When Su Xi-er heard him, she knew that she could no longer use the excuse of an elder sister teaching her to patronise him. But since I dared to dance, I have naturally prepared an explanation.


“This servant came from an impoverished family, so the elder sister I know naturally didn’t know how to dance. Instead, this servant had passed by a dance house one time and secretly peeped on what they were doing. Seeing that the dancers inside were practising, this servant also followed along.”


Pei Qianhao’s tone had risen. “If you were able to learn that much by simply watching, leaving you to scrub the chamber pots or wash clothes is really a waste of sublime talent.”


“Prince Hao, where do you want to transfer this servant to?” The weather is still hot, so scrubbing chamber pots and washing clothes are no problem. However, once winter arrives, my fingers won’t be able to last if I wash at night. It would be  good if I could change assignments in the Palace Side Quarters.”


“No woman in the palace’s Imperial Music Department can compare to you. There’s no use even if you go there. It’s better if you stay in the Palace Side Quarters and carry out your tasks diligently.”


Pei Qianhao watched her silently. Not a trace of emotion is reflected in that pair of black eyes. He had transferred her away from the Laundry Service Bureau and back to the Palace Side Quarters, the place that she belonged.


Su Xi-er nodded and had no objections. “Many thanks for transferring this servant back to the Palace Side Quarters, Prince Hao.”


“You seem to like the Palace Side Quarters very much. Is it because you have developed an emotional attachment to it after staying there for many years?”


Su Xi-er was baffled. “Prince Hao, this servant is dumb and can’t discern the underlying meaning in your words. Could you explicate?”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and raised her chin, and thought of something else. “Although I have said that it would be better for you to stay in the Palace Side Quarters, there is no reason for you to choose to do so. Instead, your dancing skill can allow you to be the Senior Fifth Rank Court Lady of the Imperial Music Department. Beg this prince, and I will transfer you there.”


With her chin raised up, she was forced to receive his frigid gaze. I can’t understand this man. I feel that he is sometimes close, while on other occasions, he is as distant as the sky.


“Prince Hao, this servant is merely a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters. If I am transferred to the Imperial Music Department to be a Senior Fifth Rank Court Lady, others will definitely gossip about it. This servant won’t beg, and neither am I willing to go there.” She enunciated every word forcefully, showing her firm attitude.


More importantly, she had already laid a foundation in the Palace Side Quarters. Starting from there she could slowly expand to the other parts of the imperial palace.


In this life, I will not pin my hopes on any man. Pei Qianhao’s relationship with me is unclear. Although it seems like we are beyond master and servant, I’m really just a fish on a chopping block in the end.


Pei Qianhao caressed the bottom of her chin and smiled. “Not begging and not willing. This prince gave you the chance to beg, but you flatly refused. This prince doesn’t like to force others. As you wish, continue to remain in the Palace Side Quarters to scrub chamber pots. However…”


At this point, Pei Qianhao chuckled and released her chin. “If this prince is in the mood to watch you dance, you must come to this prince’s side no matter where you are. If you are not the Senior Fifth Rank Court Lady in the Imperial Music Department, you can’t dance for anyone else. Otherwise…”


Su Xi-er looked deep into his eyes, only to find a devilish look within.


“Those people who have seen your dance, this prince will gouge their eyeballs out.”


Su Xi-er looked at him carefully. This person is brimming with a frightening aura. However, no one’s eyeballs will be gouged out, since I will never perform this dance again.


“You said you secretly learned it from a dance house, but this prince has never seen such a dance in any of the dance houses in Beimin’s capital.” Pei Qianhao had changed the topic back to the dance again.


“Prince Hao, have you been to every single dance house? How are you so sure that there isn’t one with that dance?”


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “Beimin doesn’t have an imperial princess. Thus, during the state banquet every year, the most renowned dance house in the capital will arrange a performance. This prince has never been to a dance house, but I have seen many dances. Despite that, I have never seen a dance like yours.”


Su Xi-er watched him silently, only replying after a while. “Perhaps the woman who knew this dance has already died, bringing it with her to the grave. This servantly only learned it back then by pure coincidence.”


It felt as if the air had solidified as Pei Qianhao’s radiating black eyes shot straight towards her.

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“Those people who have seen your dance, this prince will gouge their eyeballs out.”

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