Chapter 31 Boorish Man


Chapter 31 Boorish Man

“Haha. In that case, you will be Xiao Bai from now on.” Zhao Lingjun started to laugh excitedly as he thought of how he had gained such an awesome cat as a follower.

But his laughter died when he glanced at the glass bottle in his hand.

The remaining three pills in the bottle were emitting a gentle glow.

“After the cat had eaten one pill, it became so powerful. If I were to eat one, would I gain such powers as well?” An idea slowly started germinating in his head.

??* * *

No matter what kind of man Zhao Lingjun was, even he had once possessed a desire to become a hero.

The three blue pills in the bottle were an inexplicable temptation to Zhao Lingjun.

If one reached a height of strength that could send Mike Tyson flying with a single blow, it would be difficult even if he wanted to avoid being famous or a hero.

Zhao Lingjun was obviously a normal man, and held the desire to be a hero admired by the masses.

But Zhao Lingjun felt that he was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

“If this medicine had only been researched on animals, it could be only meant for animals to become war machines. What if the pill had no side effects when eaten by cats and dogs? But what happens when it’s eaten by a human...? What if it had adverse side effects? Maybe even my lifespan would be shortened, the type where I wouldn’t be able to live for long or wind up a vegetable? If, by chance, I died immediately upon ingesting it, wouldn’t I be unable to see Wu Xiaoye again? What if my eyes transformed into blue sapphires like the cat’s and frighten Wu Xiaoye?”

“Safety first.” Zhao Lingjun’s mind was about to explode from the depression he was feeling. After hesitating for a long time, he finally came to a decision not to eat the blue pill just yet.

“Let’s wait two days and see if Xiao Bai has any adverse reactions before I make a decision.” Zhao Lingjun sighed resignedly and stuffed the glass bottle back into his bag. “I’m in no hurry, and I have a magnificent cat by my side. Even if I don’t eat it, making a fortune isn’t too hard. There’s no point in taking such a risk now.”

Although he had already come to a firm decision, Zhao Lingjun still felt uneasy as he replaced the glass bottle in his bag, a sense of loss like a piece of flesh had been cut from him.

After lying on his bed for a few minutes, Zhao Lingjun once again thought that putting all the pills in his bag wasn’t such a good idea.

“What if the glass bottle falls out, or gets stolen? Wouldn’t I suffer a gigantic loss?”

Immediately after he thought of this, Zhao Lingjun scrambled out of his bed and flipped over every single moveable item in his house to find two small glass medicine bottles. He then split the three blue pills into the glass bottles, with one in each.

After splitting the pills, Zhao Lingjun took two of them and placed one in his bedside cabinet and the other in his wardrobe. The last bottle was returned to his bag.

“As long as my person and my house doesn’t get robbed together, there would be at least one pill remaining. Even if my house was broken into, the pills were split into two locations, and hopefully both wouldn’t get stolen.”

Zhao Lingjun now was confident that his plan was foolproof, and after putting the last bottle into the bag, he heaved a sigh of relief as his tension melted away.

But as he placed the bottle into his bag, he noticed the bamboo scroll inside.

Zhao Lingjun had actually planned to bring the bamboo scroll to work in the morning. He wanted to search online for similar characters and compare them with those on the scroll at the office. Of course, the best case scenario was that he would find a perfect match. But his plans were foiled and put at the back of his mind when he was frightened by the trio in the morning.

“Since the blue pills are so miraculous, these bamboo scrolls shouldn’t just be ordinary things. Perhaps deciphering the writings can uncover the pill’s origins and purpose.” Seeing the bundled bamboo scroll, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but slap his thighs in excitement.

He wished he could grow wings and fly to the office, or an Internet cafe to go online and search for related information on the characters.

However, when he slapped his thigh in excitement, a piercing pain shot through his nerves, like a flash flood bursting out and threatening to engulf anything and everything in its path.


Zhao Lingjun only then remembered the plight he was in, as miserable as getting punched by the Seven Injuries Fist. [1]

??* * *

“Did the sun rise in the west today? Why are you up so early?”

The next morning, Zhang Changsheng, who thought that he had woken up very early, found to his great surprise that Zhao Lingjun had already arrived at the bus stop before him.

“Are you uneasy because you took a day off yesterday?” asked Xiao Ping, who was behind Zhang Changsheng.

“Uneasy? My pay is so low, and I slog everyday. A day off would make my conscience uneasy?” said Zhao Lingjun as he sarcastically sneered in his mind, “MLGBD. If not for me being so exhilarated that I was unable to sleep any longer, and that I had to use the Internet in the office, why would I be up so early?”

“Then why are you up so early?” Zhang Changsheng asked. “During the past six months, you have never been so early before. Right, how did your check up yesterday go? You’re fine right?”

“Probably because I slept too much yesterday, I couldn’t sleep much last night.” At the mention of the clinic, Zhao Lingjun’s mood plummeted. “Although there weren’t any problems, but that tetanus vaccine was really too potent. When I woke up earlier, my buttock was still aching.”

“Haha.” Zhang Changsheng chuckled, unable to hold it in.

“What are you laughing at? You heartless sons of a bitch!” yelled Zhao Lingjun furiously, this group of people gloating at his demise and laughing at him was really too much.

“Shhh, be more civilized.” Zhang Changsheng eyes signaled as he caught sight of something over Zhao Lingjun’s shoulder.

“Civilized your head”

“The person of your dreams is coming.”

“Coming my ass, don’t bring her up to scare me.” Zhao Lingjun exclaimed in a loud voice, with no f*cks given. “You believe that I’m so easily cheated? You use this trick every single time, can’t you be more creative? You bunch of people… Anywho, so what if I’m not civilized? Who knows maybe Wu Xiaoye loves boorish men.

But just as he finished yelling out his load, he realised that everyone was quiet, and were even looking like they were trying their best not to laugh out loud.

Zhao Lingjun felt a faint premonition descend upon him.

Zhao Lingjun then turned his head, and saw Wu Xiaoye silently standing not far from him, blushing furiously.

[1] Seven Injuries Fist - Is a martial art from a novel. The novel is The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber from the last book of the Condor Trilogy. Click here to find out more. ?


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