Chapter 32 The Company’s Number Two Beauty


Chapter 32 The Company’s Number Two Beauty

Zhao Lingjun didn’t know when she had arrived, but it was clear as day that she was standing there.

Zhao Lingjun was flabbergasted.

In the company, Wu Xiaoye was reputed to be an ice queen. Therefore, everyone at the bus stop stifled their laughter and prepared to watch a good show.

But the events that followed fell drastically short of their expectations.

Even though Zhao Lingjun’s outburst was so loud that people could hear it even from a distance of 10 meters, Wu Xiaoye pretended that nothing had been said.

She even gave Zhao Lingjun a rare smile and softly asked. “I heard that your leg was injured yesterday and had requested a day off to visit the doctor. Are you okay?”

Everyone who knew them almost fell to the ground in astonishment.

The ice queen, who had never taken the initiative to talk to someone, had actually talked to Zhao Lingjun of her own accord. Not only that, but she had even seemed concerned for his well being. Today’s events were truly too miraculous.

Zhao Lingjun’s immense happiness was like a great mountain pressing against him, and in his moment of ecstasy he couldn’t speak properly.

“No… No, I’m… No, I’m fine.” Zhao Lingjun could only stammer, flummoxed beyond the capability to form a full sentence

“It’s good that you’re fine.” She replied as her supple black hair gently billowed from the early morning breeze. As she studied him with her pair of big black eyes, a faint feeling of weakness gripped Zhao Lingjun.

??* * *

“You didn’t feel anything unusual yesterday right?” ”I… I didn’t.”

“MLGBD, are you a pervert? Did you watch too much of that island’s films during the past two days and become abnormal?” In the research and development office, Zhao Lingjun depressingly watched Zhang Changsheng re-enact his conversation with Wu Xiaoye. He itched to pierce Zhang Changsheng with a pitchfork. But, the ache coming from his buttock and foot served as a reminder to Zhao Lingjun that if he tried to attack Zhang Changsheng, he would probably suffer instead.

At this point of time, Zhao Lingjun’s biggest regret was not bringing Xiao Bai to work, and commanding it to swat this pervert away.

“Haha, your display was really not up to par. It was just a question about your health, and not asking you to rent a hotel room. Did you have to be so nervous?” Zhang Changsheng looked at the dejected Zhao Lingjun, and laughed until he got a cramp. “You’re really a disgrace to our department.”

“That aside, it seems that Wu Xiaoye holds you in high regard.” After laughing his fill, a hint of jealousy coloured Zhang Changsheng’s tone. “For others, it is very difficult to even strike up a conversation with her. But she took the initiative to ask about your well being. Could it really be ‘the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first’?[1] Or did you commit outrageous acts against her?”

“Do your head!” Zhao Lingjun exclaimed. “I’m but a youth socialist who lives by the Five Disciplines, Four Graces, and Three Loves.[2] Don’t think that I’m the same as you, with a mind full of vile thoughts.

“You’re a good youth of society, and my head is full of filthy thoughts?” Zhang Changsheng chuckled after hearing those words. “I wonder who watched my wondrous film previously, and even happily asked me to share it.”

*Ring ring* Just as the downcast Zhao Lingjun was about to grab a book on the table and clobber the guy in front of him, the office phone rang.

“Quickly answer the phone, and stop spouting so much nonsense.” Zhao Lingjun gloated. “Maybe the customer relations people have met with some thorny problem, and are calling to seek on-site technical support.”

“F*ck! Shut your crow mouth.” Before Zhang Changsheng picked up the phone, he screamed, “I only said a few words. Do you have to curse me to such an extent? You’re too hateful; cursing me to have to travel on-site to help troubleshoot!”

Zhao Lingjun chuckled and remained silent. However in his heart, Zhao Lingjun was satisfied.

Others may not know what it means to travel on-site to help troubleshoot, but Zhao Lingjun was extremely familiar with this term.

Normally when a client was faced with huge issues, where their equipment wouldn’t operate normally and the customer service department couldn’t solve it over the phone, they would then redirect the issue to the research and development department to go on-site to troubleshoot it.

