Chapter 23 Blue Pill

Chapter 23 Blue Pill

“How did you end up in such a state?”

“What were you up to last night? Experiencing life’s pleasures? You don’t want others to work today and decided to hop and stomp in your house?”

The next morning, with a limp, dull footsteps, and a pale complexion, Zhao Lingjun hobbled his way to the crowded bus stop. Immediately, Zhang Changsheng and Lin Yiren unhesitantly asked.

“I want to discuss something with you privately.”

Before Zhao Lingjun could even answer, Xiao Ping mysteriously pulled him aside.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Lingjun eyed the excited Xiao Ping.

“Lend me the good stuff that you watched last night for a couple of days.” Xiao Ping blinked pleadingly at Zhao Lingjun.

Zhao Lingjun almost crashed on the floor from fainting.

“Did I not close the blinds when doing those things last night?” No matter how much Zhao Lingjun put his mind to it, he still didn’t know how Xiao Ping knew of those things.

“Quickly take it out.” Xiao Ping urged. “The bus is coming, it wouldn’t be convenient then.”

“What do you want to see?” Zhao Lingjun resignedly replied, full of suspicion that Xiao Ping was also a BDSM enthusiasts, and had planted a pinhole camera in his room.

“The pornographic film that you watched yesterday of course!” Xiao Ping exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you’re bashful about it?”

The whites of Zhao Lingjun’s eyes showed, almost dying. After a long time did Zhao Lingjun finally awake from his stupor and reply, “How did you know I watched a pornographic film yesterday?”

“Look at you, moving lifelessly, a pale complexion, and last but not least, Lin Yiren just said that you were banging nonstop. Why don’t you tell me, what else could it but you watching pornography?”

“Exactly! Therefore quickly take out your good stuff.” Just as Xiao Ping said that, Zhang Changsheng and Lin Yiren circled Zhao Lingjun.

“I don’t have the pornographic film that you speak of.” Zhao Lingjun depressingly said to the three guys with glimmering gazes. “I was jumping around because my foot got pierced in the sewers yesterday.”

“What? You injured your foot?”

Hearing that, Zhang Changsheng immediately became nervous. After all, everyone would know what kind of place a sewer is, therefore he immediately asked out of concern. “How is it? Is it serious?”

“You don’t say.” Zhao Lingjun gave Zhang Changsheng a gloomy expression. “Didn’t you notice that I became Tie Guaili when I walked over? So? Is it serious or not?”


“F*ck! I’m so miserable and you guys still can laugh. Are you even humans?” Zhao Lingjun wretchedly looked on at the three who couldn’t hold their laughter in.

“Haha.” Zhang Changsheng coughed before finally suppressing his laughter and replied. “How about this, I’ll help you apply for leave today. You rush to a clinic for a checkup and to get some vaccines. The sewer has a wide assortment of things, who knows what kind of bacteria is in it. If the wound is infected, that wouldn’t be too good.”

“Yea, it’s best to go for a checkup as soon as possible.” Xiao Ping seriously chimed in, completely oblivious to Zhao Lingjun’s change in expression. “That year in my hometown, there was a guy whose foot was pierced by iron. He didn’t notice it and unknowingly he died a year after.”

“F*ck! You guys…” Zhao Lingjun looked helplessly at the three men, speechless.

After getting on the bus, Zhao Lingjun felt increasingly abnormal.

After finally arriving, Zhao Lingjun jumped off the bus.

By the time the commuters on the bus commented that his impersonation of a lame man was so good, Zhao Lingjun who was already far away yelled, “Help me to take the day off!” He then stopped a taxi and sped off.

* * *

The taxi driver was a bespectacled middle-aged man, and had an aura of a learned man. He looked similar to Zhao Lingjun’s middle school Chinese teacher.

“To the nearest clinic, a slightly better one.” He instructed the driver as he boarded the car.

As a result the puzzled driver replied, “What is it you want? The nearest one? Or a slightly better one? The nearest clinic may not be a good one, a good clinic may not be the nearest. These two clinics aren’t necessarily the same clinic. How am I supposed to drive with such a destination?”

“You… You decide.” Zhao Lingjun blacked out from the driver’s criticism.

