Chapter 45 Femme Fatale


Chapter 45 Femme Fatale

“I also don’t know.”

Zhao Lingjun awkwardly smiled at Meng Xue as he kicked the incessantly screaming and retching fat man into a coma. He was annoyed by the constant shrieking identical to the sound of slaughtered pigs. It annoyed and disturbed his state of mind so much so that he couldn’t examine how much of his strength he had used in his previous kick.

But his forced smile and his kick made Meng Xue even more fearful of him. Right now, Zhao Lingjun had a blood splattered face and his eyes were glimmering with a blue glow. His awkward smile conveyed a strange and baleful aura to her. In addition, Zhao Lingjun had barely spared any effort to cruelly destroy the two people until they didn’t even have the strength left in them to breathe. For no reason, she thought of the male leads in those soap operas, where they would eat a pill that enhanced their physical prowess but corrupted their minds and turned them into ruthless killers. So when Zhao Lingjun had said the sentence ‘I don’t know’, she momentarily lost all courage to continue down this line of thought, and could only use a fearful expression to look at him.

But Zhao Lingjun didn’t seem to notice the fear that she expressed, because after pondering for a slight moment, he squatted and tore the tall man’s pants into strips of cloth and tied the two men securely. He then retrieved their guns and stuffed it into the duffel bag full of gold antiques and tossed it to one side.

After busying himself with these things, he then walked over to Meng Xue.

* * *

When Zhao Lingjun had torn the pants up into strips of fabric effortlessly like tearing pieces of paper, the sound it made caused Meng Xue to feel fear and apprehension. So after he had finished, and headed towards her, Meng Xue suddenly tensed up.

Zhao Lingjun’s next action, made her cry out in fear.

“Ahhhh! You… what are you doing. You… don’t come near me…”

Never would she have imagined that Zhao Lingjun would have stood in front of her and start unbuckling his leather belt exactly just like both the tall and fat man, and pulled down his trousers.

“We are already at this stage, what are you embarrassed of?” said Zhao Lingjun as he took off his pants. “Besides, there is no other shelter in this godforsaken area.”

“You…” Meng Xue really had the urge to kick this shameless guy in front of her, but when recalling how revealed she was and his disgusting strength and speed, she could only ball herself up even more in fear.

At this time, in Meng Xue’s mind, Zhao Lingjun had already come up to her like a gust of wind, torn what was left of her clothes and pressed himself ferociously onto her.

But contrary to her imagination, after Zhao Lingjun had taken off his pants, he had thrown the pants together with his belt over to her, and went over to pick up the fat man’s baggy trousers.

“What are you doing?” asked Meng Xue, perplexed by his actions.

“It’s for you to wear.” Zhao Lingjun shot a puzzled gaze at her. “Your pants are all torn up. You can’t be wanting to walk out just wearing that, are you?”

“You took off your pants for me to wear?” A red blush crept up her face as she watched Zhao Lingjun put on the fat man’s baggy pants.

“Then what did you think I was doing? You obviously can’t even fit into the fat man’s pants, so I could only take off mine for you to wear.” After putting on the baggy pants, he looked puzzlingly at Meng Xue, and with a mischievous look, he said, “Or did you think that I wanted to molest you?”

“I...I…” Being asked in such a way by him, her face turned an even brighter shade of red. Especially when he looked at her, she abruptly remembered that she was half naked.

“You’re still looking?!” Red faced, she glared wide eyed at Zhao Lingjun and quickly wore his pants.

“Heihei, fine! Fine! I won’t look.” Zhao Lingjun laughed, and as he said this, he quickly stole one last peek at her.

As Zhao Lingjun had experienced a depressing university life, he hadn’t had a chance to date. In terms of relationships between a man and a woman, he was a blank slate. Therefore in the past, when he was alone conversing with Meng Xue, he didn’t dare to tease this way. But after eating that blue pill, he seemed to have gained a demeanor as lofty as clouds, and was like a changed man.

“Could it my newfound strength also have boosted my self confidence, which lead to such a change in my psyche?” While he peeped at Meng Xue, he was pondering about his transformation.

* * *

Some women were born to play the femme fatale character.

The Meng Xue of right now was such a woman.

The sneaky peek with no untowards intent had once again ignited the fires of lust within Zhao Lingjun.

When peeking, Meng Xue was bent at the waist and was stretching one of her legs into the pants. When she had been lying down, her two legs had already been alluring. Now, when she was standing, her long legs was straight and firm. What was really the crux of it all, was her barely covered privates under thin yellow panties, and her two half revealed twin peaks from bending over.

A certain area on his body was starting to twitch.

Zhao Lingjun didn’t know whether it was due to the pill, but he had never had such an intense reaction before, nor had that area of his never felt so forceful.

“Is this one of the side effects of the pill?” Zhao Lingjun thought to himself and couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

But before he could finish sighing, he heard a cry of surprise from Meng Xue.

Zhao Lingjun was taken aback, he thought that the fat and tall man had awoken, gotten free of their bindings and were about to do untoward things to Meng Xue. But when he turned to look, they were both still lying on the floor, tied up nicely.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Lingjun asked.

Meng Xue however, didn’t answer, and instead, Zhao Lingjun caught her sweeping her gaze towards his loins.

Zhao Lingjun was bewildered and followed her gaze downwards to his own loins, and couldn’t wait to find a piece of tofu to smash his head on.

* * *

With just once glance at Meng Xue changing/wearing his pants, his pair of baggy pants already had a tent erected.

“Come over here.” Meng Xue said to Zhao Lingjun, who was too embarrassed to meet her gaze.

“Don’t tell me you intend to…” Zhao Lingjun’s heart and mind was suddenly filled with certain thoughts, but thankfully this time, he refrained from voicing them out.

At this point of time, Meng Xue finished wearing the pants, and after taking a deep breath, he summoned forth his courage and walked to her.

“You… I…” Zhao Lingjun hesitantly stammered.

Meng Xue suddenly moved.

*Pa Pa* Two sounds resounded.

Meng Xue threw two slaps at Zhao Lingjun with a red face.

“Ah, what are you doing?” Although Zhao Lingjun’s reaction time and agility was now number one under the heavens, when he saw her palms flying towards him, he didn’t do anything and just took them in the face.

“You stinking barbarian!” Blushing, she screamed at him.

“I… This is a natural reaction, I didn’t think of anything at all.” Zhao Lingjun, nursing his face, felt like he was wronged to death.

“I’m not talking about this.” Seeing Zhao Lingjun’s grieving expression while he nursed his face, she glared at him and said. “Just now what did you say to the fat man? You actually wanted to....”

Saying up till here, Meng Xue was so red that she didn’t even dare to lift her head.

“That was just a plan of convenience.” Recalling back to what he had said, Zhao Lingjun too turned red faced. “I didn’t have any other choices and could only say those words.”

“Even if it was a plan of convenience, it’s not permitted.” Meng Xue stared at him, her eyes turning red.

As Zhao Lingjun was about to plead for himself with another two sentences, Meng Xue threw herself into his embrace. As if he had received an electric shock, his whole body became paralyzed.


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