Chapter 39 At The Crossroads Of Life and Death.


Chapter 39 At The Crossroads Of Life and Death.

Along with Meng Xue, Zhao Lingjun was forcibly stuffed into the trunk of the car, it was so dark and stuffy inside that he couldn’t see anything. On the journey, as the car bumped and jolted, Zhao Lingjun felt that his five viscera and six bowels[1] were about to be jolted out of his body, but in the end, he didn’t die.

From the trunk, Zhao Lingjun could clearly hear the tall man speaking and the gunshots from the back row of seats.

At that moment, he had wanted to scream madly and curse at them, “F*ck your mother!”. He had wanted to use the most malicious vulgarities to curse them to die a tragic death.

But at that exact point of time, although only his neck was stiff, he didn’t dare to move any other part of his body.

??* * *

The party of four criminals relied on their heavy firepower and their accurate marksmanship to rush out of 7th Street. Just as they had exited, the shorty flagged down a passing Santana. With shorty’s gun waving in his face, and the hellish scene of men and women behind them in 7th Street, crying and yelling, the driver got out of his car and ran for his life.

The tall man then tossed both Zhao Lingjun and Meng Xue into the trunk with one hand.

When they had roused from their stupor, the tall man had already slammed the trunk shut.

Just as Zhao Lingjun tried to get up, an immense force pressed onto him and squeezed him and Meng Xue into a clump.

He felt his nose press against a soft bump under a thin cloth. His mouth was suddenly pressed against an exceptionally soft area veiled by a thin cloth. That area even seemed to be giving off faint heat.

The sides of his face felt something soft, like cotton or silk, which made him think of what Meng Xue wore today, a white pair of casual pants. Many girls who had a figure such as hers, with long legs and a pair of perky buttocks, loved to wear such pants. This was because the colour gave off a relaxing and pure look, and the soft and thin pants easily traced the perfect lower bodies of those girls, accentuating their natural curves.

Meng Xue was the exact definition of a beauty with long legs and a perky butt; her white casual pants that were thin and soft accentuated that as well.

This kind of thin and soft fabric obviously couldn’t dissipate the faint body heat Meng Xue was giving off.

Without a second thought, Zhao Lingjun knew where his head was rammed into the middle of, and what his nose and lips were pressed against.

He felt all the blood in his body rush to his head, threatening to explode, and desperately tried to move away from what he was pressed against.

Sadly, the two were in such a cramped area, and when he tried to move, his whole body couldn’t even budge. In the struggle of trying to extricate his head from Meng Xue, his lower body inadvertently shifted closer to her instead.

A certain part of his body bumped into two soft things, and he immediately felt a change in it

Although he had only lightly bumped into those things, the part of him that had bumped them roused unrestrainedly, like a beast awoken from its slumber, and pushed against the two soft things. As for the two soft things, the valley in the middle was also emitting a faint body heat.

Even through his thick jeans, he could also figure out what part of Meng Xue’s body it was.

His whole body turned rigid, like a dead corpse

Never in his imagination, would he have expected his head to be pressed in between Meng Xue’s two legs and that part of his that was stirring to be against her lips.

If the car was travelling on a smooth and paved road, perhaps by keeping his neck rigid, Zhao Lingjun wouldn’t make contact with Meng Xue’s most intimate area, and may be able to keep his cool. But the short man driving the car was wild and unbridled, especially when he jammed the brakes or accelerated hard, Zhao Lingjun’s mouth and nose would accidentally slam into her incomparably matchless soft and moist area that emitted heat. Not only that, with each bump of the car, his erect part would lightly smack her soft lips.

Zhao Lingjun’s heart was full of conflicting emotions that he no longer knew what he felt. On one hand, he was so ashamed that he wanted to die, and on the other hand, he was euphoric. The tangled mess of the two emotions made him feel like he was sailing in an choppy sea, one moment he was tossed into the air, and another he plummeted into the deep dark abyss of the sea.

The only thing he could to, was to try his best not to let his nose and mouth press against that part of Meng Xue’s, hidden under a veil of thin fabric, her most intimate area.

Although he really wanted to use the most malicious of curses in his grasp to curse those four people laughing in the car, he didn’t even dare to mouth the words, let alone open voicing them out.

This was because, his face was already so close to Meng Xue’s most secret of areas, and if he were to open his mouth to talk, it would result in him blowing hot air on it. Other than that, he felt that his actions would be akin to nibbling that area of hers.

If that really happened, although Zhao Lingjun didn’t know how she would feel, he knew without the shadow of a doubt that he wouldn’t be able to take it.

Because his own intimate area had already grown so much that it was on the verge of exploding.

When the car suddenly braked again, his lips plastered itself on Meng Xue’s soft and moist intimate area, and his erected area once again pushed against her lips. After almost blanking out from his euphoria, there was only one thought left in his head, “Meng Xue would definitely think I’m a perverted lecher.”

* * *

Just as he thought so, the pressure that he had felt on him throughout the journey suddenly lightened.

The trunk was suddenly opened, and the piercing rays of light caused Zhao Lingjun, who had been in the dark for so long, to be blinded for a moment.

As he was about to struggle, Zhao Lingjun was picked up someone and thrown onto the ground like a ragged gunny sack.

All of a sudden, he felt like his five viscera and six bowels were about to gush out of his body and spew out from his mouth. Still blinded, and unable to open his eyes, a weight was ruthlessly dropped onto him.


He screamed unbearably.

When he slowly opened his eyes after getting used to the light, he realised that the weight on him was Meng Xue, and the fat and tall man were above them grinning. In the tall man’s hands, were Zhao Lingjun’s bag and that duffel bag stuffed full of gold treasures.

The Santana however, was moving forward without them.

With his new found strength, Zhao Lingjun got to his feet while supporting Meng Xue.

“MLGBD! Fight me!”

After he stood up with Meng Xue in his embrace, he only had such a thought left.

But the fat man pointed his gun at Meng Xue, and Zhao Lingjun froze in place.

Zhao Lingjun then calmed down, because although he wasn’t afraid of dying, he didn’t want to drag Meng Xue along with him.

“Why don’t you guys release her?” Zhao Lingjun said to the fatty, as he took a deep breath and looked at the completely flushed Meng Xue, whose head was hanging low and not speaking. “Don’t you guys want a hostage? I’ll suffice as your hostage.”

“Heihei. What are you saying, bro?” the fatty smiled and replied. “I only wanted to have a good chat with you. Also, this is a desolate area in the countryside, your girlfriend over there can’t exactly go back by herself, right? After I have a good chat with you, I’ll send both you and your girlfriend back home.”

Only when the fatty had explained did Zhao Lingjun realise that they were in a desolate suburb. In front of him was an expansive river, and his group was standing on a long bridge spanning across that expansive river.

“How did you guys drive here so quickly? What about the police? Why weren’t there no blockades? Where are the other two going with the car?”

Just as he was thinking of such things, the tall man gave a slight push and pointed under the bridge. “The cops are coming, we should move.”

“Move?” Zhao Lingjun broke out in cold sweat. “Where are we going?”

[1] five viscera and six bowels - This is a Traditional Chinese Medicine term, in short all his innards. Click here to read in depth about it. ?


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