Wei Mohai’s brow was slightly creased, appearing pensive as he looked at Yun Ruofeng on the horse’s back. He then lifted up the leg of Prince Yun’s trousers, intending to personally suck out the venom.


However, Su Xi-er spoke again. “You are very loyal to Prince Yun, but if you directly suck out the venom, you will have fainted before the venom has even come out.”


Pei Qianhao felt that Su Xi-er was especially eloquent and talkative at the moment. Why is a palace maid caring about the affairs of another nation?


“Prince Hao, do you have a way?” Su Xi-er asked him respectfully. In reality, she was well aware of how to force the poison out. However, she couldn’t reveal such knowledge as it would easily arouse Pei Qianhao’s suspicions.


Pei Qianhao pointed at the sabre at Wei Mohai’s waist. “If you release the blood to force the poison out, we can last until the capital.”


As soon as Wei Mohai heard that, he unsheathed the sword and made a small cut where  Yun Ruofeng was bitten, causing fresh blood to flow out. The greenish hue at the back of Yun Ruofeng’s ear subsided a little.


Due to the snake venom, Yun Ruofeng was slightly groggy; and in his hazy state, a name slipped out of his thin lips. “Lan-er...”


His voice was very soft, but Wei Mohai, Pei Qianhao, and Su Xi-er could still hear it.


Su Xi-er raised her eyebrow and looked towards Yun Ruofeng. Why did you say that name? You killed her so ruthlessly, yet you are calling out Lan-er now.


Wei Mohai bowed at Pei Qianhao before pulling the horse to the side of the normal horse carriage.


A few Nanzhao soldiers nimbly secured the reins on the horse carriage while Wei Mohai carried Yun Ruofeng in, swiftly urging the horse carriage forwards. 


When Yun Ruofeng had been lifted into the horse carriage, Su Xi-er could still see the movements of his lips as he had softly spoken, “Lan-er.”


“You’re worried about him?” Pei Qianhao’s expression was composed, his tone steady as if he had asked that unintentionally.


Su Xi-er shook her head. “This servant is neither friend nor family to Prince Yun. Why would I be worried about him?”


“Go and pick a horse. This prince will wait for you in the capital’s posthouse.” Pei Qianhao then raised the horse whip and headed towards the capital.


The remaining imperial guards followed, leaving only Su Xi-er as she watched the group fade into the distance. He’s certain that I know how to ride a horse. Wouldn’t I be admitting to that if I ride a horse over?


Su Xi-er decided that she would simply remain there. With how many corpses there are strewn about, someone will definitely be coming to clean this up. At that time, I can follow those people to leave, and there’ll at least be a donkey or bull cart, even if there’s no horse carriage.


However, there was still no one coming to clean up even after standing there for an hour. She decided that she might as well sit on the ground, and went to lean against a tree.


In less than 15 minutes, Su Xi-er’s body became stiff. She immediately concealed herself in the shrubs at the side and observed the scene in front of her.


A masked man in blue walked to the meadow and looked at the massive number of corpses. Although confusion did flash across his eyes, it quickly dissipated, only for him to crouch down to inspect the bodies carefully.


He even gripped a sacrificial soldier’s wrist as if he was researching something. Su Xi-er secretly observed his behaviour. Perhaps he is a young physician who’s travelling the world? There’s clearly nothing to hide about that, but why is he wearing a low blue hat and a blue veil? 


Just as she was mulling over it, a tiny stone flew by with a whoosh of wind. The man’s gentle voice soon followed. “Who’s there?”


The stone landed on the ground as Su Xi-er dodged to the side. She walked out of the shrubs, coming face to face with that man.


When the man in blue discovered that the person in the foliage was actually a woman, he no longer questioned her, but instead placed the sacrificial soldier’s wrist down and prepared to leave.


“Hold on.” Su Xi-er’s voice was crisp and moving.


The man in blue stopped in his tracks and gave her a baffled look. Su Xi-er pointed at the sacrificial soldiers on the ground. “Are you able to tell what kind of poison they’re inflicted with by feeling their pulse?”


The man in blue shook his head and wanted to walk forward. Before Su Xi-er could ask any further, the sound of a horse carriage’s wheels could be heard. The man in blue raised his head to take a look, and with some swift legwork, he instantly vanished in front of her eyes.

Su Xi-er felt that this person was very strange in terms of dressing and behaviour. If I can find out what poison it is, I can at least find the place where they manufacture it and continue to investigate who the mastermind is.

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“If you release the blood to force the poison out, we can last until the capital.”

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