Chapter 42


Chapter 42 [Click to see title]

As soon as he commanded, the tall man rolled Meng Xue over.

Meng Xue desperately struggled, trying to kick the tall man away, but with her strength, it was like love taps to the tall man. With only one hand, he firmly held her two hands, and he easily used his knee to pin her two incessantly flailing legs.

In just a short moment her four limbs were immobilized, and the only thing left that she could do was to wiggle her body.

Compared to her when she was planted face down into the straw bed, she was even more alluring with her body now facing upwards and her limbs pinned.

Especially since she was wiggling, her short sleeved blouse was already rising upwards, revealing her shapely and snow white skin. Also, when she wiggled, her originally well rounded, firm and perky breasts became even more apparent. But what truly ignited the fires of lust, was her now exposed delicate, smooth and snow white flat stomach, and her slightly bulging intimate area, only covered by a thin light yellow panties.

Her exposed exquisite snow white skin accompanied by her perky bulge at her most intimate area, stupefied the tall man.

In his life, the tall man had seen many women. Many of them were also similar to Meng Xue, with long slender legs, trim waists, round, firm, perky, and ample breasts, and last but not least perky snow white buttocks. But never in his life did he come across a woman with such exquisite and delicate snow white skin as her.

Meng Xue’s exposed skin already had beads of sweat all over, and in some places, was slightly dirtied from the straw. Even though she looked like this, her delicate snow white skin was still glowing just like the best silk in the world, it was as if pinching anywhere would cause water to squirt out.

“Soft! So f*cking soft!” the tall man exclaimed, as his breathing became rough.

After exclaiming in delight, the tall man panted as he used his free hand to grab ahold of Meng Xue’s thin panties concealing Meng Xue’s vagina.

At first, the tall man had wanted to tear apart her blouse, before he slowly stripped her of her bra and panties, but at this moment, he just couldn’t take it anymore. All he wanted to do was just to strip her of her thin yellow panties then use his already firm and upright member that was close to exploding to mercilessly ravage this snow white delicacy before him.

Meng Xue had been struggling desperately all the while, but when the tall man reached for her last line of defense, she froze in place. She was afraid that if she struggled, the small panties of hers, hiding her most intimate area would slide off her.

As she stopped struggling, she closed her eyes resignedly and tears rolled down her cheeks. Whoever saw her long eyelashes trembling with teardrops hanging off them would feel a tug at their heartstrings, but right now, her sorrowful and helpless expression, her peerless face with tears rolling down, and her chests heaving from her earlier exertions, thoroughly roused and fueled the fires of lust in the tall man.

“Hurrhurr, be good dear, stop moving and stay still. There there, big brother will shower you in love later. Come, let me see if your spot there is also so soft that it can squirt water.” The tall man, seeing her abandon her struggling, lasciviously laughed loudly, and prepared to rip off her already sweat soaked panties.


At this very moment, under the fat man’s foot, the dead-like Zhao Lingjun growled thunderingly with newfound strength.

Already muddled from the fires of lust, the two had almost forgotten about Zhao Lingjun’s existence and jumped in shock from his thunderous growl.

“Kid, you speak with a lot of energy huh!” The tall man stayed his hand and looked oddly at Zhao Lingjun.

“What? Bro, we haven’t even raped her and you can’t take it anymore?” The fat man laughed at Zhao Lingjun whose head was stamped on vehemently. “But, it’s better that you save your strength. Wait until we strip her bare and rape her before you scream and shout. Oh wait, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to say a thing later. Hey, why don’t take a guess where I will sully first?”

Bro.” Zhao Lingjun sucked in a breath of air and continued, “Shall we discuss something?”

“What?” sneered the fat man, indicating to the tall man to stay his hand.

“Haha.” Not daring to defy the fat man’s commands, he didn’t rip her panties, but he couldn’t resist stroking her pure white, soft delicate thighs. At just the touch of her thighs, the crotch area of his groin had a large tent erect itself.

Meng Xue shivered from head to toe, and the fat man was even more aroused seeing this.

“So? What do you want to discuss with me?” the fat man panted as he stared at Meng Xue while unbuckling his leather belt. “It can’t be that you want us to wear condoms, right? Or do you want to join us?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the tall man laughed with a big smile on his face, and touched Meng Xue’s exposed twin peaks.

