Chapter 27 Checking his foot


Chapter 27 Checking his foot

“A checkup?” Lin Qianxun started.

“Yup.” Zhao Linjun smiled bitterly. “Why else would I come to such a place?”

“What kind of illness ails you?” Lin Qianxun pursed her lips and smiled while examining Zhao Lingjun from head to toe.

As she smiled, her delicate nose wrinkled slightly, like a pond of water that had a light spring breeze blowing across it’s surface.

Her fresh and pure smile caused Zhao Lingjun to stare dazedly at her, but her intense scrutiny of him from top to bottom made him subconsciously look down at his pant’s zipper.

Zhao Lingjun remembered a guy from university, who once wore red underwear but had forgotten to zip his pants. As he went around campus, many girls stared at him and he had even smiled bashfully at them while feeling proud of himself. Only when he had returned to his dorm, had he realised that his front fly was open. If not for Zhao Lingjun and friends restraining him, that guy would have already rushed to the balcony in a bid to commit suicide from shame.

Once he looked down, his worries dissipated. His zipper was zipped up properly. But when peeking at Lin Qianxun, who was still sweeping his body up and down with her pair of doe eyes that seemed to speak words, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t take it anymore and asked with a flushed face. “What are you looking at?”

However Lin Qianxun didn’t reply and instead ordered him to stretch out his hand.

“Stretch out my hand? What do you want to do?”

“Just stretch out your hand since I asked you to do it.” Lin Qianxun’s tone made Zhao Lingjun’s whole body to turn into jelly.

Zhao Lingjun reckoned that if any normal guy were to see a beauty like Lin Qianxun using such a tone to request something, he wouldn’t be able to reject it no matter what.

Similarly, Zhao Lingjun too was unable to reject it. However Zhao Lingjun could only helplessly say, “Look at me, how am I supposed to stretch out my hand?”

“Hehe.” Lin Qianxun laughed when she realised the predicament he was in.

This was because of Zhao Lingjun’s two hands, one was clutching his bag and the other was cradling the cat, so he had no way to stretch out either hand.

After laughing, Lin Qianxun removed the bag from his hands and carried it in hers.

Before he could react and figure out why Lin Qianxun had helped him carry his bag, she had already reached out her soft, silky hands and grabbed his own.

Zhao Lingjun’s blush travelled to the tip of his ears, feeling his heart beating so hard that it felt close to jumping out of his throat..


Wanting to ask why she had suddenly grasped his hands, Zhao Lingjun opened his mouth to speak. But even before he could speak a word, she had already started.

Lin Qianxun’s fair complexion, was covered with a tinge of red

Red faced, Lin Qianxun instructed Zhao Lingjun to breathe deeply and to be less nervous.

Hearing her, Zhao Lingjun suddenly understood her intentions, it turns out that Lin Qianxun had grabbed his hand to take his pulse.

Upon his realization, Zhao Lingjun was utterly ashamed. He quickly tried his utmost to breathe deeply a few times, hoping that he could calm his beating heart.

His each and every move was captured by Lin Qianxun, and the corner of her lips curled in a smile.

After a short moment, Lin Qianxun released Zhao Lingjun’s hand in astonishment and commented. “Your pulse is normal, and judging by your complexion, you don’t seem to be ill.”

“I only pricked the sole of my foot.” Zhao Lingjun replied, still blushing. “I came to check whether it was infected and such.”


After the words had left Zhao Lingjun’s mouth, both Lin Qianxun and Zhao Lingjun couldn’t stifle their laughter.

“Then I’ll bring you to see a surgeon.” Lin Qianxun told him, after laughing for a moment.

“Sure.” Zhao Lingjun replied as moved to retrieve his bag from Lin Qianxun.

However, Lin Qianxun smilingly waved the bag around and said to him, “Just continue cradling the cat properly. I will help you hold your bag. It’s settled.”

Watching the beautiful girl help him carry his bag and swinging it back and forth, Zhao Lingjun finally understood why those executives loved to hire a beautiful secretary for themselves.

This was because, a beauty helping to carry his things and taking care of him was just too blissful.

“In the future, if I become rich, I would definitely find a beauty similar to Lin Qianxun to be my secretary.” Following Lin Qianxun into the consulting room, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but dream about it.

A short moment later, that thought of his was immediately overthrown.

“One is not enough, I should have at least two. One to carry my bags, and another to chat with me, and to massage me and such.”

??* * *

“Normally this small neighbourhood clinic of ours doesn’t have many patients.” Lin Qianxun said as she brought him into the room. Inside was only a single doctor, draped over the table, dozing off.

This was a doctor who couldn’t be any older. The doctor’s hair was completely white.

Zhao Lingjun reckoned that the wrinkles on the doctor’s face when wrung out could fill up a bowl with water.

“Uncle Zhang, Uncle Zhang.”

Only after Lin Qianxun shouted for him twice, did the old doctor respond, with a hint of anger.

As the old doctor slowly raised his head and groped for his presbyopia glasses at an even slower pace, Zhao Lingjun judged that it wouldn’t be overboard even if Lin Qianxun was to address him as ‘Grandpa Zhang’.

“Oh, Ah Xun, it’s you.” After wearing his presbyopia glasses, the old doctor who was addressed as ‘Uncle Zhang’ by Lin Qianxun happily looked at her and replied. “How come you have free time to come and visit me again?”

“Hehe, don’t I visit you everyday?” Lin Qianxun beamed.

“That’s true.” The old doctor’s eyes turned into slits as he smiled and replied. “I haven’t finished eating the osmanthus cake you brought for me yesterday. Did you bring delicious things for me again?”

“Nope! Today, I brought my friend for a checkup, his foot was pierced.”

“Friend?” Only then did the old doctor notice that there was another person beside Lin Qianxun.

The doctor looked dubiously at Zhao Lingjun for a long time before he smiled and said, “Your friend is really intriguing.”

A blush quickly crept up from Zhao Lingjun’s neck to his ears.

Zhao Lingjun thought that it was really too embarrassing. “Your friend, a grown up male, is unexpectedly cradling a cat. The cat was even covered in dirt. Hahaha, he’s really interesting.” In his mind, he imagined that the old doctor interpreted it as such.

At this moment, Zhao Lingjun wanted to place the cat down. However, the cat just laid unmoving in his embrace as if it had fallen asleep.

Zhao Lingjun truly hoped to find a hole to crawl into.

Luckily for him, the old doctor laughed at this moment. “Heihei. Which part of your foot is injured? Remove your shoes and let me examine it.”

Zhao Lingjun swiftly removed his shoe on his injured leg.

As he was raising his foot up for the doctor, Zhao Lingjun saw the old doctor removing his glasses, rub his eyes, then replacing them on his face. Zhao Lingjun also noticed that Lin Qianxun was also staring at him bafflingly.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Lingjun paused for a moment. He then shifted his gaze towards his foot, and the sight made him want to die in a hole.

It turned out that in his haste, he got the wrong foot, and raised his uninjured foot out.


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