Chapter 33 Luck With The Ladies?


Chapter 33 Luck With The Ladies?

“Why did you come here?” Zhao Lingjun was filled with joy as he recognized the beauty in front of Meng Xue.

Unexpectedly, the charming lady was Lin Qianxun from the clinic the day before.

“Hehe. I had to run some errands today and was near your office, so I decided to drop by to check on you.” Lin Qianxun softly smiled.

Lin Qianxun’s smile that was directed at Zhao Lingjun made him warm all over, and he nearly blurted out “My little brother feels weird”.

Unlike the day before, she wasn’t wearing her doctor’s coat, but it seemed as if an even stronger weapon was at her disposal.

She wore a light yellow high-collared skin-tight short sleeved blouse and a pair of low rise jeans. Hugging her curves, the twin pieces of clothing outlined her perfect body.

Her gentle and pure face simply completed the picturesque ensemble. With her looks, form fitting clothes, and body’s curves, it gave Zhao Lingjun his first look at what they called the perfect combination of an angel’s face and a devil’s body.

It took Zhao Lingjun a few deep breaths to break his gaze away from her body and regain his composure.

“You…?” Zhao Lingjun intended on asking how she knew his workplace, but only managed to blurt out ‘you’ before a cavalcade of footsteps resounded from behind him. A bunch of highly excited people rounded the corner, clearly engrossed in a heated discussion.

“Is there really a beauty?”

“There is definitely a super beauty, Xiao Zhang from the marketing department caught a glimpse when he came in earlier.”

“If you dare to bluff us, we’ll toss you from the window.”

Zhao Lingjun heard these voices not far off behind him speaking.

When Zhao Lingjun turned around, he saw Zhang Changsheng, Lin Yiren, Xiao Ping and many other colleagues with their mouths hanging agape, widened eyes staring at him as though he was a beast.

Seeing so many people rush out and appear, Lin Qianxun’s face quickly reddened.

“...” At that moment, Zhao Lingjun also didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, Zhao Lingjun heard a cold snort.

The snort was from Meng Xue, and when Zhao Lingjun wheeled to face her, he was met with a frosty cold expression staring back at him.

“Do you guys not need to work?!” Meng Xue’s voice resounded as she glared at the group of guys behind Zhao Lingjun.

Zhao Lingjun could only feel a murderous aura saturate the area, followed by an instantaneous plunge in temperature.

“Oh. We only came out to visit the washroom, and coincidentally passed by.”

Shameless to the core, the group immediately dispersed with much fanfare.

“Sorry about that.” Zhao Lingjun told Lin Qianxun with a red face. “My colleagues all love to joke around. They don’t have any ill intent.”

“En.” Lin Qianxun, whose face matched Zhao Lingjun’s, nodded, and handed him a paper bag and a plastic bag.

“What is this?” Zhao Lingjun said as he foolishly took the bags from her.

“The paper bag contains osmanthus cakes that I personally made, and in the plastic bag is cat food that I bought for your cat.” A hint of bashfulness crossed her face as Lin Qianxun replied. “Is that white cat doing well?”

“Oh, the cat?” Zhao Lingjun felt a lot better when she inquired about Xiao Bai. “It’s doing just fine! It’s drinking and eating normally and is even quite obedient.”

“Hehe. Then when you’re free bring it over to visit me.” Lin Qianxun shyly invited him.

“Sure! No problem.” Zhao Lingjun replied, more than happy to agree.

But just as he finished speaking, he heard two coughs from Meng Xue at the desk.

“Then… Then I shall not hold you up from working any longer. I’ll leave first, let’s keep in touch.” Lin Qianxun sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t too good and decided to leave first.

“Sure! I’ll bring Xiao Bai over to visit you next time.”

“Xiao Bai? Hehe.” Lin Qianxun paused for a moment before finally catching on that the ‘Xiao Bai’ mentioned was that cat and burst out in a cute laugh.

??* * *

“What? Don’t tell me you want to kiss her goodbye.” Meng Xue flared up when she saw Zhao Lingjun reluctant to part with Lin Qianxun as he sent her off to the elevator.

“Sister Xue, what’s wrong with you?” Zhao Lingjun was perplexed as to why Meng Xue looked so cold and frosty. He was starting to wonder whether it had come. If not for that, why else would she be acting like everyone owed her five hundred thousand?

“Who's your sister? Don’t act so close with me.” Meng Xue coldly shut him down. “I didn’t think that you had such skill in you to even hook such a beauty.”

“What are you talking about?” Meng Xue’s scolding had coloured Zhao Lingjun’s face scarlet. “She and I are just normal platonic friends.”

“Normal friends?” Meng Xue stared blankly, before furiously replying. “You think I’m a moron? What normal friend would come to your office to find you? She even brought handmade things for you.”

