Chapter 47 The Human Wheelbarrow


Chapter 47 The Human Wheelbarrow

The short man immediately raised his gun and then readied a grenade.

After signaling to the silent thin man, and looking down his sights, the short man walked a few paces back and then probed with a loud yell, “Boss!?”

Noticing the short man’s actions, the skinny man retreated a few steps away as well; he knew that if the short man noticed any sign of trouble he would ruthlessly throw the grenade inside the house.

After testing the waters with a few shouts, the house was still enshrouded in an eerie stillness.

The short man turned to look at the skinny man, as he did so, he noticed a faint ripple in his partner’s normally cold and emotionless face.

Gesturing to the short man, they both quickly retreated to a distance of ten meters away from the house.

The short man thought that the skinny man wanted to circle back to the window on the side to check out the house. But immediately after they backed off, the skinny man gestured for him to go prone and started firing.

Seeing his signal, the short man automatically went prone, but when he heard the skinny man start firing, he almost jumped back up. “F*ck! What if the Boss and…”

He felt that if the skinny man was firing erratically like that, if the fat and tall man were still inside, they could be accidentally shot. But when he saw the way the door disintegrated, he no longer had anything left to say.

* * *

The skinny man’s marksmanship was truly exquisite, the bullets hit perpendicular to the wooden door, destroying the door, but angled in such a way that the bullets travelled through the side walls, not entering the house at all.

At this moment, the short man’s mouth was agape, dumbstruck. However, he wasn’t dumbstruck at the thin man’s exquisite marksmanship but by the sight revealed inside the house.

With the door disintegrated from the bullets, the interior of the house could clearly be seen by the short man.

No matter what, he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

His worries were spot on, that the fat and tall man were inside.

However, they weren’t even wearing their underwear.

In the sparsely furnished house, the tall man was butt naked and lying flat on the floor, and similarly, the similarly butt naked fat man lay unmoving on top of the tall man’s body.

The position the two were in, was no different to the most common scene in pornographic videos, ‘the human wheelbarrow’.

“What the f*ck…” After standing and staring dumbfounded for a long time and sucking in many deep breaths of cold air, the short man could only mutter these three words.

* * *

“You useless rice buckets, you mother f*cking bunch of useless rice buckets!” Li Jiangbei slammed the table in anger, and howled at Wang Zhaoping with red eyes; small cracks appearing in the table.

If anyone had howled at Wang Zhaoping in such a way at any other time, whether it be his immediate superior, or the big boss, he would have already surged to his feet, and used moves such as the Life Threatening Scissors Kick, Breast Grabbing Dragon Claws, Nether Striking Leg, and so on to flatten the guy to the ground.

Li Jiangbei’s words were like a nail being hammered mercilessly into Wang Zhaoping’s heart.

“They only have four people, yet they massacred in broad daylight and were still able to easily escape the encirclement even after dispatching over hundred police officers. Furthermore, you even allowed them to circle around and kill at the same place under your watch, and they even killed the city’s Criminal Police’s Head under the watchful eyes of the public.

“Even the unit reputed to be the greatest of the police force, the Special Forces, Black Hawk, had lost two men in a short exchange.”

“In the operation this time, we lost sixteen officers, and eight innocents were killed. Other than that, two people were kidnapped as hostages.”

While Li Jiangbei was roaring with rage, Wang Zhaoping’s body was already trembling from his rage and humiliation. However, until Li Jiangbei was finished roaring at him, he didn’t utter a word.

Because he knew that what Li Jiangbei was saying was the truth and only the truth. Furthermore, normally Li Jiangbei wouldn’t utter a single profanity, but with him acting this way today, he was really filled with rage.

Additionally, all that appeared in Wang Zhaoping’s mind at this moment was the smoke filled 7th Street, with Fu Shun bleeding from a wound which couldn’t be stemmed no matter what he tried.

Not a single person in the world could witness a comrade in arms lose their life without losing their calm.

“I will definitely exact revenge for them. If I’m unable to capture them, I won’t come back alive.” Therefore after Li Jiangbei had finished howling his piece, Wang Zhaoping just calmly said this sentence, and walked out of the conference room.

