Chapter 4 Wu Xiaoye

Chapter 4 Wu Xiaoye

Under the setting sun, this beautiful girl with long black hair, long eyelashes, and pouty lips, had an indescribably unique beauty.

Zhao Lingjun felt his mind wonder off into a daze when the golden rays of sunset reflected off the girl’s pearl-white face.

Zhao Lingjun could guarantee that he had never met such a girl who made his soul stir so much.

This girl not only had Zhao Lingjun’s most sought after feature, an oval face; she also had a gentle and soft temperament, and a slightly pale-white face. These features would easily charm a person into courageously pulling her into their embrace and cherishing her.

Zhao Lingjun knew that her name was Wu Xiaoye.

He had used a pack of cigarettes earlier to find out her name.

??* * *

“Big bro, can I ask you something?” Zhao Lingjun remembered the encounter in the morning when he asked for her name.

“Haha, no problem! One pack of cigarettes would suffice.”

“How could it be? You haven’t even asked what I wanted to ask and you immediately asked for a pack of cigarettes.” No matter how Zhao Lingjun looked at it, this worker who looked good natured was akin to a sinister and ruthless murderer.

“Don’t you want to ask about that girl?” The good natured looking worker smiled and replied.

“How did you know? Are you a fortune teller?” Zhao Lingjun jumped in fright and felt that this guy was too mysterious.

“I’m not a fortune teller. It’s just that the first thing every new employee would enquire about would be about her.” He smiled, “But you found the correct person this time. I’m called Bao Longxing, nicknamed Bao Dating.[1] In the whole building, there isn’t one thing that I don’t know of.”

??* * *


Wu Xiaoye was indeed a very unique girl.

It was said that she did not use any make-up, and did not eat anything with MSG inside. However she loved aromatic coffee. She also liked to use silver utensils. Also each month, she would always take a few days off. What she does or where she went was unclear.

It is rumoured that she graduated from a foreign university with a masters. However when asked of her field of study, she would remain tight lipped. She is the financial assistant of the company. Something unimaginable would be, her primary job scope of chasing after debts. This is because she is usually very quiet in the office, with few words spoken. What was even more surprising was that she rarely failed to collect the debt.

However there was something even more peculiar about Wu Xiaoye; the timing to collect debts was micro-managed by her. If she said to go, we would have to go.

Perhaps it was because Wu Xiaoye’s performance was extraordinary, but nobody dared to bother her. Therefore nobody would disturb her, even if most of her time in the office was spent drinking coffee, reading books and newspapers.

??* * *

“Hello.” Zhao Lingjun enthusiastically greeted Wu Xiaoye on the adjacent balcony. Zhao Lingjun had a favourable impression of this girl.

“Hello.” She replied, surprised to see him on the adjacent balcony. “You are the the new employee from this morning right? You live next door?”

“Yes, haha.” Zhao Lingjun laughed. “Wu Xiaoye, my name is Zhao Lingjun. In the future, please take good care of me.”

“Haha.” Wu Xiaoye blinked and laughed, her long eyelashes quivered as she laughed. “How did you know my name is Wu Xiaoye?”

“It’s a secret.” Zhao Lingjun grinned, “If you tell me what you’re looking at, I’ll tell you how I know your name.”

“Haha.” Wu Xiaoye laughed, then silently looked at Zhao Lingjun for a moment. Just as he felt the atmosphere become a little stiff, she smiled and replied, “It was Bao Longxing who told you right?”

“How did you know?” Stunned, Zhao Lingjun queried.

“I guessed.” Wu Xiaoye beamed.

“What a good guess!” Zhao Lingjun then asked, “Then could you tell me what you’re looking at?”

“You take a guess too!” Wu Xiaoye responded.

Zhao Lingjun took a look, and saw the sky filled with innumerable rays of the warm setting sun. He also saw the desolate plains just outside of the neighbourhood. He even saw a person driving an electric car speedily back to his own building.

“Are you watching the sunset?” Zhao Lingjun grinned, “I doubt you would be looking at the electric car right?”

“Haha. You guessed wrong.” Wu Xiaoye smiled and answered. “I am just looking at the weather.”

“Looking at the weather?” Zhao Lingjun puzzlingly asked.

“Yes. The weather forecast for tomorrow will be clear skies.” Wu Xiaoye glanced at him and said, “However, I keep thinking that it will rain tomorrow. Therefore I am considering whether to dry my clothes outside.”

“It will rain tomorrow?” Zhao Lingjun looked at the setting sun, at the cloudless sky, and could not help but chuckle. “The weather forecast is hardly wrong. The weather currently looks so good, it most likely wouldn’t rain tomorrow.”

“Haha, that may be so. But I have decided to dry them inside the house.” Wu Xiaoye smiled, and waved her pale white hands at Zhao Lingjun, “I’m going in now, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” That night, Zhao Lingjun kept dreaming of Wu Xiaoye’s pure white hands waving at him, and saying, “See you tomorrow.”

Still in a daze, Zhao Lingjun knew that he was dreaming, but nevertheless wanted it to continue. At dawn, Zhao Lingjun was awoken by a sudden loud crackling.

He opened the curtains to take a look, and was stunned.

It was raining outside, and it was a big storm.

??* * *

Zhao Lingjun paced along his corridor for a long time. When he was in university, he never brought any sort of rainwear with him. If it was raining when he ended class, he would dash back to his dormitory in the rain. At most he would have to take a bath and change his clothes. Besides, in university, losing an umbrella was faster than buying one.

But right now, looking at the heavy rain outside, Zhao Lingjun was stumped. Although going from the building to the bus stop was not too far, but running there in this rain would only result in being drenched to the skin.

“For you.” Just as Zhao Lingjun was wallowing in distress, he heard footsteps from behind. He turned and saw Wu Xiaoye passing him an umbrella. Zhao Lingjun felt a great surge of relief.

“Thank you!” After recovering from his euphoric daze, he realized that Wu Xiaoye had already lifted up a black umbrella with peculiar gold patterns, and walked quite a distance away. “How did you know I didn’t have an umbrella?” He shouted.

“You’re welcome.” Her far-off voice was heard. “I guessed.”

[1] Bao Dating - ???, read Bao Da Ting, Bao is his surname (family name), Da Ting his nickname means to enquire about, and can be seen as nosy. ?

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