“It’s the truth… We only met yesterday.” Zhao Lingjun mumbled. “She’s a doctor at the clinic I visited yesterday.”

“Really?” Still skeptical, Meng Xue stared at Zhao Lingjun, but her complexion had gotten brighter compared to before. “Then what about the cat you guys were talking about?”

“Oh, that cat? It’s an abandoned cat that was at the clinic.” Zhao Lingjun explained. “Yesterday when I went to get a checkup, I took pity on the cat and brought it home.”

“Oh? I didn’t know you were so compassionate.” Ming Xue’s frosty expression started to slowly thaw. “Then where are you keeping the cat now?”

“In my apartment of course.” Zhao Lingjun replied, puzzled at this line of questioning. “I can’t bring it to work, can I?”

“Haha, then what if it pees or poops on your bed?” Meng Xue burst out in laughter.

*Gasp* Watching her frosty expression melt into beautiful unstoppable laughter, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but sigh. Women truly were strange animals. Her cold and frosty expression was immediately replaced with a beautiful smile and laughter, happening in the span of a few minutes.

“In two days, it will be the weekends. Let me into your room to see that cat of yours.” Meng Xue said after laughing her fill.

“Ah… You also want to take a look at it?” Zhao Lingjun was still confused why Xiao Bai, whom he adopted attracted so much attention.

“What? I’m not welcome?”

“Of course you’re welcome, you’re more than welcome.” Zhao Lingjun immediately agreed, as she seemed to be on the cusp of flaring up again.

“That’s more like it. Then it’s settled, I’ll go to your dorm room to visit your cat this weekend. You not better run wildly with it in your arms.” Meng Xue said as she sent a thoughtful glance at Zhao Lingjun.

“Okay.” Zhao Lingjun helplessly agreed.

??* * *

A real, unimaginary beauty was going to enter his own apartment.

On the way back to his office, Zhao Lingjun didn’t feel the slightest bit happy at this new development.

This was because Meng Xue was the company’s publicly known beauty that could only be seen from afar but not touched. In addition, Zhao Lingjun’s room was just beside Wu Xiaoye’s. If Wu Xiaoye misunderstood...

Thinking of this point, Zhao Lingjun broke out in cold sweat.

??* * *

“What are you guys doing!?”

The preoccupied Zhao Lingjun jumped in fright as he opened the company’s door.

The normally ghost town like office, was now unexpectedly incredibly crowded with people. Those people were even looking at Zhao Lingjun like he was a martian, wide eyed and swept his body up and down.

Zhao Lingjun unconsciously looked down at his fly, but the fly on his pants was not the issue.

“That beauty just now came to look for you?” A group of people asked immediately, ignoring Zhao Lingjun’s question.

“Yup.” Zhao Lingjun replied as he continued walking. “What’s wrong?”

“You still can ask us what’s wrong?” The group chorused with looks of indignation. “In the past we believed that you were an honest person. Who would have thought that you would sit on two boats. That beautiful lady even came to the office to find you. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“We are only friends.” Zhao Lingjun replied lazily, not interested in explaining it to them. “Go back and do what you’re supposed to do. Stop wreaking havoc around me.”

“Normal friends. Only the dead will believe such a phrase.” The group stared at him with a look that screamed ‘I’m not stupid’.

“Fine, then think of it however you want.” Zhao Lingjun started typing on his keyboard, ignoring those busybodies.

“Ah, so amazing.” The group looked at each other and said. “Let’s leave.”

“Go ahead, I won’t be sending you out.” Zhao Lingjun replied without even lifting his head.

“En. Let’s go tell Wu Xiaoye about it.” Someone said as they walked out.

*Crash* Zhao Lingjun fell off his chair.

??* * *

Only after spending several minutes explaining his relationship with Lin Qianxun and promising to treat everyone to a meal did the group including Xiao Ping and Lin Yiren finally agree to keep Wu Xiaoye in the dark.

Looking at the bunch of beasts in human clothes walk out contentedly, Zhao Lingjun wanted to cry but had no tears.

But before he could do anything, he noticed Zhang Changsheng staring into a mirror and sighing deeply.

“Why are you sighing to so much this early in the morning?” Zhao Lingjun asked the lamenting Zhang Changsheng.

“Why don’t you tell me? I’m handsomer than you by a country mile. Even my pay is higher than yours. Why are beauties like her finding you instead of me?” Zhang Changsheng stroked his beard and depressingly replied. “Why don’t I have any luck with the ladies?”

“F*ck…” Zhao Lingjun froze and fell off his chair again.

After a long pause, Zhao Lingjun finally steadied his heart, and resolved to never care about this perverted guy. He then proceeded to go online to check for clues on his bamboo scroll’s writings.


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