Chapter 38 A Shooting Incident


Chapter 38 A Shooting Incident

“A minute ago, they stole a car and escaped with two hostages.” As Wang Zhaoping and his team were exiting the heavy black police van, they saw the city’s Criminal Police Head, Qian Wen’s pale white face in front of them, lying against a wrecked police car, trying to light a cigarette.

His hands were trembling so badly that he couldn’t even light it after many tries.

When he heard Qian Wen say such words, Wang Zhaoping was afraid that his six men behind him would make some untimely jeer.

But when he turned back to look, the six youngsters were wide eyed, staring incredulously at the state of the crime scene.

??* * *

“Have we arrived in Iraq?” Li Yaosheng looked at the four craters in the ground in disbelief, unable to trust his eyes.

The air was filled with the stench of gunpowder from the highly explosive bombs and there were several tattered cars all over. These two things meant that the bombs which exploded here, weren’t ordinary self made grenades.

“Desert Eagle, AK-47, modified rifle.” Fu Shun examined the bullet holes all around, and identified the firearms that the robbers used.

As the firearms used were identified, the rest of the Black Hawk’s men couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath of cold air each time a new weapon was identified.

“Were those criminals here to rob or to fight a war?” Li Yaosheng exclaimed as he heard more and more weapons being identified. He felt that the situation was queer and something was amiss.

“Didn’t I ask you to stall them?” Wang Zhaoping after pausing for a while in astonishment, asked Qian Wen.

“Delay?! Stall?! How was I supposed to do that?!” Qian Wen, triggered, started roaring back at Wang Zhaoping. “They didn’t even have any intention to negotiate with us, and after only shouting out for the second time, four highly potent explosives came flying out at us. The situation was really too unnatural, as we were about to try and discuss the conditions with them, they immediately took two hostages and charged out guns blazing.”

“Calm down, calm down a little.” It was the first time Wang Zhaoping saw Qian Wen so agitated.

“F*ck your calm down!” Qian Wen screamed in despair. “With only one exchange with them we lost eight people. Eight people!”

“Even with so many people barricading the door, they managed to kill eight people on the way out?” All the Black Hawk’s men felt that it was really too incredulous.

“You said there were two hostages with them?” Wang Zhaoping took a deep breath and asked the sobbing Qian Wen. “How are the rest of the hostages?”

At this moment, there were more and more police cars arriving at the scene. The Black Hawk team also noticed that from time to time a badly mutilated person would be brought out in a stretcher and sent off in an ambulance.

“They have a man and a woman as hostages.” Qian Wen said as he continuously punched the mangled police car, after a few counts, his fist was already bleeding profusely with lacerations all over. However, he didn’t seem to feel any pain at all and continued. “The rest of them are inside, you can go take a look.”

??* * *

The strong metal door of 7th Street was bent from the shockwave of the blasts from earlier and the Black Hawk team entered to take a look inside.

After taking a step into 7th Street, they stopped in their tracks, doubting their very eyes.

From the entrance of 7th Street to the shopfronts, there was a trail of blackish red decaying blood. It was like a grand dark red carpet laid out for the famous to walk on. At the end of the trail, there were four female corpses who were discarded in a heap that looked just like tattered gunnysacks.

But what made the men from Black Hawk tremble to the depths of their hearts were not the corpses, but the lifeless people crying and screaming in vomit and excreta.

Over ten men were tied at the legs by a belt, their bodies covered in filth; with mouths stuffed with underwear and pants pooled around ankles, leaving lower bodies naked. Their butts raised and atop ten or so women who were lying on their backs with their limbs raised in the air. The men were in the same situation, but instead of on a ‘seat’, were instead rolling in the filth close to those ‘sitting’. It seemed like they were trying to dismount those atop the women and mount one themselves.

Be it those atop the women or those rolling around in the filth, or even the women who were lying on the floor unmoving, like they had been shocked into idiocy; their eyes dull and lifeless, and only knew how to cry and shout.

Even when the policemen went to their sides to help them, they didn’t even dare to stand up, and only cried and screamed, “Don’t kill me! I’m already on a ‘seat’.”

