Chapter 28 Beautiful, Really Beautiful!


Chapter 28 Beautiful, Really Beautiful!

“Sorry, I mixed up the injured leg.”

Flushed from embarrassment, Zhao Lingjun speedily removed his other shoe and raised his foot.

“How did you get such a big injury on your sole?”

Lin Qianxun who had been bent over and clutching her stomach in laughter, jumped in fright from seeing the wound, without a trace of her former smile.

Although the wound on his foot had already formed a scab, Lin Qianxun could still imagine how it looked like before it had scabbed over.

“Yesterday, my apartment complex’s sewer was clogged up, and so I went down into the tunnels to help them unclog it. Who would have known that I would get injured inside.” Zhao Lingjun gloomily explained to Lin Qianxun.

After Zhao Lingjun had explained, Lin Qianxun wanted to laugh, but the seriousness of the wound wasn’t something to joke about. Looking at the wound, she couldn’t laugh even if she wanted to.

“Don’t panic.” The old doctor surnamed Zhang smiled vaguely and soothed her upon seeing her anxiety. “Although the youngster’s wound looks terrifying, his luck was not bad. Only the flesh was injured, and it didn’t damage his major blood vessels or meridians.”

The old doctor smiled gently and asked Zhao Lingjun what his name was.

“My name is Zhao Lingjun.” Zhao Lingjun felt that when seeing a doctor, questions such as name, age and such were normal procedures, and thus he answered the old man honestly.

“How old are you this year?”

“I’m 25 years old.”

Old Zhang doctor’s second question wasn’t far off from his expectations.

The next question he expected the old doctor to ask was what injured him.

But the old doctor’s third question made him sweat profusely.

“Youngster, do you have any siblings? Are your parents healthy?”

“I’m the only child, and both my parents are well and healthy.” Confused, Zhao Lingjun still replied politely.

“Oh.” Doctor Zhang was satisfied and continued to ask while gently smiling, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Zhao Lingjun now was dumbstruck.

Not matter how he pieced it together, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t figure out how that was even related to his foot’s injury.

“Uncle Zhang!!…”

Before he could reply, Lin Qianxun had interjected with a red face.

“Heihei.” Old Doctor Zhang laughed at her.

“I’ll help you bathe the cat. Carrying it home like that wouldn’t be very convenient.”

Lin Qianxun quickly spoke to Zhao Lingjun before the old doctor could put in a word.

“Sure, sorry to trouble you.” he said while bowing his head slightly, Zhao Lingjun figured that if he was going to carry the cat home, carrying a clean one was a bit better.

Finishing his sentence, Zhao Lingjun heard the cat he held meow. Then the cat which had been playing dead was obediently carried away by Lin Qianxun.

??* * *

“Right, youngster, where did we stop just now? Let’s continue.”

Watching Lin Qianxun carry the cat out as if she was escaping the situation, Zhao Lingjun relaxed. However, Doctor Zhang didn’t seem to give up on getting an answer out of Zhao Lingjun.

“Just now?” Zhao Lingjun not knowing whether to cry or to laugh, took out a piece of tissue and wiped his stained shirt, while replying the doctor. “Just now you asked whether I have a girlfriend, but how is that related to my injury?”

“Heihei. “ Old Zhang Doctor looked at Zhao Lingjun and replied with a question of his own. “So, do you or do you not have a girlfriend?”

“I…” If anyone had repeatedly pushed Zhao Lingjun to answer such questions, he would definitely have pulled out his middle finger and yelled, “How the f*ck does it concern you?”

But the person asking him was a white-haired, good natured elderly doctor. Therefore after choking for a long moment, Zhao Lingjun could only helplessly reply, “I haven’t had a girlfriend.”


As he replied, Wu Xiaoye’s image flashed in Zhao Lingjun’s heart.

Zhao Lingjun wanted to sigh, but before he could sigh, the old doctor had followed up with another question that almost choked Zhao Lingjun to his death.