As for issues that even the customer service department couldn’t handle, they were normally very problematic. Not only that, but since the client’s equipment was not functioning properly, most of them were under a great deal of stress and wouldn’t be nice to the person who came to fix it.

In addition, going on-site to a factory environment was much worse than the office. This was especially so when the weather was as hot as it is, it was basically insufferable torture.

Therefore, this kind of technical support was the most unrewarding job in existence. The worst experience Zhang Changsheng had was when he and another person from the customer service department were locked by the client at the repair site for a week. Even their meals were taken in the workshop. When the problem was solved and Zhang Changsheng returned to the office, he no longer looked like a human.

Thus at the mention of on-site troubleshooting, Zhang Changsheng’s expression worsened.

But after picking up the phone for a few seconds, his expression lightened.

“Someone’s looking for you.” Zhang Changsheng tossed the phone to Zhao Lingjun.

“Looking for me?” Skeptical, Zhao Lingjun duly accepted the phone. Zhao Lingjun hadn’t worked for a long time, and mainly acted as a support for others. Normally, very few people would call to find him.


“Is this Zhao Lingjun?”

“Yes, speaking.” Zhao Lingjun asked, “Who might you be?”

“You can’t even recognise my voice?” A slightly angry voice replied. “I’m Meng Xue the receptionist.”

“Oh. So it’s Sister Xue.” Zhao Lingjun replied with a syrupy sweet voice, “Why are you calling me now?”

Zhao Lingjun finally recognised the voice on the other end of the line was the company’s receptionist Meng Xue.

Meng Xue was the company’s second most beautiful lady.

Normally most beauties after wearing the company uniform wouldn’t look as mesmerizing.

But Meng Xue was an exception.

It was safe to say that every normal man working in the building would think of Meng Xue when they thought along the lines of attractive in uniforms.

Her snow white skin when donning the company’s uniform could make any man commit a crime. Even if every man in the company had such impulses, nobody dared to take advantage of her.

In addition to Meng Xue being the boss’ distant niece, she also hailed from Chengdu, not only was her appearance fiery, but her temper was equally explosive and vehement.

As such, in the company, it has always been Meng Xue bullying others, and not the other way round. As such, her other nickname besides uniformed beauty was ‘little enchantress’. Although she was hot tempered, somehow though her relationship with Zhao Lingjun was pretty good.

Meng Xue was one year older than Zhao Lingjun, therefore spouting the two words ‘Sister Xue’ made her as cheerful as a sunflower. Sometimes, she would even share her snacks with him.

Unexpectedly, Meng Xue seemed to have taken the wrong medicine today. When Zhao Lingjun shouted Sister Xue over the phone, she coldly replied, “What sister? Am I really that old?”

“What happened this time?” Puzzled, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t solve the mystery of why she had suddenly changed into a different person.

“What happened?” Meng Xue coldly replied. “After a day of not seeing you, you made some gains, eh?”

“What gains? Zhao Lingjun was even more befuddled.

“Come to the front desk, someone’s looking for you.” After saying her piece, she cut the line before Zhao Lingjun could even reply, too lazy to even say anything else.

“What is going on today?”

Zhao Lingjun really couldn’t understand what riled the office’s little enchantress so much.

??* * *


Zhao Lingjun hobbled to the front desk as fast as his injured legs could carry him. He intended to rush to Meng Xue and loudly shout the two words, ‘Sister Xue’.

Although Zhao Lingjun didn’t know why she seemed to be angry with him, he thought that as long as he still coated his ‘Sister Xue’ with sugary sweetness, she would be appeased.

But Zhao Lingjun only yelled the first part before he went quiet.

??* * *

A charming lady was standing at the front desk, opposite of Meng Xue. On the other side of the desk, Meng Xue was glaring coldly at this charming lady.

[1] the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first - Short story: First Mover’s Advantage. Longer story: It means that the one who is the closest to a person or thing is the first to get some benefits. This is a chinese idiom which sounds very poetic… But I can’t come up with a similar phrase in English… ?

[2] Five Disciplines, Four Graces, and Three Loves - Short story: Mainland China brainwash. Long story: a policy implemented in the 1980s to brainwash. Click here to see what it actually entails! It’s a short read. ?


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