Su Xi-er deliberately showed a surprised expression, “How could you have seen this dance before? This servant only learnt it after secretly seeing it at a dance school in Beimin. People from the dance school said that the dance is one of a kind. Could you be mistaken, Prince Yun?”


Yun Ruofeng looked at her deeply, as if he was seeing someone else entirely. “It can’t be a mistake. The dance is truly one of a kind.” The only other person who was able to perform it is no longer here. Right now, there’s only this servant girl who can perform it, so of course it is once a kind.


At this moment, Prince Yun sighed. “This prince didn’t think that it was possible to see this dance again in my lifetime.”


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but sneer when she heard a trace of sadness in his tone. He cruelly pierced my heart with an arrow that night, and now he is pretending to be pitiful? Does he pretend to be pitiful in front of Lianchen too?


No, how can Yun Ruofeng be bothered to pretend in front of Lianchen, when he is the one who holds all of the power and has all the say in Nanzhao?


Yun Ruofeng suddenly asked, “How long have you been serving Prince Hao?”


“Why did you ask that, Prince Yun? It has nothing to do with you.” Su Xi-er replied firmly while carefully observing his expression.


Yun Ruofeng noticed the inquisitory look in her eyes and involuntarily laughed, “Even Prince Hao’s maidservant is not a simple person. This prince will not do anything to you. I just feel that you are somewhat similar to someone I know.”


Su Xi-er continued, “So, Prince Yun thought of that person because we are similar. Why’s that? Is that person no longer here?”


Yun Ruofeng stayed silent for a long time. The night wind blew softly as the moonlight reflected in silver haloes from his white robes. If she hadn’t experienced his previous betrayal, Su Xi-er reckoned that she would have been fooled by his facade. She had once been captivated by him, but unfortunately for him, she would never be fooled again.


Su Xi-er’s gaze remained calm, not showing any amazement. Yun Ruofeng found it inconceivable when he noticed this. Is this… really a maidservant? Any other woman would be hard-pressed to maintain such composure, but she has remained placid ever since our first meeting.


Even an aloof and proud woman like Ning Rulan was always full of joy when she saw me. But why is this woman looking at me so indifferently when she exudes such a similar aura as Ning Rulan?


“Seeing as how it is so late Prince Yun, this servant will be leaving.” After Su Xi-er paid her respects, she began to walk away. I can’t go to Pei Qianhao’s room, so I will find another empty room nearby and rest for the night.


A few steps later, she was grabbed by a large cold hand. His hand was always warm before, why is it so frigid now?


“Don’t be in a rush to leave. Stay and talk to this prince.” Yun Ruofeng’s tone was calm and flat, with an air of warmth around him as usual. However, the air of warmth was tainted with a trace of sorrow.


Yun Ruofeng let go before Su Xi-er could try to free herself from his grip, “Nevermind, this prince doesn’t have the right to make you stay. You can go.”


Su Xi-er turned around and said slowly, “Prince Yun, there is an old saying from Beimin. May this servant share it with you?”


Yun Ruofeng didn’t look at her and replied softly, “Tell me then.”


“Prince Yun, when this servant sees you, there’s a feeling of desolateness. Maybe it’s because your lofty position isolates you, or maybe it’s because of some wrongdoings in the past that make you feel guilty.” Without sparing him another glance, Su Xi-er departed.


Yun Ruofeng’s body trembled and his heart stopped for a second. Desolateness? Wrongdoings? Did these words really come from a maidservant’s mouth? He looked up at the night sky and wondered, have I done something wrong to feel guilty of?



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