At this point, one of Prince Hao’s imperial guards had arrived with a wooden basin. He stopped when he saw the scene before him, unsure of how he should proceed. What should I do? It seems that Prince Hao is messing around with a maidservant; perhaps now isn’t a good time for me to interrupt.


Before he could leave however, Su Xi-er discovered the imperial guard and waved at him. “Prince Hao needs to wash up and rest, quickly carry the water inside.” The imperial guard was shocked. How can a mere palace maid speak before Prince Hao has even said a word? No way, she’s not respecting Prince Hao at all. I can’t listen to her. 


The imperial guard continued to stand still while quietly awaiting Prince Hao’s orders.


“Bring the water into the room.” Pei Qianhao ordered with narrowed eyes before turning his gaze onto Su Xi-er. “You will come in and scrub this Prince’s body.”


He then walked into his room, leaving the imperial guard’s face full of astonishment. Prince Hao has always scrubbed his body by himself, but now he is ordering a woman to do it… This is too strange!


Su Xi-er looked at the shocked imperial guard and reminded, “Bring the water in, and don’t make Prince Hao angry. Otherwise, you will lose your head.” This phrase that was always used against her, now came spilling from her own lips instead.


The imperial guard stiffened for a moment before swiftly carrying the water into the room.


Everyone revered Prince Hao, but at the same time, they also feared him. It was the same for officials, imperial guards, and even ordinary people.


When the imperial guard stepped out of the room and saw Su Xi-er still standing in the courtyard, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why haven’t you entered yet? Prince Hao needs you to scrub his body.” His tone was now serious. Su Xi-er gave a faint smile before walking into the room and closing the door behind her.


First he wants me to dance, then he asks me to scrub his body. What exactly does he want?


A round wooden barrel was placed in the middle of the room, while Pei Qianhao stood to the side, undressing.


His long robe dropped to the floor, fully displaying his muscles and tanned skin on his back. Just looking at his full and sturdy body was enough to make anyone’s blood boil in excitement.


“Come over.” The low and deep voice of a man could be heard, carrying an inexplicable charm with it.


Su Xi-er walked over slowly and picked up the towel on the edge of the wooden barrel, immersing it in water before she wrung it out.


At the point, Pei Qiaohao’s upper body was already completely naked… 


It was Su Xi-er’s first time seeing a man like this, so she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. She turned her eyes away before she started scrubbing his back with the towel.


“Use more force.” Pei Qianhao suddenly turned around to face her, putting her hand on his chest.


Su Xi-er couldn’t look away, but she didn’t want to meet his eyes either. As a result, she focused her gaze on her own hand as she scrubbed his chest with the towel.


“Did you eat the Lotus Root Salad for nothing? With so little strength, are you trying to scrub this Prince’s body, or are you trying to tickle me?” His voice was low with dissatisfaction.


Su Xi-er’s eyes darkened as she increased the force she used. Doesn’t he want me to use more strength? Then I’ll do just that. Soon, Pei Qianhao’s chest was left with a deep red mark.


Pei Qiaohao gripped her hand tightly, “If you are so sad and feel so wronged for being forced to scrub this prince’s body, why don’t you cry out?”


Su Xi-er looked up at him, “This servant is not sad, nor have I been wronged. There is no need to cry.”


Pei Qianhao chuckled, “If you won’t feel sad or wronged no matter what this Prince does, then there’s nothing for me to worry about.” He tightened his grip as he finished speaking, causing some pain to shoot up Su Xi-er’s wrist.


Is he going to break my wrist again?

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