go and drink. I have heard people say that there’s a type of wine in Nanzhao that’s pretty nice.”


Su Xi-er placed the axe on the round wooden table. Why would there be this kind of news? Who’s the beauty? The person who started this rumour definitely has evil intentions. After all, no one is clearer than me that the name ‘Ning Rulan’ has become a taboo in Nanzhao. Everyone is forbidden from saying those words or discussing them. 


The reason is very simple. Su Xi-er secretly ridiculed. Ning Rulan is a sinner. 


With that, only Su Xi-er was left in the backyard as she silently chopped firewood until the sun set, and a round moon rose into the sky.


Gazing up at the full moon in the sky, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but laugh. Full moon. Reunion[1].


“Su Xi-er, go and eat dinner. You have been left a portion. Prince Hao has entered the palace, and we don’t know when he’ll be back.”


He has already entered the imperial palace before Nanzhao’s state banquet has even begun.


Su Xi-er nodded at the imperial guard. As the only woman in the entourage, it was inevitable that there were many inconveniences in her daily life.


Reaching the dining hall, Su Xi-er scooped a small bowl of rice and contemplated as she ate. Once Pei Qianhao enters the palace, there will be many formalities as the imperial palace receives him, causing him to be unable to return until late tonight, if at all.


I have to make use of this opportunity to find out more about that rumour. Exactly who would spread such a thing? With her decision made, it suddenly occurred to Su Xi-er that she couldn’t wear this attire out.


Apart from the Prince Hao Residence’s imperial guards, there are also some pages and a female cook in the posthouse. Everyone calls her Auntie.


Since that auntie has a petite figure, I can give her some silvers and borrow a set of clothes from her to wear.


Finishing up her dinner, Su Xi-er went to look for Auntie. What she didn’t expect was that Auntie wasn’t around, but her clothes were hung outside. Due to the lack of time, Su Xi-er had no choice but to simply take the clothes and quickly return to her room to change into them.


No one would pay much attention to others at night, much less a woman. All the imperial guards thought that she was the female cook, and didn’t bother to examine her closely before letting her leave the posthouse.


Su Xi-er walked to the corner of a wall and smeared some ash from the wall onto her face before heading towards the direction of the teahouse.


It was unusually lively in the teahouse. There were no more empty seats, so new customers could only order a few desserts and stand at one side to eat them.


With Su Xi-er’s coarse clothes and the ash smeared on her face, she was unpleasantly murky in appearance. There were also some customers in the teahouse who did some manual labour; these people could be heard over the general hum of conversation as they took large bites of the dishes on the table.


“Can that peerless beauty today really be compared to Ning Rulan? I’m not the one who said it, but Ning Rulan is the most beautiful in Nanzhao. Although she’s dead, she’s still the most beautiful in our hearts.” A burly man was muddle-headed as he came out from the neighbouring tavern, the scent of alcohol evident on him. 


The remaining few people cast a meaningful look at him. “Are you tired of living? The current number one beauty in Nanzhao is naturally the Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Anlian. Where did Ning Rulan come from?”


Su Xi-er silently listened as she stood in the corner of the teahouse.


A waiter noticed her and immediately approached her. “Miss, what would you like to eat?”

1. A full moon encompasses the meaning of ‘reunion’

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