Chapter 29 Not a Normal Man?


Chapter 29 Not a Normal Man?

“This friend of yours is really intriguing.” remarked Old Doctor Zhang as he smiled and observed Zhao Lingjun cradle the cat and limp out of the hospital. “This guy seems to be good all around, the only quality he lacks is that of a domineering male. But that is good as well, when both of you get together, he should listen to you and wouldn’t be harsh.”

“Uncle Zhang, what are you saying!” Lin Qianxun spluttered as she blushed red as autumn apples as she studied Zhao Lingjun’s slowly disappearing silhouette.

“Heihei.” Old Doctor Zhang’s eyes turned to slits as he laughed. “You may be able to hide it from other folks, but not me. I, your Uncle Zhang, have seen you grow up since you were but a wee child, and I have never ever seen you so nervous towards anybody. In any case, each time you saw him, you were beaming from ear to ear, so even if it wasn’t me, they would be able to surmise that you liked the young man. At any rate, you’re old enough, it’s time for you to find a boyfriend. This friend of yours is really not bad, your judgement isn’t bad, not bad at all.” chuckled the old doctor.

“Uncle Zhang, you’ve only met him once, how can you be so sure about that?” Lin Qianxun asked bashfully with her face hidden.

“That cat he was embracing, is the same one that had been abandoned here a few days ago, right? You were even feeding it frequently.” Old Doctor Zhang smiled gently. “Did you see his expression when he was carrying the cat? Although he appeared to ache for the loss of his shirt, at the same time, he didn’t have a hint of ire on his face. With just this, you can see that he’s an honest and compassionate person. Also, think about it, yesterday was such a hot day, but he had even helped to unclog a sewer. Only by working hard and enduring bitter hardships, would a person know the pleasure of helping others. Other than that, when his foot was injured, he had visited the hospital alone. With his foot in that state, every step would bring him immense pain. This youngster is a man who has endured adversity and has shown resilience in the face of hardships. I like him, I like him very much.”

After Old Doctor Zhang finished, he looked at Lin Qianxun’s reserved expression and couldn’t help but laugh again. “Ah Xun, Uncle Zhang is an experienced person, I know that some things have to be cherished and fought for by oneself. After they are missed, you may never get a chance again. Trust me, that lad is really not bad.”

“I know. When I saw him feed all his bread to the cat, I already knew that he was a kind hearted person.” Lin Qianxun admitted softly, while blushing from her neck up to her ears. ”It was probably his breakfast, but…”

“But what?” Old Zhang Doctor prompted.

“But I don’t know if he has a girlfriend...” Lin Qianxun with her head lowered, spoke in a tiny voice.

“Hahaha!” Old Doctor Zhang burst out in laughter, causing the shy Lin Qianxun to sneak a peek at him.

“Relax.” Old Doctor Zhang patted his chest as he assured her. “I can guarantee that that youngster doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“How would you know that?” Lin Qianxun once again lowered her head shyly.

“Heihei. Didn’t I ask him earlier? He said no.” Old Doctor Zhang replied. “Actually, even if he hadn’t answered, I would have already known that he didn’t have one.”

“What?! How?” Lin Qianxun curiously asked.

“Didn’t I say it earlier? Everything about him is good other than lacking some manly features. A young lad like him, even if he had a significant other, probably wouldn’t dare to say it out loud.” Old Doctor Zhang smiled and replied. “Therefore, as long as you make the first move, he will definitely be yours.”

[Fallen: Me and my friends call this FMA, First Movers Advantage :P]

“Uncle Zhang…” Lin Qianxun was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a corner to hide in. “So what if I like him? I only have his name, and I don’t know where he lives or where he works.”

“Heihei. Relax.” Old Doctor Zhang laughed. “Everything has been prepared by me.”

Old Doctor Zhang, looking pleased with himself, then brought out Zhao Lingjun’s medical record and name card and waved them at Lin Qianxun. “The medical records has his residential address, and the name card I secured from him has his number and his workplace.

“Remember, take the initiative!” Old Doctor Zhang reminded her.

As Lin Qianxun’s face became an even brighter shade of red, she quickly grabbed the medical record and name card, and ran off at the speed of light. Watching her dash off, Old Doctor Zhang, who was sitting there, pleased with himself, said in his heart. “Although I may be old, but my judgement is still as good as it ever was. These two cute kids are both to my liking. Ah Xun, even if you didn’t didn’t bring me food often, I would have still helped you out.”

If Zhao Lingjun had heard the conversation between Old Doctor Zhang and Lin Qianxun, he would have probably died twice.

The first death would have him dying of shame when Old Doctor Zhang had praised him so much. Although Zhao Lingjun could be considered a good person, he wasn’t nice enough to unclog a sewer in such weather of his own volition.

The second time would be dying from overwhelming bliss.

Zhao Lingjun, never in his imagination, would think that Lin Qianxun, who was as beautiful as angels and goddesses would like him at first sight.

??* * *

Zhao Lingjun wasn’t born with supernatural hearing, so when he left the hospital, he obviously couldn’t eavesdrop on their conversation. Even so, he still felt like dying.

At first, every step would bring monumental pain streaking up from his injured foot, causing him to grit his teeth with each and every step. But now, the places that hurt had increased to two, his initially painful foot, and now his buttocks.

Zhao Lingjun always had the misconception that only children were afraid of injections. However that shot for the tetanus vaccine had changed his views.

While cradling the cat, each step made Zhao Lingjun want to sit on a wheelchair and sit still, alleviating the pain from his bum and foot.

However, in comparison with his other pain, his physical pain was nothing.

Every step he took, required him to breathe deeply a few times to calm and control his boiling blood.

Zhao Lingjun had already berated himself many times, calling himself a beast. But the picture of Lin Qianxun’s blouse ready to burst open at the chest at any time was stuck in his mind, unable to be forgotten.

In Zhao Lingjun’s mind, he was a normal man both mentally and physically. If it was towards any other person he could have forgiven himself. However, Lin Qianxun was too fresh and pure, and she even had such a kind smile. He felt that fantasizing about her, would be akin to sullying her purity.

Also, somehow seeing his incomparably pitiful state made Zhao Lingjun a little disappointed when he thought of Lin Qianxun. To have her see him in that state, made him wish he could crawl into a hole and hide.

These few feelings compounded together already made Zhao Lingjun feel like he’d rather die than continue living. But at that very moment, he happened to hear some girls whispering as they walked past him.

“That guy is so girly.”

“Yea, he’s even copied girls and is carrying a cat.”

“Exactly, who knows? Maybe he is gay.”

“Look! Look at the way he is swaying his hips when he walks. One look says it all, he isn’t normal.” one girl murmured to the other.

“Ew, so disgusting. Let’s move away from him.”

“But that cat he is carrying is pretty cute, it’s like a fluffy snowball. Also, its eyes are blue, and they sparkle like sapphires.


Luckily for him, an empty taxi came by just in the nick of time. Otherwise, Zhao Lingjun really would have killed himself from depression by smashing his head onto a wall in the district.


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