Chapter 43 Stimulants?


Chapter 43 Stimulants?

“Heh, who would have thought that you would be a person who can’t be judged by appearances.” Seeing Zhao Lingjun swallow the pill, the tall man relaxed his guard, throwing his gun aside. He then released Meng Xue and began to undress.

With three able bodied men in the room and a closed door, even if Meng Xue was to run, she wouldn’t get far. The tall man looked at Meng Xue and his head was already in the clouds, fantasizing how he could ravage this beauty’s body.

But, to his slight surprise, after he let go of Meng Xue, instead of running away like he had imagined, she just stared coldly at Zhao Lingjun.

“Your chick looks like she wants to kill you now.” The tall man laughed loudly as he saw her cold and murderous expression.

Before the tall man could laugh, he heard a low roar coming from Zhao Lingjun’s throat, and a loud scream from the fat man.

He turned his head and was met with a scene, that made him feel like he was still dreaming.

With each roar of Zhao Lingjun, a ball of blue essence flame was coughed out from his mouth. At the same time, a layer of similar blue flame wrapped around his entire body. It seemed like the fire was born from within him and was expelled outward from each and every pore.

But what was odd, was that his clothes were entirely undamaged by this flame, only flapping outwards.

The tall man’s mouth hung open, and glanced at his leader beside him. But the fat man’s mouth was similarly agape, unable to form a coherent sound. Instead, the only one to utter a word was Meng Xue, she let out a shrill scream.

She, who had her heart broken into icy detachment by Zhao Lingjun’s words, was shocked when she saw what became of him after he ate the pill. She thought back to his determined expression when he had taken the pill, and felt that something was amiss.

* * *

After Meng Xue’s two screams, Zhao Lingjun went on to breathe out two more balls of blue essence flames.

Only after spitting out those two balls of blue flames did the roiling blue flames cloaking his body slowly start to dissipate.

“Lad, are you okay?” When all the flames had died, the tall man was finally able to close his mouth and asked in a trembling voice, “What kind of medicine did you just eat?”

“Hahaha.” Zhao Lingjun didn’t reply to him and first gave three laughs.

The tall and fat man both felt their heads vibrate, the tiles on the roof of the house also seemed slightly tremble because of Zhao Lingjun’s laugh.

After he laughed, Zhao Lingjun took a deep breath, looked at the two of them and said, “I’m fine. Not only am I fine, but I’ve never felt so good in my life.”

With just a glance from him, the fat and tall men both tensed up, and took a step back. When the fat man took a step back, he subconsciously bent down to take the gun that had been tossed aside earlier, and trained its sights on Zhao Lingjun.

Zhao Lingjun’s face was still full of blood, but the fat and tall man found that he seemed to emanate an aura of imposing might that wasn’t present before. Just this aura incited fear and trepidation from the two. Furthermore, the two could discern a faint and indistinct blue radiance flowing within his eyes.

Bro, what are you doing?” Zhao Lingjun scoffed at the fat man training his gun at Zhao Lingjun. “I only ate a viagra pill. Didn’t you agree to do my woman with me?”

As he spoke to the fat man full of smiles, Zhao Lingjun’s entire body relaxed from managing to deceive them.

But after just a moment, this feeling disappeared without a trace.

Although Zhao Lingjun didn’t know what consequences eating the pill would bring about later, but at this moment, he felt invincible.

Feeling the boundless strength welling from within, Zhao Lingjun’s mind focused on a single thought. He had to crush the two who humiliated him and almost tarnished Meng Xue in front of him like ants, muddling them like ingredients in a cocktail.

* * *

“You…” The fat man was too weirded out by the blue radiance coming from Zhao Lingjun’s eyes and his big smile. He wanted to ask Zhao Lingjun if what he had ate earlier was really viagra. But as he said the word ‘you’, his eyes blurred and lost sight of Zhao Lingjun.

*Fa-thud* Before the fat man could understand what had happened, Zhao Lingjun had already appeared before him and punched his stomach.

When Zhao Lingjun’s fist met the fat man’s stomach, it created a loud thud, making even the tall man’s gums turn numb. For no reason, the tall man thought of a scene where a gigantic metal mallet slammed into a pile of soft flesh.

* * *

With a single punch, the fat man was sent flying like a piece of worn out leather, losing his grip on the gun in the process.

By the time he landed squarely on the ground, the gun in his hand was long gone.

“Is he even still alive?”

The sound the fat man made when he fell squarely onto the ground accompanied by the tremor coming from the floor, caused his fellow robber, the tall man, to tense up and think of such an ominous idea.

The tall man, in his shock, had even forgotten to pick up his own gun that he tossed aside.

*Ahhhhhh* The fat man’s vitality was much stronger than the tall man had imagined, and after writhing on the ground for a moment, the fat man clutched his stomach and stood up.

The tall man was dumbstruck and looked on in disbelief, and couldn’t help but commend him, “Boss Ji, you’re so f*cking tenacious.”

As he blurted out this sentence, he felt that his words weren’t too clever, so he couldn’t help but carefully look at the fat man’s expression.

As he thought, the fat man beckoned him over with a hand. The tall man thought that he was in for a beating and an earful for his words.

But immediately after he extended his hand, he retracted them and clutched his stomach once again. Before the tall man understood the situation, the fat man started puking. Even his bile spewed out.

“F*ck! To think that you what you ate earlier was a stimulant.” The tall man thought this way as he watched his compatriot once again hit the ground, kneeling and puking out everything, including his bile. “Who would have thought that there would be such a revolutionary stimulant, that would increase a person’s reaction time, speed and strength to such an extent. Even to the extent of making them spit out blue flames.”

“Stimulant?” Zhao Lingjun looked at the brawny, simple minded tall man and laughed. He felt that he was as cruel as a cat teasingly playing with a rat. “You didn’t think that I would have such a stimulant, right?”

“Both your strength and speed are very fast,” the tall man heard Zhao Lingjun speak and regained his confidence, “but in a life or death situation, strength and speed are not only the determining factors. If it was me who threw that punch earlier, perhaps without using as much strength as you, I would be able to kill someone.”


“Of course! I was previously Liang Guang’s Chinese boxing champion.” The tall man replied with a look of disdain on his face. “Judging by your strength and speed just now, it isn’t much better than mine, but my technique in a fight is years beyond your grasp. Therefore you’re not necessarily my match, to deal with you, I don’t even need a gun.”

“Is what you said really true?”

“Whether or not it is real, you don’t have a choice right now.” The tall man directed a frenzied smile at Zhao Lingjun. “Who would have thought that you would be so treacherous. But in the end, I will still trample over you, strip your chick’s remaining clothes and f*ck every single hole on her body in front of you.”


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