Chapter 3 Hao Meili

Chapter 3 Hao Meili

Once he thought of this result, Zhao Lingjun whose stomach was rumbling with hunger, lost all his recent zeal that he had when he was in the crowd dauntlessly rushing, annihilating anyone who stood in his way to submit his resume. If God obstructed he would even kill God, if Buddha interrupted he would also kill Buddha. Zhao Lingjun was quickly squeezed into a corner by those who had not lost hope and were charging towards the front of the lines.

Just when Zhao Lingjun looked up and sighed deeply, thinking that heaven was jealous of his talents, with his head full of thoughts of death, he noticed a barely noticeable booth banner near him. It was unexpectedly written with a big calligraphy brush, and it read “Hiring those whose field of study is thermal engineering, preferential treatment…”

For a split second, Zhao Lingjun felt that the signboard’s curvy words glowed dazzling and also seemed to be filled an indescribable power. This made him unknowingly head towards the sign.

Zhao Lingjun then heard that voice which would be eternally unforgettable, and the person’s face which was equally unforgettable.

“Fellow student, do you specialize in this field?” That sweet honey-like voice asked. Which gave Zhao Lingjun a feeling, like he just ate a pissing beef ball[1], and was so intoxicated that he was going to ascend to the heavens above.

Only then did Zhao Lingjun raise his head.

If you had seen a film with the main character called Sing Ye, you would definitely remember a person called Baoya Zhen who played a small role and the red underwear of the tailor who practices the Iron Fist Technique. And if someone who looked like the 30 years old Baoya Zhen, wore like a 20 year old girl, used a arousing and suggestive wink, and stared at you. How would you feel?[2]

Since Zhao Lingjun at the point of time felt his mind go hazy, he decided to completely shut-down. He did not even know how he sat down at the booth, how he handed over his resume, or how he answered her questions.

Only when they talked about wages, did he come to.

‘People die for wealth, bird dies for food.”[3] No matter what a person is suffering from, when it comes to money, they would be lucid for awhile.

“Our company’s benefits in the same industry are very generous.” On that day, Baoya Zhen told Zhao Lingjun. “Our new employees are paid 2,000 yuan monthly, this amount already exceeds the average pay of this year’s graduates by a large margin. Moreover, the company gives out bonuses on a monthly basis based on the overall profitability. Last year, we gave out bonuses every month. Some outstanding employees used only two years to buy a private car. The company offers many benefits, except for paying social security payments, we offer our employees a dormitory to live in. Our dormitories are not what you have in mind, unlike other companies, which squeeze a few people together, all of our staff can have one personal apartment. The apartment is even in an area with facilities. At the time our boss bought these apartments, the prices were nothing to scoff at.


Listening to her sweet honey-like voice, Zhao Lingjun dazedly signed to the contract to sell himself off. Although this 2,000 yuan monthly wage could not be considered much, an apartment would be provided, and this condition was just too enticing. This was because in the city, renting a house at the very least cost 800 to 1,000 yuan. Furthermore, it was already said to be a personal apartment, even if he was to watch an A-film, or bring a women back, nobody could say otherwise. In addition, there was still the bonuses, there were people who even managed to buy a car in two years, Zhao Lingjun thought that if he still did not sign, it would really be a disgrace to the government.

After signing the contract to sell his body, the Baoya Zhen whom Zhao Lingjun looked at, was like an Angel which fell from the heavens above.

“If it was not for her, I reckoned that I would have to become a taxi driver.” Zhao Lingjun thought to himself as he left the hall.


Baoya Zhen’s name was of course not Baoya Zhen, she had a name which when heard, coupled with her looks, made one go crazy and uncontrollably want to rush up on stage streaking - Hao Meili.[4]

Hao Meili was Zhao Lingjun’s department head for the company he signed, Meng Si Ni Environmental. All matters had to be processed by her, be it big or small. From recruiting new employees to buying toilet paper, she had to review them all.

