Chapter 24

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“If I give the cat one pill to eat, what would happen?” A bizarre notion silently wormed its way into Zhao Lingjun’s mind.

Curious, he couldn’t help but to search for the glass bottle deep in his bag.

After finding it in his bag, an evil intent flickered in Zhao Lingjun’s eyes.

Shaking the bottle, he heard the clink of the four pills inside. As he shook the bottle, he felt a bit like a perverted lecher holding a bottle of aphrodisiac while trying to tempt a young lady.

Especially when he looked at the cat’s delicate and pitiful expression, Zhao Lingjun firmly chided himself, cursing himself that he was lesser than a beast.

“Didn’t you bring this bottle of pills with the intention of finding a stray dog or the like to test it on? Although this cat is very pitiful, even if you were to leave it alone, it wouldn’t survive for much longer. Then again, the pill may just be viagra, perhaps the cat will be fine after eating it.” As he was chiding himself, a seductive voice appeared in his consciousness.

After hesitating for only a moment, Zhao Lingjun uncorked the glass bottle.

The pills gave off a fragrant sweet scent, causing Zhao Lingjun’s mind to clear. A whiff of the fragrance wafting from the bottle and he slipped into a state of tranquility.

Although to Zhao Lingjun, a pill that emits such a sweet scent most likely wouldn’t be poisonous. But when he poured out a pill from the bottle onto his hand, and stretched it out to the cat, deep down he wished that it would turn and run.

However, it wasn’t meant to be, and he was disappointed. As he stretched out his hand, the white cat pounced over to him.

Zhao Lingjun immediately felt a coarse but soft feeling flit across his palm.

When he looked at his palm, the pill was no longer there and the dirty white cat was lapping its tongue looking for more.

Knowing that the cat had eaten it, it suddenly occurred to him that he still didn’t know the gender of the dirty cat.

“If a little girl ate the viagra, what would her reaction be?”

As this thought popped into his mind, Zhao Lingjun heard the cat meow.

Zhao Lingjun saw the cat tremble all over, then opened its mouth to violently cough.

Zhao Lingjun was shocked silly.

He simply couldn’t believe his eyes, and everything that had just transpired before him.

The dirty cat had coughed up a ball of blue flame.

In utter disbelief, Zhao Lingjun rubbed his eyes, half suspecting that he had saw wrongly.

But as if the cat read his mind, it spat out two more flaming breaths.

This time, Zhao Lingjun clearly saw the cat breathe blue essence flames .

Before he could figure out what just happened, Zhao Lingjun noticed the cat’s fur stand on end, and after a short moment, its dirty fur ignited with a blue flame roiling on it.

If there was another person beside him at this moment , Zhao Lingjun would have grabbed his neck and fervently asked, “What the f*ck is going on?”

* * *

But sadly, there was no such person to answer him.

Zhao Lingjun saw the blue flames on the cat’s body roil for a few more minutes before it slowly died down.

As the blue flames slowly dissipated, Zhao Lingjun was shocked. The cat’s body had slowly returned to normal, but its originally ash grey eyes had turned into a dazzling blue.

Its eyes had turned into a brilliant sapphire-like blue.

“Just what kind of pill is this?” Seeing the cat’s shimmering sapphire-like eyes, Zhao Lingjun turned to the bottle in his hands with three pills remaining inside, and wanted to cry but had no tears.

But it didn’t stop there, and Zhao Lingjun wanted to cry even more.

Just as Zhao Lingjun thought that nothing else would happen, the cat meowed loudly.

The meow was so loud that it made Zhao Lingjun wonder if there was a megaphone on it.

After it meowed, it abruptly jumped into the air and somersaulted 17 or 18 times.

Seeing a cat do over 10 somersaults, Zhao Lingjun would have normally laughed till his stomach hurt. But right now, he couldn’t even smile.

When the cat was performing its 18th somersault, Zhao Lingjun suddenly noticed that the cat was already totally different from when he first saw it.

When he first met the it, all he had seen was a dirty little cat that looked pitiful and weak.

Now, although the cat was still dirty, it seemed to be as lively as a dragon and majestic as a tiger.

“Could this pill be a godly supplement?” The transformation of the cat had inadvertently placed such an idea in Zhao Lingjun’s head. “But how did its eyes suddenly become sapphire-like?”

As he pondered, he became curious and wanted to take a closer look at its eyes.

But when he looked ahead, all he saw was a butt.

A small, dirty cat’s butt.

The cat which was originally facing Zhao Lingjun, had suddenly turned around.

While Zhao Lingjun sat clueless as to why the cat had turned and faced its butt to him, the cat dashed off.

* * *

Zhao Lingjun gawked foolishly.

He had never seen such a swift cat.

He had always known that cats and dogs ran very quickly, but the speed of this cat was truly too incredulous.

When it ran off, all he saw was an ash grey lightning-like after image.

In his confusion, the cat had already disappeared out the door.

Zhao Lingjun instinctively turned and gave chase.

Compared to the cat, Zhao Lingjun’s speed was like a turtle.

When he stepped out of the clinic’s courtyard door, he once again saw that dirty white cat.

The cat had already stopped running.

However, Zhao Lingjun was on the brink of fainting, and could only see stars.

It only took Zhao Lingjun three steps to reach the clinic’s courtyard door from where he was, it wasn’t even enough time to light a cigarette within that short moment.

But the cat had appeared over a hundred meters from the door, in front of a garbage dump.

“Is that still a cat? It isn’t the Flash is it?” Zhao Lingjun mumbled to himself as he stared incredulously at the cat.

Chapter 24 Cat's Transformation


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