Chapter 26 Lin Qianxun


Chapter 26 Lin Qianxun

Zhao Lingjun admired the girl in front of him.

She had a small, delicate nose, pouty lips, a well-formed oval shaped face, long eyelashes above her big, intelligent eyes, a slender body, protruding where it should, and nipped-in at the correct parts. She was a lady that was beautiful no matter what standards you used.

In addition, the first impression you had was of elegance and purity. When he turned around, Zhao Lingjun had smelt her body’s exquisite fragrance.

Normally, if Zhao Lingjun saw a beauty such as this, his knees would turn to jelly, his mouth would be full of cotton, his eyes would betray his lustful desires and would start indulging in his fantasies.

However, all that he felt instead, was cold sweat pouring out of every single pore, and a chilliness all over.

The beauty was wearing a snow-white dress, and upon Zhao Lingjun seeing her, he thought of the cat whose fur was also white.

“Could that blue pill be a pill that could miraculously transform an ordinary cat into a terrifying demon cat? At this point in his train of thought, Zhao Lingjun quickly spun around.

When he turned to look, he became even more terrified, to the point that his soul had left his body, leaving behind a lifeless husk.

The white cat from before, was indeed no longer behind him.

“Heroic and admirable person, please let me off.” He wanted to say this to the girl cloaked in white when he turned back to face her.

However, he instead saw the beauty’s expression, her charming face had a faint silly smile and at her feet lay the white cat.

“Hello? What are you doing?” The beauty whose face was tinged with a charming pink asked Zhao Lingjun who kept turning around like a crazy person.

“I… I...” Zhao Lingjun had already damned the white clothed beauty to be the transformed white cat. But now, with the white cat lying at her side, all well and dandy, Zhao Lingjun was at a loss and didn’t know what to say.

“Hehe, you’re quite interesting.” She blushed a little. “I have actually been watching you from upstairs for a short while and I noticed that you seem to like this white cat…”

“From upstairs?” Before she could finish speaking, Zhao Lingjun had interrupted her.

“Yup, from over there.” The beauty faintly smiled and pointed at the three-storey building behind with her thin and slender white hand.

“You have been watching me from over there for awhile?” Zhao Lingjun blankly asked. “What were you doing up there?”

“Hehe.” The beauty shyly covered her mouth and laughed. “Have you not realised what kind of clothes I’m wearing?”

“...” Zhao Lingjun carefully scrutinised her clothes and almost slapped himself twice.

Zhao Lingjun only now realised that he only saw the colour of her clothes and didn’t realise that the beauty was wearing a white doctor’s coat.

“You’re this clinic’s doctor?” Looking at the girl with the white cat next to her, Zhao Lingjun really felt ashamed at asking such a foolish question.

“Yes. I am this clinic’s internist.” She stretched her hands out towards Zhao Lingjun and smiled, “I’m Lin Qianxun, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Zhao Lingjun.” Shaking her hand, Zhao Lingjun blushed red from his neck up to his ears from feeling her warm jade-like hand.

“Hehe.” Lin Qianxun laughed at the beet red Zhao Lingjun. She then glanced at the white cat, which was staring fixedly at Zhao Lingjun. “The white cat seems to really like you as well.”

“It seems so.” Zhao Lingjun blushed even harder. He obviously didn’t dare to thicken his skin and shamelessly admit that he had used the cat as a guinea pig to test the ancient blue pill. Of course that included not admitting the cat turned into the Flash, gaining Li Xiaolong’s body and finally seeming to understand human tongue.

“You seem to also love the little cat.” Lin Qianxun gazed tenderly at the white cat lying beside her. “I even saw you talk to it.”

“En. Seeing it’s lonely and hungry look, I wanted to bring it home and raise it myself.”

Zhao Lingjun lied without a moment’s hesitation.

As he finished his sentence, the cat, originally lying beside Lin Qianxun, let out an exceptionally excited meow and jumped towards Zhao Lingjun’s bosom like an artillery shell.

Before he could react, the dirty white cat was already hanging onto him.

As Zhao Lingjun subconsciously cradled the cat in his embrace, his white shirt had already been ripped by the dirty cat’s white claws. Not only that, but now the cat’s dirty fur had stained the front.

??* * *

Zhao Lingjun’s heart was bleeding.

This shirt of his was one that he had just bought, and had only worn it once. But right now, the shirt had a dirty cat hanging off it.

Zhao Lingjun really wanted to throw the cat away.

But at this moment Lin Qianxun bafflingly said, “It seems that this cat is really intelligent.”

“...” Zhao Lingjun just then remembered that the cat in his embrace had just swatted multiple cats like flies. If he were to actually throw the cat, who knew if it would swipe its claws twice at him. That would cause more trouble than it’s worth.

“Yup! At first glance, I already had the feeling that it was intelligent.” On the surface, Zhao Lingjun put on an act, pretending that he loved the cat, and even pet it. However, inside, he was depressed about his shirt and his inability to do anything.