*Crash* Watching Wang Zhaoping’s back as he left, Li Jiangbei powerlessly fell to the ground in the empty conference room. Li Jiangbei never would have imagined that they would suffer so many losses in this incident.

“Bureau Chief Li, the mayor just called and was in a terrible rage, he said that he would immediately come over to hear the whole story first hand.” Just as Li Jiangbei wanted to have some alone time to ponder over the four criminals motives, his secretary. Xiao Chen, barged into the room with a difficult expression and passed on the message.

“If he’s coming, so be it.” Li Jiangbei sighed weakly, “In any case, this time, we really failed and were wiped all over the floor. I, the Bureau Chief, have no way to stay on.”

“...” Seeing Li Jiangbei’s body language and expression, Xiao Chen hesitated and held his tongue. Only after quite a long time did he start speaking, “Other than that, the secretary also called, asking you to crack the Sansen Company’s case as soon as possible.”

“I…” Li Jiangbei couldn’t help but jump out of his chair and ferociously smack the table. “Such a major case just happened, is he unable to distinguish what is more important? Isn’t it just a theft case? Does he need to go so far as to repeat it time and time again?”

“Bureau Chief Li…” Xiao Chen waited for his superior to sit before he dared to continue speaking. “The Secretary also has his own difficulties, Sansen Company is a major taxpayer of our city. Furthermore they are in the midst of talks about a major investment project in the city, the Secretary is also…”

“That’s enough, you don’t have to say any more.” Li Jiangbei felt that with his heart distracted and his thoughts in turmoil, if Xiao Chen were to continue on, he was afraid that he would jump up, take out his gun and open fire. “Is there anything else?”

“There’s nothing else, other than,” Xiao Chen noticing the black face Li Jiangbei wore, then continued hesitantly, “a visitor who says he is your friend and wants to meet with you.”

“Friend? Wanting to meet me?” Li Jiangbei panted. “At this moment even if it were a highly distinguished person, I don’t want to meet him.”


“But what?!”

“But he said that as long as I mentioned that his surname was Xiao, the Xiao of the great hero Xiao Qiushui and not the Xiao of the instrument, you would definitely meet him.”[1]

“What?! What did you just say?! Repeat it one more time!” Li Jiangbei was immediately wide eyed, and almost fell off his chair.

* * *

“How many years has it been since we last met?” Li Jiangbei couldn’t help but greet his visitor as soon as he heard the door of the room creak open, and a slightly plump figure appeared in his view.

Li Jiangbei could still dimly remember that fateful afternoon many years ago. It was the first time he met him. “I’m surnamed Xiao, the Xiao of the great hero Xiao Qiushui, and not the Xiao of the instrument.” At that time, this guy had introduced himself in the exact same manner, the both of them were young, unbridled youngsters reporting to the police academy for the first time.

But now, in a flash, many years have passed.

“Soon, it will be the sixth year.” Xiao Ping[2] calmly replied as he looked at his long time roommate.

“Six years… so six years have passed.” Li Jiangbei said as he looked at Xiao Ping with his slightly tubby belly, feeling slightly sour in his heart.

“In a person’s life, how many six years will there be?” Li Jiangbei had wanted to ask if he was going by fine in the past few years, but after sighing in his heart, he asked straightforwardly, “Did you come because of the 7th Street incident?”

[1] Short explanation - A pun.

Long explanation - In Chinese there are words that sound the same, but are written differently, so the Chinese use words that are paired together to distinguish them. Thus they would say the Xiao of X, not the Xiao of Y. This is especially so when introducing your name. But that’s not what’s happening here. In this case, the ‘Xiao’ character in both pairs (the instrument, ‘Xiao’ and the Xiao Qiushui, ‘Xiao’) are actually the same. Aka he is saying his ‘Xiao’ is that of the badass hero Xiao Qiushui not that of the instrument (mouth organ), although they are the exact same thing. Whelp that’s a mouthful, oh wait there’s more! This is important because Xiao Qiushui is an overpowered protagonist of a Wuxia series called Shenzhou Qixia written by Wen Rui’An. ?

[2] It is obvious in Chinese, but for those who may not get it, this is the same Xiao Ping as the one in Zhao Lingjun’s weirdo company. ?


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