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Chapter 51 live reading recording



- is this a happy ending novel?

Kinda happy


- how do you choose to translate this or that novel? Have you read it before or have you liked the synopsis? 

I was choosing between CTF and ACA since I wanted to translate a historical novel. I prefered CTF to ACA after checking out the synopsis and a few chapters.


L: I had been editing BPC at the time and Grace sent out a message to all the editors so see if anybody wanted to edit CTF. I read the first few chapters and enjoyed the story so I decided to stick with it.


- Does the ML dote on su xi'er and is the 3 day rule a thing?

He becomes a really good guy and really dotes on SXE


- Who is the male lead?/Who is the ML?/Is Prince Hao really the ML?



- Is prince Hao really a jerk or is he pretending to be a bad person?

He treats the people close to him well but he tries to hide that part of him from others and it could also be that he isn’t used to expressing his feelings directly. He often puts up a cold front even when he may be doing something out of kind intentions.


One word to describe him would be ‘tsundere’.


- What's the purpose of the Beauty Palace?

It’s not what it seems


- Heh ... will there be any snu snu?

Yes (after a few hundred chapters)


- Is prince Hao related to the original country from which the MC cones?

Not for now (PQH is from Beimin and MC is from Nanzhao) 


- Will the MC be reunited with her brother,

Yes, when the MC goes to Nanzhao


- How old is Rakumon and Lunalark if you guys don’t mind?

Rakumon is slightly under 20 while Lunarlark is 23


- How did you find volare, why did you join and how was it so far? 

What is your first impression of volare?

R: I can’t remember how I found it but I found it one day and saw the recruitment page. It has been quite interesting so far and the community is great! Pretty stressed though >< 

Volare seems like a really cool place hehe


L: I found out about Volare while reading SOTR on WW and etvo plugged the site in one of her footnotes. 


I had been coming back to editing after finishing my degree in 2018, and had submitted an application to edit for WW as well as Volare at the same time. Grace just happened to go over my application and contact me first. (Shoutouts to our neighborhood hot male lead lol)


As for how it is, it’s been a bit of a wild ride since I’ve been jumping from project to project. First I edited for HSSB before it got cut, then BPC, and now I’m on CTF which I hope to stay on until it’s finished!


- If you could choose another novel to translate, what would it be?

R: I’ll have to wait for more novels to be offered so that I can look through and choose??


L: If it became possible, I’d like to edit HSSB again since it was the first project I started on and was left unfinished. I enjoyed the novel and working with Eud, though unfortunately Qidian novels are a risk at this point.


- What is your favorite genre in chinese novels?

R: Historical!!


L: I honestly don’t have a favorite for a lot of things, not just novel genre haha. (call me indecisive) I do enjoy a large variety though; wuxia, comedy, and satire just to name a few.


- How long does it take to translate 1 chapter of CTF?

My best record was 40 minutes but it usually takes about an hour? And it can even take up to 1h 20min at times because the chapter has more complicated sentences and I need to search up on some stuff to add in the footnotes.


L: Editing a chapter of CTF can take anywhere from 30 min - 1h depending on how long the chapter is and if there are any confusing phrases. Of course, this is dependent on me not being distracted by other things like answering Q&A questions. :)


- If you can transmigrate into CTF dimension, which of the characters would you like to be and why?

R: SXE (she’s the main character so she will definitely survive until the end XD). The best would be that I don’t have to transmigrate there haha.


L: I don’t know if I would want to reincarnate as a character in CTF, though that’s not limited to just CTF. If you think about it, most of these ML’s lives suck. Getting beaten, bearing unimaginable pain, cultivating for years on end alone. The point is, their lives are far from fun haha.


- De cuantos capitulos consta el libro y el tiempo estimado de finalizacion en la traduccion. Gracias (TO BE TRANSLATED BY LUNARLARK)


L: For the record, I understand this as asking how many chapters there are what is the estimated time that we’ll take to finish the whole project. I took spanish in high school, that’s about it. Please don’t try to converse with me in spanish because I will fail horribly LOL


To answer the question though, the novel is 770 chapters long so it’ll take about 2 years for us to finish as long as we keep up the current pace. It might end up being slightly sooner than that if we do any bonus chapters and such.



- In scale of 1-10 how fluffy is panda and lark?’


L: Panda is 10. Lark is a porcupine.


- If you were to transmigrate, what character would you be?


L: uh… same answer as the question asking who i would be if I had to choose someone from CTF.


- What's the difference between editing for Radiant vs volare?


L: Without getting into too much detail, editing for Volare is much more relaxed.


- How the ending 4 bodyguard wu? 

Something may happen? Can’t provide too much spoilers for now ><


How about rou yuan & hong li

(They became loyal followers of SXE but as for their exact ending…)


- What’s the difference between editing for BPC vs CTF


L: The main difference is that I have more freedom with CTF since I’m the only editor for it. I like that since it lets me develop a certain level of quality to be expected, as well as my own style. Otherwise the two novels are relatively similar, at least on a broad world-scale. (No xianxia elements, both historical novels, etc)


- What drew you to TL CTF

I prefer historical chinese novels, so I was deciding between CTF and ACA. What made me decide to choose CTF was because it is a rebirth genre and the MC starts out with a lowly position.


L: Since I answered how I started above, I guess I’ll say why I stuck with it here. I just generally like the story because there’s no point where it gets boring. Even during the “downtimes” we’re given insight into how future situations will develop. 


- Were you given a project or did you get to choose on Radiant?


L: Again, to keep things short, we got to choose. :)

Poetry Recitation by Lunarlark:

'Fern Hill' by Dylan Thomas 

Songs by Grace:

杨丞琳 - 暧昧 <-- This is the first song I sang

容祖兒 Joey Yung《逃避你》<-- This is the second song


Song by Yuuko:

uwu by Chevy

Sorry I didn’t manage to take down the other song titles! ><

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