Chapter 8 Poke your hole?


Chapter 8 Poke your hole?

Zhang Changsheng brought Zhao Lingjun to a door with a research and development sign. Upon opening the door, Zhao Lingjun noticed that the place was a mess. There were two desks, both equipped with a computer and a pile of random things strewn all over it. Zhang Changsheng then pointed and said, “That will be your seat.”

The table Zhang Changsheng pointed at was precisely one of those tables.

“This is our research and development department’s office?” Zhao Lingjun stared with disbelief at the dump of a room.

“Yup.” Zhang Changsheng half-sat on the other table’s chair, expertly opened a cup of instant noodles, and poured boiling water in while replying to Zhao Lingjun.

“Then where do the rest of the research and development employees work at?” Zhao Lingjun asked while wiping the dust off his chair.

“What other people?” Zhang Changsheng looked at him in confusion and said, “The research and development department only consists of the two of us.”

“What?!” Zhao Lingjun, unable to believe it, he repeated, “The research and development department only has the two of us?”

“Yup.” Zhang Changsheng replied. “Why? Do you have any problems with it?”

“Nope, I don’t have any problems.” Zhao Lingjun managed to calm himself down with difficulty, and stop himself from falling in shock. “But I would like to say two words.”

“What words? Zhang Changsheng asked.

“F*ck this!” Zhao Lingjun exclaimed.

“Heh heh.” Zhang Changsheng suddenly burst into laughter.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhao Lingjun gloomily eyed Zhang Changsheng, who was laughing like a maniac.

“Heh heh.” Zhang Changsheng said in between bursts of laughter, “Actually, every department’s new employee said the same thing.

“...” Zhao Lingjun was utterly speechless, and after great difficulty managed to gasp a breath of air. He then croaked, “Where is Baoya Zhen’s office? I want to look for her.”

“The second last room on the left... Haha.” Before Zhang Changsheng could finish, he laughed again.

“Why are you laughing again?” Zhao Lingjun gloomily looked at him.

“Oh, because every new employee’s second sentence was exactly that same sentence.” Zhang Changsheng grinned at him.

??* * *

*knock knock knock* Looking at the door with engraving ‘Public Affairs Department’, Zhao Lingjun had the impulse to kick the door open. However, after taking a deep breath, he decided against it and knocked three times very politely.

“Please enter.” Once he heard that sweet voice, Zhao Lingjun knew that Hao Meili, otherwise known as Baoya Zhen was inside.

When Hao Meili saw Zhao Lingjun enter, she was not surprised in the least.

Hao Meili just motioned towards the sofa at the side, and “charmingly” smiled, “Come sit, Xiao Zhao[1].”

Hao Meili as before was dressed like a 20 year old girl, and appeared exactly the same as when they first met.

The only difference was, when Zhao Lingjun first saw her, he felt slightly dazed. But the Zhao Lingjun right now, could not help but feel nauseas in her presence.

“Do you have any questions?” Hao Meili directed this question at Zhao Lingjun when he sat down.

“It’s nothing serious.” Zhao Lingjun looked at Hao Meili who was painting her nails and said, “I just wanted to ask if my monthly pay of 2,000 yuan is net of tax or before deducting it.

??* * *

“It’s before deducting tax.”

The answer she gave him on that day had caused Zhao Lingjun to summon all his courage in an endeavour to stick a pitchfork into the woman before him. This woman had worn a translucent nightie, and it was so translucent that he could even see her red panties inside. Not only could he see her red panties, but he could see her matching red bra as well, just like Baoya Zhen from the movie.

On that day, Zhao Lingjun had really wanted to kill her. But sadly in her office, there were her two subordinates, Zhang Lin and Qin Ye who served as deterrents. Only afterwards, was Zhao Lingjun glad that he did not try anything funny in the office. He had found out that her two subordinates, Zhang Lin and Qin Ye were dubbed as her Hengha Er Jiang.[2] Although these two normally did nothing work related, but they would follow Hao Meili’s each and every command like a guard dog.

At the time, if Zhao Lingjun had really wanted to make his move, the two lackeys would have definitely lifted him up and thrown him down from the 14-storey window.

“Which hole would you like me to poke[3]?” Zhao Lingjun wanted to laugh at this woman dressed like a 20 year old girl in multiple vibrant colours as before. However, he sighed inwardly, sometimes time really changes a person. Compared to the me from a year ago, the fresh grad, hearing my colleagues’ dirty jokes would have made me flush up to my ears. But the me right now, am impervious to such things. But time was just useless on Hao Meili, leaving behind no traces of change. Even after many years, I’m sure she would still dress just like a 20 year old girl.

“What other hole is there? My toilet bowl’s hole of course.” Hao Meili replied. “I don’t know how it got clogged.”

“F*ck! What does that hole of yours being clogged have to do with me!” Zhao Lingjun sneered. “Don’t tell me that even if you threw sanitary napkins into the toilet bowl and clogged it, you would still want me to go and poke it?”

Zhao Lingjun desired to say “Sorry, no matter which hole it is, I don’t have any interest in helping you poke it.” But at this moment, he saw Wu Xiaoye in the crowd.

She wore a normal black dress, quietly standing with the crowd of colleagues.

Zhao Lingjun was perplexed, why would Wu Xiaoye be here? In fact, every time he saw her, he would feel an incomprehensible emotion.

Just like on that day when Hao Meili told him that his salary was before tax. She had retrieved his contract, before throwing it at him, and telling him the termination fee. Zhao Lingjun had first wanted to sneer sarcastically at her before throwing the contract back at her face, then pat his bum and leave.

Although Zhao Lingjun was a poor student, and could not afford to breach the contract and pay the fees. However, he would rather remain stubborn than bend his waist and submit. Zhao Lingjun was definitely not like Xiao Ping or Lin Yiren and would accept a compromise. At the time, even if he had to take a loan to raise a civil action against Hao Meili, he would not stay on.

But right at that moment, Wu Xiaoye appeared at the department’s door.

She was there just to obtain approval for some felt pens, and when she saw Zhao Lingjun, she smiled demurely at him.

It was because of this, that Zhao Lingjun changed his decision.

When he had hurried out of Hao Meili’s office, all the employees believed that he was like Xiao Ping, and was pressured by Hao Meili into unwillingly stay on. But only Zhao Lingjun himself knew his reason for staying on. Not only was he unafraid of Hao Meili and breaching the contract, he had even chosen to stay on voluntarily, and it was just because of one person, Wu Xiaoye.

??* * *

When he saw Wu Xiaoye in the crowd, he was too embarrassed to use vulgar words.

He then forced a smile and said, “Don’t tell me that so many people called me out just to help you unclog your toilet bowl?”

[1] Xiao Zhao - As like the rest, term of endearment for Zhao Lingjun. This is getting old. I think I will stop putting footnotes for term of endearments unless it is super confusing. ?

[2] Hengha Er Jiang - Short story: Her two guard dogs. Long story: Refers to the two deity guardians, guarding the Buddhist temple in Chinese folklore. In Chinese Taoism, the two deities are called Zheng Lun and Chen Qi. The wikipedia page is slightly wrong about the naming. Click here to find out more. ?

[3] Poke - Is an innuendo way back from the first chapter before the flashback. It has two meanings, one being unclog, the other well you know >.> <.< ?

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