Chapter 46 A Dangerous Silence


Chapter 46 A Dangerous Silence

Zhao Lingjun was conflicted and stood there foolishly, hugging wasn’t right and neither was pushing her away. As he stood with his hands by his sides, a sudden pain was felt from his shoulder.

Meng Xue, who had thrown herself into his embrace, had actually unexpectedly bit him.

“Ahhhh, What are you doing?! Why did you bite me!?” Suffering from the pain, Zhao Lingjun wanted to push her away. But when he looked at her in his embrace, her face was full of tears, his heart softened, and just silently hugged her.

“You stinking barbarian…” Meng Xue looked at Zhao Lingjun with her eyes full of tears.

The two were plastered so closely now that Meng Xue’s soft and warm jade like twin peaks pressed against Zhao Lingjun’s chest. Zhao Lingjun could even easily feel her each and every heartbeat.

Zhao Lingjun’s heart at this moment only held a mother’s tenderness towards her, without a shred of lust.

“I only used it as an excuse to eat that pill…”

“Even then, you’re not permitted to use that kind of excuse.” Before Zhao Lingjun could finish his words, Meng Xue interrupted.

Meng Xue fixed her glistening eyes on Zhao Lingjun’s, “You don’t know how disappointed I was at the time… I nearly thought that you were truly such a person. You… don’t know how I felt…”

“Don’t say anymore.” Seeing Meng Xue’s long eyelashes trembling and tears glimmering like diamonds adorning them, Zhao Lingjun suddenly felt an ache in his heart.

“Relax, in the future, as long as I’m alive, I won’t let you suffer from any more grievances.” Zhao Lingjun firmly said looking into her eyes.

“Really?” Meng Xue said as she turned scarlet.

“Of course!” Zhao Lingjun nodded, but abruptly a bitter smile appeared on his face. “But I don’t know how much longer I can live for.”

“What are you talking about?” Meng Xue was taken aback for a moment. Seemingly understanding something, she asked, “What was that pill that you ate just now?”

“I already answered that earlier, I don’t know.” Zhao Lingjun bitterly smiled. “Perhaps it’s a stimulant, like what the tall man said. But in any case, it’s no normal stimulant.”

Hearing the word ‘stimulant’, Meng Xue’s heart turned cold. She knew that stimulants were a sort of drug that affected a person’s nervous system. It would overdraft a person’s strength and stamina, and no matter what kind of stimulant it was, it would cause side effects. It was similar to narcotics, the better the effects, the stronger and more serious the side effects.

In the past, she had seen a news report where a weight lifting athlete ingested the latest type of stimulant in a competition. With no effort at all, he had broken the world record. But almost immediately after the competition, the athlete died of shock.

Although the stimulant had stimulated the nervous system to a large extent, allowing him to momentarily possess superhuman strength his heart and body were just incapable of sustaining such a burden.

Recalling Zhao Lingjun’s eruption of strength and speed earlier, Meng Xue was certain that in this world, there wasn’t a second stimulant that could be compared to it.

Thinking up to here, Meng Xue panicked, “Why do you not even know what kind of medicine it is? Where did you get it from?”

“Where did I get it from?” Zhao Lingjun, thinking of that thumb sized Black Lotus which magicked a black metal box into existence, couldn’t help but force a bitter smile. “Explaining where this pill came from is too complicated and a long story. Even if I explained, you probably wouldn’t believe me. It’s better for me to slowly explain it to you in the future.”

Meng Xue looked bewilderingly at him, and nodded. “Then… do you feel unwell right now?”

“Unwell? Zhao Lingjun took a deep breath, and blinked. “It seems fine, but in my body there is a sort of inexplicable flowing sensation inside. Also…”

“What else?” Meng Xue hurriedly asked.

“I can’t put a word to it at all, it’s just a very weird feeling.” Zhao Lingjun shook his head, “It’s like my senses have become extraordinarily sensitive, I can even feel distant grass swaying in the wind.

“Even distant grass swaying in the wind could be felt?” repeated Meng Xue, thinking it was too unbelievable and raised her head to look at him.

When their eyes met, they both realised that they were still hugging each other like two lovebirds who had been together for a long time, with their posture extremely ambiguous.

This discovery turned Meng Xue’s face scarlet, but she didn’t let go of Zhao Lingjun, and instead hugged him tighter.

She suddenly felt an inexplicable sorrow, she didn’t know how much longer she could hug this man who risked his life for her. She wanted to hug him like this for eternity, never letting go.

Her eyes were again moistened with tears. As she embraced him, she looked at him, at a loss of what to say, and noticed that his expression changed.

“What? You don’t like me hugging you like this?” Meng Xue turned cold.

“Of course not.” Zhao Lingjun panickedly shook his head, “It seems there are some people heading over from afar.”

“Who is it?” Meng Xue became nervous, but deep inside her, she breathed a sigh of relief for no reason.

“It seems like there are two people.” Zhao Lingjun after attentively listening, his body suddenly became taut. “It may be the skinny and short man of their group.”

* * *

“Haha, that group of cops are really too stupid. We just casually changed our car twice and crossed two road blocks, and they were thrown so far off that they couldn’t even glimpse our shadows.”

The two coming was indeed the remaining two members of the fat man’s group. But at this moment when they were conversing, in the short man’s line of sight, he could only see the house’s shadow.

Even prior to this, Zhao Lingjun had already sensed their arrival. If Zhao Lingjun knew the distance separating them when he noticed their presence, he would have scared himself silly.

“What time is it now?” the thin man asked with his usual cold look.

“We are five minutes from our agreed meeting time, we will arrive just in time.” The short man looked at the thin man, then towards the house in the distance, and swallowed a big mouthful of saliva. “Right now, Gao Jun and our Boss are most likely ravaging that woman. Damn it! So much time has passed, it seems like if I want to f*ck her as well, I would have to wash her first.”

The short man paused, then smiled lewdly and looked towards the thin man and said, “Black Bro, do you want to try her as well? Today’s woman is no normal thing and is a luxury good.”

The thin man looked over, but didn’t pause his steps, and as before continued towards the houses at the same pace.

“If not for the fact that I’ve never seen you do it,” the short man quickened his pace to catch up, while still smiling lewdly, “At times, I really am convinced that your wife is that gun in your hands.”

It isn’t my wife.” hearing the short man say so, the normally quiet thin man stopped moving and coldly said, “It isn’t my brother either, because while wives and brothers may deceive me, it will never ever betray me. Furthermore it helps me to kill those people.”

“F*ck, what are you even saying.” the short man embarrassedly smiled. “Brothers like us, will never betray you.”

“If that’s the case, it would be for the best.” The thin man eyed the short man and stopped speaking, hurrying quickly to the house in the distance.

* * *

“Wait for me~ What are you walking so fast for?”

The thin man carrying his gun had already stood in front of the house for a long time before the short man finally caught up to him, panting hard. “You don’t like women anyway, why are you more hurried than me?”

As the short man said this, he was about to open the closed door.

“Wait.” the thin man stopped him.

“What?” the short man was alarmed, and looked towards him, noticing that he had already trained his gun inside.

At this moment, the short man shook all over, also realising that something wasn’t right.

Because in the past, at other meeting sites, it would normally be filled with the sounds of woman’s desperate yells and pained moans, as well as the fat man’s laughter and heavy breathing. But now, in the house, it was so unnaturally quiet and still.


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