“As i see fit? How am I supposed to drive?” The taxi driver stopped the car and asked, “Which do you want? The nearest? Or a better clinic?”

“Then… the nearest one.” The glaring driver made the already depressed Zhao Lingjun want to cry.

“Then say that earlier. See how clear it is now?” The taxi driver pushed his glasses up, stepped on the accelerator, and with a cry of the engine, sped off.

In less than two minutes, the car pulled up at a small alley.

“We have arrived.” The bespectacled driver pushed his glasses again, before motioning to the alley.

“This is the nearest clinic?” Zhao Lingjun stared in disbelief at the rickety sign “XX Health” in the alley and wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Yup! See, it’s very near.” The driver replied.

“Then can we go to a better clinic?” Zhao Lingjun requested.

“Of course! The client is king.” The driver once again stepped on the accelerator, and after a few minutes, the car stopped at the entrance of “XX New Health”.

“This is a better clinic?” No matter how he pieced it together, it still was smaller than his hometown’s clinic.

“Isn’t it better compared to the previous one?” The driver shot a baffled look at Zhao Lingjun.

“Ya ya ya.” Zhao Lingjun paid the fare and swiftly got out of the car. If Zhao Lingjun had continued speaking with the driver, he was afraid that before he was at the clinic, he would have already been depressed to death.

* * *

The sign of this clinic seemed to be cold and lifeless.

If not for the sign, with the number of elderly people entering and exiting, Zhao Lingjun would have mistaken it for a elderly home instead.

Zhao Lingjun was highly doubtful that this place could perform a full checkup, and if it even had vaccines for tetanus and such.

Since he was already at the doorstep, Zhao Lingjun decided to just go in and have a look.


As he entered the clinic, he heard a soft meow.

He then saw a small dirty white cat near the corner of the door, and it directed a pitiful look at him.

Zhao Lingjun adored cats and dogs from the start, and although this cat was slightly dirty, but that pitiful look was enough to kindle his compassion.

“It seems that you must be starving.” Zhao Lingjun sympathetically shook his head at the dirty and weak cat.

Zhao Lingjun really wanted to feed the cat a fish, but on him, he only had a sausage bread that had a bite missing.

The bread was supposed to be Zhao Lingjun’s breakfast, but when waking up in the morning, his appetite wasn’t too good, and packed it to go.

Not knowing whether it was to the cats liking, he pinched a little and tossed it to the cat.

To his delight, the cat meowed, and gobbled up the bread in a split second.

“It seems that you are really starving, haha. You don’t even resemble a cat, and more like a dog.” This dirty cat was interesting to Zhao Lingjun, therefore Zhao Lingjun threw what was left of the bread to it.

It meowed again

Before he could react, the cat like a tornado had swept through the bread that he threw, then begged with its eyes, desiring for more.

Zhao Lingjun was stunned, the piece of bread he threw wasn’t smaller than the cat's stomach by much. However, in the blink of an eye, it was already in its stomach.

Locking eyes with the cat, he felt that the cat probably haven’t eaten for many days.

“Pitiful guy.” Zhao Lingjun looked at its gaze, and melted. Although he knew that he didn’t have anything else that was edible on his person, he still couldn’t help but check his bag.

Then Zhao Lingjun saw the glass bottle in his bag, in it had four blue pills.[1]

Author note: It's the eve of the lunar new year, let me say some things. Secondly, issues with the plot, those who read my novel would know. My novel isn't like those where the lead is super powerful from the start (TL:and/or MC doesn't power up like most/every other chinese novel MC on steroids.). Therefore those looking for an invincible MC from the start (TL:and/or power ups easily) would inevitably be slightly disappointed. I prefer to write the process of how a person slowly becomes stronger, as well a the lead's normal and dull life, rather than him being invincible immediately, and proceeding to become almighty under the heavens, and XXOO (TL: You know... >.> <.< those things) with beauties.

End of what i translated. With some omissions.

TL Note: I don’t translate most of his notes because I they aren’t applicable. But for this I found it meaningful and would shed some light on the novel. I didn’t translate it fully as some parts do not apply. I tried to translate the exact meanings for it.

[1] No! No! Noooooo not the cat! ?


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