Su Xi-er dismounted the horse after riding for a while and entered some bushes by the side of the road to walk in the direction she had come from. When I left just now, this area was still in chaos, but it has now become completely quiet instead.


Lining the meadow was an assortment of cadavers of the black-clothed men, as well as soldiers from both countries. However, the rest of the people had gone missing. Needless to say, Pei Qianhao was also nowhere to be found.


Su Xi-er observed the bodies quietly and walked towards a corpse clad in black. She squatted down and lifted the black cloth on his face. This man died from consuming a poisonous pill he hid in his mouth. She then did the same with the other assassins, revealing their greenish-blue complexion, and thus confirming that they all died in the same way.


The men in black were the assassins hidden in the dark. Seeing that such a fierce battle had broken out a few moments ago, Su Xi-er scrunched up her slender eyebrows slightly. With how powerful Pei Qianhao was, he would surely be fine.


But before the battle had begun, he had sent me away... Could it be that he already knew the assassins would be lying here in ambush?


No, I must find him. I have to know what happened. Even if there’s nothing in the meadow, perhaps there will be something deep in the shrubs.


Su Xi-er’s expression was solemn as she walked deeper and deeper into the bushes, finding them just as abandoned as the meadow. There’s not even a single person in sight.


There were so many people in the troop, but there are only some horses left behind. But when I count the corpses... 


She was suddenly swept up by concern. What about the others? Exactly where have they gone? Just when she was about to continue forward, a long arm stretched out from the side and pulled her in.


Su Xi-er’s back touched the warm chest of a man, and before she could turn around, she heard a familiar voice, “There is a banded krait[1] inside the bush in front of you; if you go in so hastily, it won’t be long before you die from its venom.”


Su Xi-er turned around quickly and sized him up carefully. His clothes are neat and tidy, and his breathing is steady. He doesn’t look like he had just experienced a fierce battle.


“This prince had sent you away, but you insist on returning. You know how to ride a horse?” Pei Qianhao held her waist with both hands and asked.


Su Xi-er shook her head, “The horse stopped by itself, after which this servant traced my steps, but I didn’t find anyone, so I ended up here.” After that, she observed him carefully again. Is he really not injured?


“Strange, you don’t dislike this prince anymore? You’re willing to associate with this prince?” The playful voice reminded Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er immediately snapped out of it and slapped his hands off. “It was this servant’s first time seeing so many people dead. If Prince Hao had met with a mishap, how would this servant return to Beimin? If a weak woman wanders around alone, I reckon...”


Pei Qianhao laughed, “You are quick-witted and clever, how can you be afraid of being roaming around alone? However, it appears that even you can be stupid sometimes. With this prince’s abilities, even if I’m surrounded by a thousand elite soldiers, I will still have a way out. Who gave you permission to make the call and run back by yourself?”


Even if she is clever, that can’t help her against the sharp arrows. In this world, only I have the right to kill her. Apart from me, no one else can.


“Prince Hao, what about the rest of the entourage? Why are you the only one left?” Su Xi-er asked in puzzlement.


Pei Qianhao pointed at the bushes in front of them, “Some of the men clad in black were shot dead, while the rest retreated in a rush. All of the imperial guards from the Prince Residence have gone to chase them, while the soldiers from Nanzhao are looking for Prince Yun.”

1. A snake with yellow and black stripes.

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