“Oh what I wanted to talk about? I wanted to ask if I could join you guys in doing her.” Zhao Lingjun coughed and spat out this sentence, which stunned everyone, including Meng Xue.

“Zhao Lingjun, you…” Meng Xue opened her tear-filled eyes, and stared in disbelief at him with a gaze that spoke ‘you’re lesser than a beast!’.

“What!? What did you say?” the fat man clarified, believing that he heard wrongly. He took off his foot from Zhao Lingjun’s face, wanting him to repeat it once again so that he could hear it clearly.

“I said, can we do her together?” Zhao Lingjun slowly crawled from the ground and slowly and clearly spoke each word.

“Are you serious? Boss Ji, is this guy’s brain damaged from your beatings?” Surprised, the tall man stared at Zhao Lingjun’s bloodied face.

But Zhao Lingjun didn’t bother with the tall man, and instead smiled at the fat man, “You’ve tried doing someone’s woman in front of them, but have you done a woman together with her man?”

“Zhao Lingjun! I was really wrong about you! You monster!” Meng Xue struggled frantically when she heard Zhao Lingjun. Zhao Lingjun reckoned that if the tall man was to set her free at this moment, she would run over and beat the shit out of him.

“Do her together?” The fat man was startled at Zhao Lingjun’s words too. But when his gaze landed on Meng Xue’s body, he was excited again.

“F*ck! Stimulating! F*cking stimulating!” The fat man gulped as he saw the heartbroken Meng Xue filled with grief and indignation, desperately trying to struggle free. “I didn’t think that you would be able to come up with such a creative idea. If we were to do her together, her expression would most definitely be marvelous. F*ck this! Just thinking, I can’t stand it anymore!”

“F*ck! You bugger, I didn’t think you were this kind of guy.” The tall man laughed madly. “Wait a while and you can fiddle with your chick. If you make our Boss feel like he is in heaven, we’ll let you keep your life.”

“Not bad! Not bad at all!” The fat man cheerfully looked at the bloodied Zhao Lingjun. “Since you came up with such a good idea, I’ll let you have her upper body.”

“Hahaha, it’s perfect. Three holes, one for each person, we can fill her up to the max.” The tall man laughed fervently, as he stroked Meng Xue’s soft and exquisite thighs. But all Meng Xue did was grit her teeth and gave Zhao Lingjun a death stare, as if she couldn’t feel anything anymore.

“Hahaha, I really can’t take it anymore.” The fat man had already removed his belt and was stepping out of his pants. “Your chick’s expression is really too stimulating, f*cking her right now will really make me fly to heaven.”

“Wait a while for me.” But Zhao Lingjun’s actions made both the tall and fat man to jump back in fright. Because Zhao Lingjun walked over to the kitchen stove.

“What are you doing?” Immediately on his guard, the tall man asked. His hand which was stroking Meng Xue’s thighs had already reached for the gun at the back of his pants and trained at Zhao Lingjun.

“I need something from my bag.” Zhao Lingjun stood still, and nodded towards a small bag on the kitchen counter. “That part of mine isn’t too strong, I need to eat some medicine first.”

“That bag is yours?” The tall man looked at him dubiously.

“Yup.” Zhao Lingjun nodded.

“F*ck! I thought that bag was also filled with gold treasure. I even carried it the whole journey.” the tall man said. “You better not try any tricks, otherwise I will shoot you to death.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Zhao Lingjun waved his hands, and said, “You’re holding a real gun, after all.”

“Haha. That thing of yours actually isn’t good?” Still slightly suspicious, the fat man laughed. “What medicine do you have? Quick take it out for us to see.”

“Viagra of course!” Zhao Lingjun took out the glass bottle from his bag, and shook it for them to see.

* * *

*Ding ding ding* A small blue pill inside the glass bottle jingled.

“F*ck! It indeed is viagra.” said the fat man as he spit on the floor. “Looks like your little brother did too much already, and needs to rely on supplements.”

“Heihei.” Laughed Zhao Lingjun and removed the pill from the bottle.

“I only need it for a short moment, just a short moment! Even if I were to die tomorrow from poisoning it’s fine. As long as I can transform just one time like Xiao Bai.” Zhao Lingjun quickly stuffed the pill in his mouth and swallowed it; he closed his eyes, silently waiting.

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