As he petted the cat, it snuggled closer against Zhao Lingjun’s chest, lying unmoving deep in his bosom. This made Zhao Lingjun even more depressed.

Zhao Lingjun wanted to cry but had no tears as he carried the cat who was slyly pretending to be dead.

On the other hand, Lin Qianxun was glad as she watched Zhao Lingjun cradle the pitiful cat.

“It seems that the cat really loves you. If you’re willing to bring it home and care for it, I’ll be relieved.” Lin Qianxun said with a look of gratefulness.

“You’ll be relieved? What do you mean?” Zhao Lingjun questioned, truly perplexed by the female doctor’s words.

“You don’t know this, but this cat is really very pitiful.” Lin Qianxun petted the cat’s head and replied. “The cat was abandoned here by someone. After watching it for many days from upstairs, no one wanted to adopt it. Not only that, but the cats outside bullied it as well…”

Before Lin Qianxun could finish, Zhao Lingjun understood why the cat had suddenly sent the cats at the garbage dump flying. If it was him being bullied by others the whole day, and not able to eat. He’d also have sent them flying immediately after gaining exceptional martial arts. He would then follow it up with one sentence, “Now you know I, your grandfather is awesome, in the future don’t let me see you, otherwise you’ll face the consequences.”

It seems that the little guy was terribly bullied by those bigger cats. Remembering the pitiful state it was in and how it had almost inhaled the bread, Zhao Lingjun was moved and empathized with it. His ruined shirt no longer throbbed his heart as much.

But in his heart, he was still unsettled.

Generally, most elderly folk loved to raise a cat or a dog. The area also had a lot of elderly folk bustling around in the morning. How could the cat not be adopted?


Thus he had interrupted Lin Qianxun, “Why was no one willing to adopt it even after so many days?”

Glancing at the cat lying in Zhao Lingjun’s embrace, Lin Qianxun let out a sigh with a hesitant expression.

Finding it odd, Zhao Lingjun was about to ask Lin Qianxun what the matter was. But before he could, Lin Qianxun blinked her big eyes, gazed into Zhao Lingjun’s and asked, “You don’t believe in superstitions do you?”

“Superstitions?” Zhao Lingjun was slightly dazed from her stare, but felt that it was a little ominous.

“En.” Lin Qianxun blinked again and kept her gaze fixed on him, and repeated her question. “Do you believe in certain superstitions? Such as, when raising certain cats, it would hinder the host and such?”

With her intense stare, Zhao Lingjun was even more lost, but he had never cared about those superstitions to begin with and confidently said, “I don’t believe in such superstitions.”

“Then that’s good.” Lin Qianxun cheerfully replied.

“...” Seeing Lin Qianxun so delighted, Zhao Lingjun curiously asked, “What do superstitions have to do with the cat not being adopted?”

“En.” Lin Qianxun nodded, raised her slender fingers and pointed towards the tail of the white cat.

Following her finger, he discovered that the white cat’s tail was half black.

“The elderly here all believe that if a cat’s tail is half black, it is unlucky. That a half black tailed cat is a harbinger of bad luck, causing calamity to befall its owner. There’s nobody here that would voluntarily adopt such a cat.” Lin Qianxun stated.

“How can it be? Isn’t it just a little black? This superstition really is too baseless.” Zhao Lingjun glanced at the cat and then realised that it was probably abandoned because of its half black tail.

He sighed inwardly, feeling that the cat was even more pitiful. Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but ask Lin Qianxun, “Do you also believe in that superstition?”

“I obviously don’t believe in it!” Puzzled, Lin Qianxun looked at Zhao Lingjun.

“If you don’t believe in it, then why did you not adopt the cat?” Zhao Lingjun asked perplexedly.

“Hehe.” Lin Qianxun looked at Zhao Lingjun and couldn’t resist laughing. “You thought I was afraid of that kind of hearsay? Actually it’s not that I don’t want to adopt the cat, but I live in the hospital, and according to the hospital’s rules, we can’t raise animals inside. Additionally, our Head has mysophobia, so whenever he sees an animal, he would itch all over. Therefore I can only sneak out when I’m free to feed the cat. But sometimes, even if I put food for it to it, the cats outside would come to steal it after I leave. Thus I was hoping that a kind hearted person would adopt this pitiful cat. Unexpectedly, I found one, you.”

Zhao Lingjun’s face turned red again after hearing her story. He felt that he wasn’t fit to be called a kind hearted person after his thoughts and deeds earlier.

But Lin Qianxun mistook his expression.

Seeing his whole face quickly flush red, Lin Qianxun smiled, a glow lighting up her face, and said, “You’re such an interesting person, you seem to get embarrassed easily. Oh right, I forgot to ask, what are you here for?”

“I came here to get a checkup.” Zhao Lingjun suddenly remembered his purpose for coming.


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