Chapter 25 Demon?


Chapter 25 Demon?

While Zhao Lingjun was still contemplating how long he needed to close that 100 meter gap, the cat dashed towards the garbage dump.

This was a normal garbage dump, every residential area would have a designated area like this. However, on the dump, were no less than ten cats of different colours.

In addition, the cats were much bigger than the white cat Zhao Lingjun was staring at.

The small dirty cat and the large group of cats, were as if a kindergarten kid had met a bunch of highschoolers.

But the little white cat charged aggressively towards those ten or so larger cats, with the impression of wanting to first rape then kill them.

Zhao Lingjun was stunned, “Was the pill that the cat ate not an ancient viagra, but instead the legendary strongest aphrodisiac from folktales, Horny Goat Weed?”

He was a little mournful watching the small white cat rushing up, expecting the aphrodisiac intoxicated cat to get swatted to death by those ten or so large cats.

Before Zhao Lingjun could even blink, a tabby cat started flying.

Cats run on the ground, of course they don’t fly, thus Zhao Lingjun was under the impression that he saw wrongly.

However, even before he had the time to rub his eyes, a second cat started flying.

It was a black cat.

This time, Zhao Lingjun had clearly seen it.

As the little white cat rushed towards the dump, those ten or so other cats noticed their uninvited guest. Therefore they also reacted and dashed towards the white cat.

That black cat was the fastest of the pack after the tabby cat and was next in the lead.

As the black cat neared, it swiped its claw towards the little white cat, but even before its claw was even close enough to injure the white cat, it flew away.

In that moment when the black cat neared and stretched out its claw, the white cat had already swatted the black cat’s body with its paw.

The black cat then let out an ear piercing shriek while flying off.

Followed by the third, then the fourth.

Zhao Lingjun foolishly looked on, watching the small white cat casually wave its paw, followed by a cat flying off while yowling like a pig being killed.

By the time the sixth cat flew off into the distance, the few remaining cats had already retreated into a corner of the garbage dump, trembling all over, lying flat on the floor, not even daring to move a muscle.

As for those six cats who flew off, they were like nylon bags that were thrown out; they lay limply on the ground breathing erratically.

“Is this cat possessed by Li Xiaolong or perhaps Huang Feihong?”[1]

Zhao Lingjun had this notion when the small white cat slowly walked towards the remaining shivering cats, who were plastered onto the floor too afraid to even move.

??* * *

Zhao Lingjun thought that the small white cat would proceed on to do some funny business with those cats that couldn’t even move. Instead, the white cat coldly meowed and gave a glare at those cats before turning and started running towards Zhao Lingjun.

Zhao Lingjun turned in fright and ran for dear life.

He had already seen the little cat’s magical performance. Although he may not necessarily fly off after a swat like the six cats, but Zhao Lingjun would still rather not personally test it .

But after turning tail and entering the hospital’s door in three steps, Zhao Lingjun was dumbstruck. The white cat appeared not far away from him.

“You… You don’t come any closer.” Frightened by the cat’s speed, Zhao Lingjun broke out in cold sweat. In a moment of fright, he had forgotten that the cat wasn’t a human.

After blurting it out, Zhao Lingjun was really too ashamed. But what really made Zhao Lingjun nearly collapse was that white cat seemingly understood him. Not only did it not rush towards him, it had instead stopped, and even retreated with a wronged expression.

This baffled Zhao Lingjun.

Observing the cat’s wronged look, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but ask, “You understand what I’m saying?”

After saying that, even Zhao Lingjun himself felt silly. In this world, how could there be a cat that could understand the human language.

But the cat’s reaction, nearly made Zhao Lingjun splay flat on the ground.

Zhao Lingjun had seen the cat nod its head.

If you saw a cat nodding at you, what kind of reaction would you have?

In any case, Zhao Lingjun froze for a moment.

Seeing Zhao Lingjun freeze, the cat nodded even harder.

“Coincidence, coincidence! This must be a coincidence.” After a long pause, Zhao Lingjun came to and kept telling that to himself.

He didn’t dare to believe that it was real, and decided to test it.

“If you really can understand me, then walk to me and let me touch your head.” Zhao Lingjun stooped down and conversed with the cat.

??* * *

As the cat happily ran towards him, Zhao Lingjun felt that he was going crazy.

He didn’t expect that after speaking, the cat would immediately meow, then happily run towards him.

Seeing the cat stop in front of him, Zhao Lingjun started to see stars from dizziness. After stretching his hand out for so long, he still didn’t dare to pat the cat’s head.

“Heavens, is this truly real?” Zhao Lingjun helplessly sighed as he looked at this cat that was blinking at him, seemingly wanting to be petted. “You are really able to understand humans? This is really too incredible. It can’t be that you can even speak it right?”


Barely finishing his sentence, Zhao Lingjun heard a ringing laughter.

Zhao Lingjun screamed in fright, “Demon!”, and immediately stood up to run.

To Zhao Lingjun, this was just too terrifying. The cat who could seemingly understand humans could even laugh like a girl.

Just as he turned around to run, he almost knocked into another person.

??* * *

A beautiful girl dressed in white, with a tinge of fright colouring her expression asked Zhao Lingjun, “Demon? Who are you calling a demon?”

[1] Li Xiaolong & Huang Feihong - Li Xiaoling = Bruce Lee no explanations needed. Huang Feihong is another Chinese martial artist (arguable lesser known by the masses). Click here for Bruce Lee. Click here for Huang Feihong. ?


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