This piece of news gave rise to much hubbub, and it soon spread to the Landlord Wei Residence. The official eldest daughter, Wei Pan, was looking at the sumptuous food on the table. Unable to resist the temptation, she was about to take a few bites when she caught wind of the news. Anger surging from within her, she proceeded to knock all the dishes to the floor.


Isn’t it just because she’s beautiful? Once I slim down, I’ll be a great beauty. 


At this moment, her concubine-born younger sister, Wei Yue, walked over while donning a dress bedecked with peony patterns. “Elder Sister, I have thought through it properly. The both of us can’t be fighting and cursing each other, otherwise we’ll only be causing the Wei Residence to lose face. From now on, we’re on the same boat, and should exhaust all our strength in dealing with that siren.”


Wei Pan looked at her in bafflement. “What siren?”


Wei Yue laughed. “The one we met this morning. To possess such beauty, what is she if not a siren? Everyone has the right to put a siren to death! We must enforce justice on behalf of Heaven and destroy her!” Resentment flashed past Wei Yue’s eyes. She actually dared to tell me to go back and treat my hidden disease. I have no hidden disease!


“What you said is right, but we don’t know who she is, where she stays, or what her identity is. How are we going to destroy her?”


Wei Yue sneered and sarcastically ridiculed, “I can’t believe that these commoners actually said that the siren is a peerless beauty. What do they take our Eldest Imperial Princess for?”


Wei Pan immediately got the hint. “You’re saying that we should borrow the Eldest Imperial Princess’ hand to punish the siren?”


“Elder Sister, you have finally understood. As Nanzhao’s number one beauty, the Eldest Imperial Princess has an obsession with her appearance. We just have to slightly alter the news and spice it up before it reaches the Eldest Imperial Princess’ ears.” Wei Yue then whispered something into Wei Pan’s ears.


In an instant, coldness suffused their eyes. Siren, wait for your impending death. When the Eldest Imperial Princess flies into a rage, you will definitely be in for it! 


After an afternoon of exaggerated rumours, the story eventually became: A peerless beauty has come to Nanzhao. Since her beauty is equally matched with Ning Rulan’s, the current Eldest Imperial Princess naturally pales in comparison.


Having involved Ning Rulan, someone who had been evicted from the imperial household, the matter was no longer so simple.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had long reached the capital’s posthouse. She didn’t meet Pei Qianhao, but was instead assigned to the backyard to carry out manual labour. It was neither washing chamber pots nor washing clothes, but something else she had never done ー chopping firewood.


Chopping firewood was usually a man’s job, so the imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence were baffled that Prince Hao would instruct Su Xi-er to do it.


Su Xi-er looked at the axe at the side and lifted it for a moment, finding it a little heavy. I don’t have any experience in chopping firewood, which means that I have to seek guidance from others. Chopping firewood also requires skills. Blindly chopping will only result in uneven blocks, or even smashing your own feet.


Hence, Su Xi-er walked to an imperial guard. “Please teach me how to chop firewood. Otherwise, I won’t be able to complete the task Prince Hao has assigned.”


The imperial guard scratched his head. It’s hard to reject a beauty’s request, but… it’s best if I don’t meddle in this matter.


Seeing that the imperial guard was unmoved, Su Xi-er didn’t make things difficult for him. As she returned to the firewood, she involuntarily thought of Ruo Yuan. She’s an expert in chopping firewood. 


All of a sudden, she understood why Prince Hao had made her chop firewood. He wants me to remember Ruo Yuan, warning me that if I don’t listen to him, both Hong Li and Ruo Yuan will suffer the consequences.


Su Xi-er’s slender eyebrows were slightly scrunched up as she picked up the axe and swung down, missing her target completely. The imperial guard at the side couldn’t bear to watch any longer, and turned his head away. What he didn’t expect to see was his companion running towards him with an anxious look on his face.


“If Prince Hao sees how flustered you are, he will reprimand you.”

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