Chapter 41 Perverted Desires


Chapter 41 Perverted Desires

If the fat man surnamed Ji had made Zhao Lingjun and Meng Xue shiver when he introduced the members of his team, his introduction of himself froze them solid.

With just the fatty’s gaze falling onto Meng Xue’s body, she trembled, as if she had been stripped naked by his eyes. As his eyes slowly swept across her body, she felt like a slippery worm was crawling across her. On her exposed white arms, a layer of goosebumps immediately appeared.

When the fat man’s gaze landed on Meng Xue, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but turn to look at her as well.

Since she was young, Meng Xue was pampered and didn’t have much experience in life, thus after the long and difficult trek, her clothes were drenched in sweat. Her thin blouse and pants were stuck to her body, and her exquisite figure was in plain sight.

Drenched by her sweat, so much so that even her lacy underwear was faintly visible, her current alluring state could easily rouse the nefarious heat in anyone. Any psychologically normal male would immediately want to strip her and ruthlessly tear her panties that were already surely drenched with sweat. Then mount her, and relish in her futile struggles and helpless cries.

The normal man that Zhao Lingjun was, one look at her and he felt a ball of raging fire rise from within the depths of his body, ready to erupt at any moment.

* * *

As the fat man’s gaze was still lingering on Meng Xue’s body, Zhao Lingjun pounced at him.

At this moment, in his heart he had only one thought, “Charge!!!! All out!”

He knew that he wasn’t a match for Gao Jun, but he hoped that his sudden revolt would catch the fat man unaware and subdue him. Even if he couldn’t subdue him, hopefully the confusion would buy time for Meng Xue to escape.

Him being the reason Meng Xue went to 7th Street, he felt that even if he had to put his life on the line, he mustn’t allow a gem like her to be sullied by the fat man.

As he pounced on the fat man, Zhao Lingjun shouted at her, “Quick, run!”

But immediately after the word ‘run’ left his mouth, he was stunned as he lost sight of the fat man. He then felt a thump at the back of his head like a heavy hammer slamming into him.

The world before him spun and turned dark. His mind spun, his body lost strength and in the end, slumped to the ground.

“Hahaha.” After a moment, regaining control of his body, he strained his head and looked around. In the room, the fat man was blocking the only exit, the door, blocking Meng Xue who looked like a frightened fawn in the headlights.

Looking at Meng Xue who was looking at him helplessly, even his heart started bleeding.

“Haha, bro, what is this about?” the fat man asked, acting as if he didn’t notice the murderous intent in Zhao Lingjun’s eyes, who was struggling to get onto his feet.

“Haha.” Sitting on the straw bed, Gao Jun burst into laughter, and looked at Zhao Lingjun sympathetically. “Compared to the rest of us, his skills are only slightly inferior. If we were to fight, who knows, maybe I would be the one on the ground. Hahaha, you wanted to grapple him? You overestimate yourself.”

From the beginning until now, Meng Xue had lightly bit her lips, not saying a word. But as she helped him up, Zhao Lingjun could feel her hand trembling faintly.

Bro,” The fat man looked at Zhao Lingjun like how a cat looked at a mice. “friends are like limbs, while wife and children are like clothes. My only hobby is this, won’t you let me satisfy myself?”

“Don’t tell me you brought us here, just to get her?” As Zhao Lingjun said this, he could feel Meng Xue’s body who he was leaning against, tremble. Feeling this, his heart was brimming with rage.

“Of course!” replied the fat man as his gaze rested on Meng Xue’s perfectly round twin peaks. “Seeing your girlfriend today is the thing that excited me the most.”

“Then why did you bring me along?!” Zhao Lingjun roared at the fat man. “Why didn’t you just shoot me to death earlier?!”

“Because I felt that it would be more interesting with you present.” said the fat man, smilingly. “Have you ever tried doing another man’s woman in front of them?...”

“You…” Before the fat man could finish, Zhao Lingjun snarled and charged at him.

But a seemingly effortless kick later, Zhao Lingjun was already clutching his stomach on the ground.

“Hehe, looking at you, you’ve never felt such things before right?” Looking at Zhao Lingjun clutching his stomach and gasping for air on the ground, a sadistic and engrossed expression appeared on the fat man’s face. “You may not know this, but pounding the brains out of a woman with her partner helplessly looking on at his own woman’s expression getting f*cked out of her living daylights, while hearing her moans and shrieks from under you, that kind of euphoria is just out of this world, it’s like ecstasy.”

“After experiencing it just once, you’ll be addicted to it.” Upon speaking up till here, he paused, and took a look at Zhao Lingjun who had finally spat out a mouthful of blood and gasped for air.

“You pervert!” After taking a deep breath, he desperately spat out these two words from his mouth.

“Pervert? Hahahaha.” The fat man maniacally laughed and stepped on Zhao Lingjun’s head.

“Ah…” Trembling all over with fear coursing through her whole body, Meng Xue wanted to run, but only after a step, she was shoved by the fat man onto the straw bed by the window. The tall man then used one hand to press her face into the thick layer of straw.

“Hahaha.” Seeing her struggle desperately under his hand, the tall man laughed loudly. He then grabbed hold of her pants and gave it a strong downwards pull.

“I beg you… please don’t…” Along with her screams, a tearing sound made its way to Zhao Lingjun’s ears.

Hearing this, he forcibly turned his head under the fat man’s leather boots, ignoring the lacerations that carved themselves onto his face.

Upon seeing Meng Xue being pressed down onto the straw bed, he froze.

??* * *

Meng Xue’s face was full of transparent and sparkling tears, and her snow white pants had already been torn off.

A pair of beautiful, slender and long legs, glistening with the lustre of jade was completely exposed to the air.

Along with it was a pair of sweat soaked light yellow cotton panties closely sticking to her well rounded buttocks, the last bastion of cover for Meng Xue’s most intimate part.

“F*ck! So f*cking delicate, so f*cking perky! Boss Ji, you really have foresight, even I can’t take it anymore.” the tall man exclaimed as he stared foolishly at Meng Xue struggling, and her exposed snow white, well rounded, and perky bottom.

*Gulp* The fat man gulped as his two eyes were fixed on Meng Xue’s panty clad bottom, her two perky buttocks only hidden by that. He then firmly commanded the tall man, “Strip her naked!”


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