Hao Meili had two subordinates, one was called Zhang Lin, the other was called Qin Xie. Looking at the number of subordinates, she didn’t have many.

But being in charge of a person, in a small 10 to 20 people company was already a very impressive feat, not to mention Hao Meili having two.

Although Hao Meili’s appearance made people remember The Ring[5], but in the company she unthinkably had a fairly high status. Reportedly, her salary was 8,000 which was not too high and was around the same as the company’s deputy general manager.

Therefore on the first day of work, Zhao Lingjun felt that he looked up to Hao Meili, and should learn from her.

Zhao Lingjun felt that getting such a high salary with looks like hers, was all due to her personal ability. He decided to study diligently under her, taking a step forward each day, steadily work his way up, just like Hao Meili.

However, at times imagination is different from reality, after all there was still a large gap between them.

After finishing the employment procedures on the first day, Hao Meili brought Zhao Lingjun who was carrying many bags of different sizes to the employee dormitory.

What Hao Meili spoke of, was in fact true, the company’s dormitory was indeed in a vibrant and unique neighbourhood, with a unique and beautiful scenery. At the gate of the neighbourhood, she pointed at a six storey building which from the outside looked decent. She then said, “This multi-storey building is our company’s dormitory. It has been wholly bought by our company and all who currently live inside are employees from our company.

After careful inspection, Zhao Lingjun found out that the place was called Hua Jing Yuan. The facilities and surroundings looked pretty good, other than the area being slightly desolate, and hard to access.

He estimated that buying a building in an area like this definitely required a fair amount of financial ability. Once he thought about this, Zhao Lingjun believed that he jumped onto the right boat.

However, when remembering the journey here, Zhao Lingjun was no longer as happy. The journey required changing buses twice, and took over an hour to finally reach the dormitory from the company.

Zhao Lingjun did not have many nicknames. In university, his only nickname was “late sleeper”. But from tomorrow onwards, his only nickname would be cruelly stripped from him.

Hao Meilei opened the door to room 401. What Zhao Lingjun saw blew him away. There were three rooms, two being bedrooms and one living room. Other than that, the apartment was furnished pretty nicely and was well-equipped.

“God!” Zhao Lingjun exclaimed as he did not expect such an apartment. He initially thought that at most it would be a small room with a toilet. However, what appeared before him was a fully furnished three room flat.

It seems that this year is a good one for me. In the evening, after unpacking Zhao Lingjun stood on the balcony and watched the sun setting across the western horizon. As he watched, he could not resist letting out a sigh.

He then realised that on the balcony next door, was a beautiful and quiet girl with long hair and big eyes.

Zhao Lingjun recognized this beauty. In fact, she was the first person he saw when he stepped into the office earlier today.

This woman had soft black hair, long eyelashes, a gentle and refined aura, and a slightly pale complexion. When first seen by Zhao Lingjun, she was holding a cup of coffee. The coffee’s aroma and the faint steam coming from the cup had made him feel a little romantic.

It cannot be that she lives next door right? Zhao Lingjun was once again excited.

[1] Pissing Beef Ball - Short story: Mouth watering beef balls. Long story: A reference to the movie The God of Cookery by Stephen Chow, where they combined two dishes into a new dish called pissing beef ball. As for how awesome it tastes, watch this video. Find out more about the show ?

[2] The movie is Kungfu Hustle, if you haven’t watched it you should. Click here to find out more. Baoya Zhen is a character in the film, Click here for her picture. View at your own discretion. ?

[3] Chinese Idiom - People would do anything for money, be it fair or foul. Just like how a hungry bird would hunt its prey regardless of the dangers ahead. ?

[4] Hao Meili - ???, read Hao Mei Li, the surname Hao is pronounced the same as the word “very” in Chinese, and the given name Mei Li means pretty. So it is a play on words and can be interpreted as “very pretty”. ?

[5] The Ring ?

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