Hello there! Great that you have decided to check out this biased review which aims to entice you into reading this novel and share with you some key elements in this novel. As it is a review, take note that there may be slight spoilers, but they shouldn't be anything significant, if there are really any spoilers.

If you like a rebirth novel but want some tweaks to it, here is the novel for you!

- Unlike most other rebirth novels, there is no element of timeskip in this novel as the female protagonist is resurrected in another person’s body. The MC is not reborn as her younger self and thus has no knowledge about future events to help her.

- Many novels revolve around characters who are descendants of nobles but both the identities of the MC are an imperial princess and a lowly palace maid. Find out more about her experience as a palace maid in the imperial palace and her stratagems when she travels to other nations.

- Although she sets out for revenge, she isn’t that unforgiving and relentless.

- In the beginning, the male lead may be quite chauvinistic due to the society he is in. He is also a tsundere but that is because he and the MC start out as enemies and possibly his background. There is no insta-love so it’ll take some time before the fluffy moments arrive.

- The side characters get a decent amount of screen time so you can look forward to their stories too!

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