Chapter 36 The Perverted Game


Chapter 36 The Perverted Game

Zhao Lingjun was afraid the thin man would raise his gun and shoot twice at Meng Xue and himself, turning them into a string of candied haws.[1]

But the fat man instead waved them over, “Hehe, I forgot you guys from my hometown were here. Don’t just stand there, come over here.”

As Zhao Lingjun hesitated, he saw the thin man motion them over with his gun. Trembling from head to toe, he could only helplessly walk over with Meng Xue.

Bro, thanks for pointing us in the right direction. On behalf of our relationship as bros, help us out with one more thing.”

Zhao Lingjun looked at the personification of Maitreya in front of him. This man was actually a person with total disregard for the life of others, and before he could agree or disagree, a giant duffel bag was thrown at him by the fat man who was holding out a hammer for Zhao Lingjun to take as well.

“Help us pack the gold antiques into the bag.” said the fat man as he smiled. “How about it? That’s not too hard right?”

Zhao Lingjun and Meng Xue simultaneously turned to glance at each other and knew that they both wanted to kick the fat man, a wolf in sheep’s clothing to death. However, they both also knew that if they were to disagree, the outcome wouldn’t be any better than those women lying at the entrance with cavernous holes in them.

Therefore, after glancing at each other, Zhao Lingjun could only silently take the hammer from the fat man’s hand.

??* * *

*Crash… Crash*

As Zhao Lingjun began to smash open the glass display cases, and started throwing gold rings and necklaces as well as other gold valuables into the duffel bag, the fat man and his team didn’t sit idly by.

As before, the thin guy held onto his oddly shaped gun with an emotionless expression, coldly staring down everyone.

The tall man at the back of the team ran towards the door of 7th Street and shut it. He then bundled the four dead women who were shot by the skinny guy earlier and dragged them together by their hands; he dragged them to the middle where everyone could see clearly.

The way the tall man carried the four women was like dragging four chickens who had been gutted.

Each of the four women’s bodies had a vast hole as big as a bowl. As the tall guy dragged the four bodies, black and red clotted blood and shattered organs poured out from those holes, leaving a trail of black and red.

Their eyes were dilated, bulging with an ash grey colour, and in their mouths was blood that was starting to clot.


More than half of the people, after seeing the state of the women being dragged by the tall guy, were unable to stomach the sight and started to retch.

Some had even momentarily lost control of both their bladder and bowels.

The whole plaza plunged into chaos with a rancid odor permeating the air.

??* * *

“What? Are you disgusted?” The tall man tossed the four corpses like ragdolls in the middle of the two lines. He then walked over to a balding man who was puking especially hard, to the point of puking bile.

“No…… It’s… not… disgusting…” Spluttered the bald man as he trembled even more when he saw the robber walking towards him.

“Oh really?” said the tall man as he grinned wickedly.

In the blink of an eye, the tall man had already kicked the bald man in the groin.

Before anyone could realise what was going on, they heard a snapping sound, and the bald man was curled up into a ball like a cooked prawn. With a crash, he fell backwards onto the vomit laden ground, and remained both soundless and motionless, as if he had entered into a coma.

“The kind of people that I hate the most are lying baldies.” The tall man walked up to the seemingly dead baldy and wiped the filth off his leather shoes on his body, and spoke up towards the crowd, “If anyone else pukes, I’ll make him eat his own vomit.”

*Blarghh* Out of those present, some couldn’t help but start retching, but when the tall guy sweeped across the crowd with his gun, there was not a single person who dared to puke it out, not even a mouthful of saliva.

“Actually we humans and animals aren’t very different. Our society is basically a dog eat dog world. If you wish not to be preyed upon, then do not be weak; be strong and stand above those who are weak.” The fat man stepped on the corpses of the four women and laughed. “It is the truth that everyone will die someday, but you guys have the choice of dying now or dying later.

The fat man paused dramatically and continued, “It’s simple, those who don’t listen to us are choosing to die now. Those who listen to us, choose to die later.”

“We don’t wish to die. We will do as you ask, anything you want.” After the fat man’s proclamation, many started crying, kneeling in the disgusting vomit and grovelled before him.

“Good! Since everyone doesn’t want to die now, then follow my instructions.” the fat man smiled and said. “At the count of three, all the males are to take off their leather belts and tie their own legs. Then use your underwear to gag your own mouth. All the females are to lie on the ground and raise your hands and feet to the sky.”

As the fat man’s voice thundered, the women on his right all laid on their backs with their limbs reaching for the sky, and the men on his left, quickly took off their belts.

But when these men used their belt to tie their feets firmly, they were stunned.

“Big… Big Brother.” The first person who tied his legs stammered as he noticed a problem. “After tying my legs, how am I supposed to remove my underwear? How am I supposed to gag myself with it?”

“You really can’t figure out how to gag yourself?” The shorty behind the leader coldly laughed, walked forwards a few steps and trained his gun at the guy’s forehead.

“I figured it out! I figured it out!” He quickly yelled as he trembled from fright. After which, a tearing sound was heard. The man had forcibly torn apart his underwear and then hastily stuffed it into his mouth.

The shorty’s gaze swept across the men, and the plaza was filled with sounds of underwear being torn.

After a short moment, other than two people, all the men were gagged with their own torn underwear.

“It seems that the two of you want to pass on.” The tall guy beamed coldy and started to loosen the muscles in his hands and legs.

“Big Brother, please spare me.” one guy said as he fell onto his knees and grovelled. “I have never worn underwear, so I don’t have anyway to gag myself with it.”

“F*ck! I also really hate those who don’t wear underwear.” The tall guy knocked him unconscious with a single kick and looked towards the other. “How about you?”

“I… I already stuffed it in.” the other guy ambiguously replied. “My thong is smaller than normal underwear, so when stuffing into my mouth it’s as if nothing is there.”

“F*ck! F*ck your mother, didn’t we say that transsexuals are to stand in the middle!” The tall guy sent a punch flying and the transsexual plopped unconscious onto the floor.

“Good, since the rest of you are so cooperative, then let’s play a game.” The fat man pointed towards the males who were gagged with their torn underwear. “This game is called, Stand & Sit.”

After a pause, the fat man smiled at the women who were lying on their backs and said, “The rules of the game are: When I say start, you guys have to crawl as fast as you can over to the women, and crawl onto them. Remember, that on each woman, only one person can be on top, and when I count to ten, whoever is not on top of a woman, will be…”

*Kacha* The fat man drew his finger across his throat.

Everyone started sweating as they knew what the fat man’s gesture meant.

“Alright, since nobody has any questions. Then I shall announce… Game Start! One… two… three…”

The fat man announced the start of the game by surprise.

All the men with torn underwear in their mouths were frozen blankly. After a short pause, those quicker on the uptake, striving to be first and fearing to be last ran towards the women on the other side.

But because their legs were firmly tied, most of them fell face first to the ground amidst the chaos after their first stride.

However they didn’t stop moving, using their limbs to crawl in the direction of the women on the other side as fast as the wind.

“Haha.” The foursome laughed at the crazed men crawling on the ground.


As the four of them laughed melodramatically, a shrill sound came from outside 7th Street.

The men who were frantically crawling towards the women suddenly paused.

Zhao Lingjun who was breaking the final two display cases also stopped.

Because everyone could hear the the sound getting closer, and that sound was clearly the siren of a police car rushing over.

[1] string of candied haws - Snack/sweet in China. AKA the women got skewered. About it. ?


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