“How do you find Ah Xun?”

“Ah Xun?” Zhao Lingjun’s heart rate started increasing again.

“Yup. What do you think of her?” the old doctor beamed.

“She…” Zhao Lingjun’s face once again blushed a deep shade of crimson.

“Speak, speak.” the old doctor urged. “A young person shouldn’t beat around the bush.”

“She is beautiful, and her character is virtuous.” Being pressed by the old doctor, Zhao Lingjun could only thicken his skin and blurt it out.

“How can her strengths be so few.” The doctor was smiling so hard that the wrinkles of his face seemed to increase. “Let me tell you, lad, not only is she beautiful, and virtuous, but she isn’t bad tempered and can even cook well. Whoever marries her can thank his past life’s good karma.

“This…” Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but ask. “Old Doctor Zhang, I came to have my foot checked, why are you talking about all this?”

“Oh, your foot.” Staring at him, the old doctor finally seemed to recall such a thing.

After examining the wound, Old Zhang Doctor gave his diagnosis. “Your wound doesn’t have problems, but just to be safe I’ll give you a tetanus shot and some antibiotics to take and you’ll be fine.”

“Really?” Zhao Lingjun looked dubiously at the old doctor. “You only took a quick look, and didn’t even ask me what item pricked my foot, and you decide that there’s no problem? How can you tell that I didn’t get infected by diseases and such?”

“Heihei.” The old doctor laughed at Zhao Lingjun. “Lad, you shouldn’t doubt a senior doctor with over ten years of experience. However, as a precaution, we will give you a call to check on your condition in a few days. So you should give me your name card.”

Upon the old doctor saying this, Zhao Lingjun’s face turned crimson and speedily took out one of his name cards and passed it to the doctor. At this moment, Zhao Lingjun finally felt a sense of professionalism from the old doctor.

Old Zhang Doctor took a quick glance at the name card before smiling at Zhao Lingjun and said, “At times, you young people may find the elderly like me to be more muddled as we age. But for some things, our eyes can see clearer than you young ones.”

After finishing, he profoundly looked at Zhao Lingjun and continued, “A flesh wound can be easily treated with the right medicine. But an opportunity once missed, may never present itself again.”

At this moment, even a dim-witted, dense person would know what the doctor meant. Therefore Zhao Lingjun could only explain himself. “Doctor Zhang, please don’t misunderstand. There is nothing going on with Doctor Lin and I, we only just met.”

“Oh? Is that so...?” The old doctor wasn’t startled in the least, and started writing on Zhao Lingjun’s medical record. He then said, “Then you should keep in contact and get to know each other more.”

“...” Seeing the doctor’s stubborn stance, Zhao Lingjun didn’t know wether to cry to laugh. If the old man wasn’t wearing a doctor’s white coat, Zhao Lingjun would have really assumed that this place was the district’s matchmaking building.

??* * *

“What are you guys chatting about? Both of you are chatting so happily.”

Zhao Lingjun had wanted to tell the old doctor that with Lin Qianxun’s beauty, she wouldn’t even consider a guy like myself. But before he could, Lin Qianxun returned to the consultation room with the cat.

Lin Qianxun’s cheeks were still rosy as she entered, she cradled the cat and blinked at Zhao Lingjun.

But when his eyes moved to the cat, he was shocked silly.

Its fur was like shiny like satin and its eyes looked like two sapphires. It looked exactly like a white fluff ball.

Is this the same cat as before?

“Hehe. How is it? Beautiful, right?” Seeing Zhao Lingjun foolishly staring at the cat in her embrace, she proudly exclaimed. “Unbelievable, right?”

“Beautiful, really beautiful.”

As he said this, his gaze wasn’t on the snow white cat, but instead on the area just above the cat.

Because the cat had snuggled tightly against her body, that thing of Lin Qianxun’s which was originally already sticking out, was sticking out even more. It was almost at the point of bursting out of its restrictions and escaping to freedom.


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