Chapter 22 Pornographic Film


Chapter 22 Pornographic Film

“Ling Feng, your Dao Heart is being disturbed.”

Daoist Master Xuan Xu laughed and said that sentence as Daoist Master Ling Feng stared bewilderingly.

Daoist Master Ling Feng’s Dao heart was suffering a bludgeoning, shivering from within. When he subconsciously touched his forehead, he had already broken out in cold sweat.

“If you can’t even see past a pornographic film, then I'm afraid your cultivation probably can’t improve.” Daoist Master Xuan Xu said, as he seriously looked at his most highly regarded disciple.

After being chided by his master, Daoist Master Ling Feng calmed himself and immediately returned to his calm and tranquil state. The soul stirring scenes shown on the three TVs disappeared, as if they were part of the mountain’s mist.

“Congratulations on breaking through the Three Cycles of Reincarnation and comprehending the Dao even more.” Daoist Master Ling Feng once again congratulated his white haired and white bearded master.


Daoist Master Ling Feng upon being awoken from his bewildered state by his master, immediately knew that his master had seen through the hardest part of cultivation, breaking through the Three Cycles of Reincarnation, seeing past pornograhpic films. Therefore he naturally assumed that his master had broken through the Three Cycles of Reincarnation and became the most accomplished Daoist Master of Sanqing Shan in the past 100 years. However, it didn’t cross Daoist Master Ling Feng’s mind that his master had only sighed deeply before he continued on. “Fate dictates as such. I would have been able to break through it, comprehending the Dao, and seeing past such things. Sadly there was an unexpected explosive outburst of a treasure’s qi towering through the sky, it roused my greed, causing my heart to go astray, losing all my past efforts. It seems that I may never be able to see past this stage in the future.”

After hearing this, Daoist Master Ling Feng’s expression did a complete 180 degrees change. He knew that his master wasn’t joking. For a Daoist’s cultivation to go astray, he had to start from scratch, and even then, the amount of time and effort he had to put in was monumental. Looking at his master, sadly there wasn’t time to try again.

Daoist Master Ling Feng was saddened, however he immediately remembered his purpose for coming here, and urgently asked, “Master, you also discovered that great treasure’s qi?”

Daoist Master Xuan Xu smiled and replied, “Of course! Just now that qi given off by the treasure was so monolithic that even the Emei’s[1] Sects Heavenly Mirror wasn’t a match for it.”

“How can it be?” Daoist Master Ling Feng’s eyes turned white, and almost fell unconscious. “Master, you’re saying that the qi from the South-East, is even more powerful than that of the Emei Sect’s Heavenly Mirror?”

“Judging by the immense pillar of qi it gave off, it is indeed a few times stronger.” Daoist Master Xuan Xu admittingly nodded. He then looked at the sky again before laughing, “Otherwise, would you think that that old Zhang Daoyuan would urgently activate the Po Tian Jian summoning us to Longhu Shan for a discussion?

“...” Daoist Master Ling Feng looked at his master, utterly speechless.

Emei’s Heavenly Mirror, was Daoists’ strongest treasure known to date. When the Heavenly Mirror was once again unsealed, numerous Daoists hurried to Emei Sect, travelling day and night just to catch a glimpse of the Heavenly Mirror’s qi. At the time, Daoist Master Ling Feng didn’t have enough seniority, and thus after rushing to the Sect, he wasn’t able to snatch a good view of the treasure.

But now master is definite that the treasure appearing in the South-East is undoubtedly much more badass than the Heavenly Mirror.

If it is stronger than the Heavenly Mirror, what kind of treasure could it be?

Daoist Master Ling Feng honestly had no idea what to say, and could only fatuously ask, “Since the treasure is so powerful, then why is it so calm and still after the sky was filled with the treasure’s qi.”

“I’m not certain either.” Daoist Master Xuan Xu shook his head and sighed. “Therefore, I think Zhang Daoyuan isn’t too clear about the situation either, which is why he activated the Po Tian Jian to discuss the matter with us.”

“Then what should we do?” Daoist Master Ling Feng looked towards his master. “Master, please instruct your disciple.”

Daoist Master Ling Feng was afraid that his master would say, “Forget it, let’s not wade in the muddy waters.” Because, when Daoist Master Xuan Xu had entered closed doors, in an attempt to breakthrough the Three Cycles of Reincarnation, he no longer had any attachments towards the mortal world.

However contrary to his expectations, Daoist Master Xuan Xu smiled and said, “You make a trip to Longhu Shan and represent me. It is fate that someone has obtained the treasure, but I don’t wish for it to be in the hands of a vile and treacherous villain. Therefore you guys had better find out what kind of treasure it is and what kind of person has it. In addition, I’m curious as to why the treasure’s qi suddenly disappeared mysteriously, without a trace of its former imposing might.

If Daoist Master Xuan Xu knew that Zhao Lingjun returning the BDSM-like items back into the black box, was the cause of the treasure’s presence disappearing, no matter how high his cultivation was, he would stumble to the ground.

??* * *

Still unable to figure out what the pot was for, Zhao Lingjun tossed all the BDSM-like props back into the black metal box.

Zhao Lingjun hurriedly kept the items because he was worried that a shameless person like Qin Ye would barge into his apartment, where he would be able to see the assortment of props lying around. At that point, even jumping into the Yellow River wouldn’t cleanse Zhao Lingjun. Afraid that whence morning comes, not only would the whole office know but it would have even spread throughout the entire office building. Thereafter Zhao Lingjun of Meng Si Ni Company would be known as appearing honest on the outside, but a closet BDSM loving perverted sex fiend.

Out of the items, Zhao Lingjun didn’t keep the three legged pot, the blue viagra-like pill and one bamboo scroll engraved with weird writings.

Only after careful deliberations, did Zhao Lingjun decide on leaving these items outside.

Although Zhao Lingjun understood how to activate the Black Lotus to materialize the box, but he was afraid that the box would disappear for good, just like how it appeared.

Towards those BDMS-like props, Zhao Lingjun would be unfeeling even if they were gone forever.

The highly valuable looking pot on the other hand was another matter, and Zhao Lingjun couldn’t bear to lose it.

As for the viagra, it's safe to say that every men would be curious about it. Therefore, obviously Zhao Lingjun kept it, for future research.

Lastly the bamboo scroll. Zhao Lingjun wanted to search for a person capable of comprehending the inscriptions on it, to see whether it was truly as he imaged and had stimulating texts from the ancients.

After throwing everything other than the three items into the black metal box, Zhao Lingjun closed the box and prod the floating Black Lotus again.

As Zhao Lingjun expected, the Black Lotus once again exuded its multicoloured brilliance, and the black metal box dematerialized in the light.

After which the Black Lotus returned to its original form once again, and hit the floor with a ‘ding’ sound.

“Hahaha.” He picked up the Black Lotus, and looked at the three items on his bedside cabinet before going to bed.

??* * *

The day was just too bizarre, after lying on his bed, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t sleep almost like he had taken steroids. Only after rolling in bed countless times, did he finally drift asleep.

In his sleep, Zhao Lingjun experienced countless strange dreams.

In the dream he experienced the most, he sold the pot for billions. Then, smartly dressed and driving a BMW, he quickly pulled up his car beside Hao Meili’s Polo, then in Hao Meili’s and Zhang Zhong’s shocked gazes, smugly say, “Baoya Zhen, Fatty Zhang, I quit, 88(bye bye)!”

[1] Emei Sect - Fictional martial arts sect. Only takes in females. Click here to find out a little more. ?


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