Chapter 44 Stunning Strength


Chapter 44 Stunning Strength

“Oh really?” Zhao Lingjun smiled at the tall man.

The tall man was absolutely horrified by Zhao Lingjun’s smile. Thinking back to how the fat man was caught unawares by Zhao Lingjun, and was then beaten to the ground to the point of puking, he subconsciously took a step back, increasing the distance between them.

But contrary to his expectations, Zhao Lingjun didn’t launch a surprise attack on him, and instead grinned at the fat man, “Didn’t you say the same thing just now? Didn’t you say you wanted to rape my woman in front of me?”

Hearing Zhao Lingjun speak, the fat man raised his head with difficulty and opened his mouth to speak, but what came out instead was bile.

“Haha!” Zhao Lingjun laughed loudly when he saw the loathing in the fat man’s eyes; he suddenly appeared in front of the fat man and sent a kick at his stomach.

This time, the fat man’s hands were clutching his stomach, and when Zhao Lingjun sent his kick out, other than the same sound of impact from earlier when his leg hit the stomach, there was another sound. Everyone there heard it loud and clear, a sharp crack. This was the noise of bones breaking.

“Ahhhh!” The fat man vomited yet another mouthful of bile, and dropped to the ground, shrieking like a pig at slaughter.

Bro,” Zhao Lingjun laughed at the fat man’s miserable state, “You punched me once, and kicked me once. I also returned a punch and a kick back to you. This makes it fair.”

“F*ck!” As Zhao Lingjun spoke, the tall man had already lunged towards him with a shout.

Just from the sound of the bones as they shattered, the tall man already knew that the fat man’s hands were destroyed beyond any hope of repair. When he saw Zhao Lingjun ignore him as if he was air, and tortured his boss instead, he became crazed with rage.

The tall man had always boasted that he was once the Chinese boxing champion of Liang Guang. When he launched into action, it was clear it wasn’t just all talk. The speed of his punches could only be described as, as fast as lightning. Perhaps if a normal person were to hear the roar of the tall man, by the time they could react, a punch would have already hit them squarely.

When the tall man had sent a punch flying out, Zhao Lingjun seemed to have been frozen in place. But just as his fist was about to graze Zhao Lingjun’s nose, and he could imagine the outcome where Zhao Lingjun’s nose would be so devastated that it would look like a squashed eggplant, his eyes blurred, and Zhao Lingjun had dodged his fist in a flash and vanished from sight.

The next moment, the tall man felt his buttock get kicked ruthlessly. Despite his many years of bitter horse-stance training, the strength behind the kick knocked the tall man off his feet. He immediately jolted forward, and fell flat on his face.

“F*ck…” The tall man quickly sprang to his feet and spat a mouthful of mud out.

Although Zhao Lingjun’s kick was strong, the epithelium of the tall man’s buttocks were thick. Other than eating a mouthful of mud, it didn’t cause any substantial damage to him.

Therefore after springing up from the ground, the tall man once again initiated another attack towards Zhao Lingjun. But with a whoosh, he once again punched the air and was kicked in the bottom by Zhao Lingjun, eating mud on the way down.

*Puchi* Seeing the tall man once again push himself off the ground and spitefully spit another mouthful of mud, Meng Xue, who had been curled into a ball of frightened mess on the straw bed, couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the fight between the two of them.

When he heard Meng Xue’s muffled laughter, the tall man felt even more humiliated. “Kicking butts is just kids play. Today, I will show you my Gao Family’s Mighty Jinggang Palm.”

“Haha. Mighty Jinggang Palm? Isn’t that a Shaolin martial art? How did it become your family’s martial art?” Zhao Lingjun laughed till his stomach hurt.

“Laugh, laugh, I will make sure that you laugh.” The tall man was so humiliated that his face switched between green and white. He stomped his foot and charged for the third time at Zhao Lingjun, with his hands at the ready, “I will beat you to death!”

This time, a palm strike was sent out. It was very different from the previous blows as a loud whistling could be heard as it sliced through the air.

But this lightning fast palm only struck air.

But when the tall man subconsciously gritted his teeth, and braced himself to fall forward again, he realised that Zhao Lingjun was to his side coldly looking at him.

“How are your movements so fast?” At this moment, the tall man realised that something was amiss, and felt a chill run up his spine. “Previously when you hit my boss, you didn’t seem so fast.”

“Haha.” Zhao Lingjun laughed, a glint in his eyes that made the tall man feel like he was a pathetic worm. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, but just now when beating up your boss, I used less than a tenth of my abilities.”

“What?!” The tall man’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. “A tenth? Impossible! That’s impossible!”[1]

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Zhao Lingjun laughed dramatically. He had a sudden epiphany why so many generals on battlefields or chivalrous heroes of wuxia films exuded such a grand and mighty imposing aura from their bodies. No matter who it was, as long as they possessed absolute power, and could hold the lives of others in their hands, being overbearing was unavoidable.

“F*ck your mother! I’ll stake it all!” Although the tall man was a little simple minded, he was a blade forged in the blood of others, a violent and abnormal person who was unafraid of death. He wasn’t intimidated in the least by Zhao Lingjun’s wild look, instead it had evoked the true primal nature of his.

With a deafening shout, the tall man summoned all his strength and charged fiercely at Zhao Lingjun.

Although the tall man’s mind was swaying towards pure fury and madness, he was after all, an expert of his family, and his abilities were nothing to scoff at.

In his wild charge, both of his hands shot out with the Long Fist Style’s Extended Strike. This attack was done by extending both arms as far as possible and using them like a mace and slamming them on the opponent.

The tall man’s intention in using this method of attack, was because he was afraid that Zhao Lingjun would once again dodge his fist at lightning speeds, appear behind him, and give him yet another kick on the butt.

In a critical juncture like this where his life was on the line, the attack the tall man threw out this time was the fastest and strongest he was capable of, not holding anything back. The tall man felt that even if he had to stake his life, it was still worth it to viciously beat up this treacherous and shameless guy in front of him.

Zhao Lingjun’s speed though was beyond everyone’s expectations.

This time, even the spectating Meng Xue couldn’t clearly see Zhao Lingjun’s movements. All she felt was a gust of wind buffet her and Zhao Lingjun had already disappeared from in front of the tall man and reappeared behind him.

As before, Zhao Lingjun once again gave the tall man a kick in the butt, striking dead center.

Seeing Zhao Lingjun once again kick the tall man in the bottom, Meng Xue wanted to laugh out loud.

But the snapping sound that came from the tall man’s rear accompanied by his miserable screams made her lips curl up in a grimace.

Meng Xue looked at this scene with a shocked expression as the tall man flew like a gunny sack that was tossed aside carelessly, and firmly planted his face into the wall. The tall man’s screams only stopped when he slammed into the wall with a heavy thud.

The tall man’s body slowly slid down the wall like boneless dead dog, breathing shallowly.

“You want to f*ck my woman in front of me?” Zhao Lingjun looked like a demonic god as he looked at the tall and fat man who looked like clumps of mud and coldly said.

“Just what in the world did you swallow?”

Looking at the indented wall, and the crumpled body of the tall man by the wall, Meng Xue turned to look at the demonic god that was Zhao Lingjun, who was as fast as a phantom, and could easily send a person flying with a kick, and mumbled as if she was delirious.

[1] [Insert impossibru meme] ?


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