Consort of a Thousand Faces

Translated by: Rakumon

Team: Rakumon (Translator), Lunarlark[username: Linker](Editor),
Hilda(Translator), Sangria (Translator), Cosy (Translator)

Release schedule: Random as Rakumon has exams 

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If you like a rebirth/reincarnation novel with some tweaks to it, this is the novel for you! Unlike most other rebirth novels where the MC travels back in time and thus possesses knowledge of the future, this MC is reincarnated in another body in the same timeline, albeit one of an extremely low status. Hence, with close to zero social standing in society, she has to rely on her wits to surmount every single challenge for quite some time. Discover more about the perspective of an MC who is a palace maid rather than a young miss of an eminent family. Look forward to some exciting stories by the side characters as well!

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