“I want to kill them.” Li Yaosheng said emotionlessly and had already turned and walked off.

“...” The rest of the Black Hawk team remained speechless, but when they turned to look at one another, a murderous glimmer was apparent in everyone’s eyes.

“Which direction did they escape in?” Li Yaosheng dashed to Qian Wen and asked with red eyes.

“They ran towards the direction of Siping, Bureau Chief Ma and the rest of the top dogs have already dispatched men to stop them.” Just as Qian Wen finished, the rest of the Black Hawk team had caught up with Li Yaosheng.

At exactly that moment, they heard a loud screeching from a car braking not far in the distance.

A rundown Santana suddenly braked and stopped across the street.

Upon seeing the rundown Santana, Qian Wen’s face drained of colour.

“Get down! Quickly get down!” Wang Zhaoping and his team raised their guard, but before they could speak, Qian Wen was already yelling at the top of his voice.

Wang Zhaoping and his team immediately reacted and dropped flat on the ground, and in that split second, everyone’s ears were blasted with two bangs.

When Wang Zhaoping was finally prone on the ground and turned his head to look, Li Yaosheng and Qian Wen were spraying out a large cloud of fine blood mist.

Wang Zhaoping’s eyes immediately went bloodshot.

“Kill them all!” screamed Wang Zhaoping. In his moment of bloodlust, he had already forgotten that the robbers had two hostages with them.

Immediately after Wang Zhaoping screamed, a third muffled gunshot was heard.

*Bang bang bang* The members of the Black Hawk who were quick on their feet started returning fire. But at this moment, Wang Zhaoping heard Fu Shun who was beside him, let out a low groan. He also heard the rumble of the Santana’s engine, along with a maniacal laughter.

“Hahahaha. Is this even the legendary Black Hawk? Your reactions are so slow, you might as well call yourself Black Sparrow instead. Hahahaha.”

*Bang bang bang* Every single policemen onsite immediately rained bullets at the Santana, but their target was already out of sight.

Because as the first gunshot rang out, a few intense and pungent tear gas bombs were thrown out at the same time. When the third shot was fired by them, all the policemen were already engulfed in that gas and unable to open their eyes.

As he heard the maniacal laughter slowly fade into the distance, the extremely humiliated Wang Zhaoping thought of shooting himself in the head. When he finally crawled up and got onto his feet, on the ground beside him, Fu Shun was bleeding out and his pupils were slowly dilating. He could only heartbrokenly scream, “Ambulance!”

??* * *

“Haha! Those people are really too noob.” The tall guy laughed fanatically as he toyed with the pins. It was evident that the tear gas grenades were thrown by him. “There were rumors that after Hardboiled Detective stepped down, the Black Hawk’s quality has gotten worse and worse with each passing year. Looking at them right now, it really seems to be the case. Look at those damned people, Blacky already shot three bullets yet they haven’t even readied their guns.

“Their reactions were really too slow.” said the thin person who was called Blacky. He was still emotionless as he gazed at his gun in his left hand.

“Haha, I reckon that when they saw us pull up, they had already peed in their pants.” the shorty chimed in. “Blacky, the Black Hawk of now are more like a Black Bird, you must be especially disappointed.”

The thin man glanced at the gun in his hand but didn’t reply. The Maitreya like fatty instead laughed and said, “It was rumoured that Hardboiled Detective could turn four houseflies in his line of sight into eunuchs in just one second. But sadly, I didn’t expect his successors to be so worthless.”

“I think that this Hardboiled Detective was exaggerated by them.” The tall man said as he threw the pins out of the window, and took out some hand grenades from his bag and played with them.

“Haha. I reckon that they wouldn’t have ever thought that we would circle around to catch them off guard.” the short man said to the fat man sitting beside him as he drived. “That bro of yours? How come he is suddenly so silent? Don’t tell me he has already suffocated to death?”

“Hahaha, the trunk is so big, how could one suffocate in there?” The tall man sitting at the back laughed and smacked the cushioned seat and hollered over to the back, “Hey boy, are you dead? Isn’t it blissful squeezing with a beauty back there? Your bro didn’t mistreat you right? But even if it is so pleasurable you should at least utter a reply.”


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