Chapter 19


Chapter 19 [Click here to see title]

Contrary to Zhao Lingjun’s wishful thinking, it didn’t contain gold or silver treasures, or some golden mask that could turn one into Ultraman, or even a beauty asleep for a millennium waiting to be awoken by a kiss.

What had appeared before Zhao Lingjun’s eyes was instead a decently long white rope of 1 meter, a short golden whip, a few red candles, and lastly, a neatly folded dress that looked like a very translucent nightgown.

That rope was similar to those Zhao Lingjun had seen in many films. The golden whip looked exactly like a specialised implement. Because the whole whip from end to end was less than half a meter, and the whip wasn’t single tailed, and instead had multiple tails that looked like tassels. No matter how it was looked at, it wouldn’t hurt a person.[1] The few red candles, reminded Zhao Lingjun of a SOD movie involving dripping candle wax.[2]

Without rhyme or reason, Zhao Lingjun pictured this.

A wretched man holding a lit candle in one hand and the short golden whip in the other.

In front of that man was a tied up female wearing that dress as translucent and thin as a cicada’s wing.

“Unexpectedly after risking my life to open this box, it turned out to be this kind of collector’s box.”

If Zhao Lingjun had fantasized about this on a normal day, he would have had a sudden urge. However, the difference between reality before him and what he envisioned, made Zhao Lingjun want to impulsively streak naked on the roof.

After managing to exercise control over himself, and avoiding collapsing to the ground, Zhao Lingjun put the chopper down while wanting to cry but no tears would flow.

For a moment, Zhao Lingjun yearned to lift the box up, then rush to his window and toss it out. However just as he had the intention of doing it, he had impression that there could be more items hidden under those implements.

Therefore, Zhao Lingjun removed the items one by one.

The first thing that was removed was the white rope.

Immediately upon taking it out, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but curse, “MLGBD.”

Although Zhao Lingjun couldn’t discern what material the rope was made out of by sight, but now after touching it, he was almost certain that it was used by a pervert in the past.

The rope was soft beyond compare, to Zhao Lingjun, even if it was used to tie a person up, the sub wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. He was incomparably depressed by the fact that the rope could have been used by a man from ancient times to tie up many beauties.

This was because, Zhao Lingjun up till now, hadn’t had any intimate contact with girls other than holding a girl’s hand during ice breaker games during university.

Although Zhao Lingjun normally brushed it off, but in the presence of such things, his heart couldn’t help but be stirred emotionally.

This kind of emotion was exactly the same as when someone held your long time crush’s hand and walked nonchalantly before you.

If Zhao Lingjun had continued scrutinising it, he most likely would have gone crazy from envy. Therefore he quickly removed the uppermost items, the white rope, golden whip, red candles, and the dress and placed them beside the black box.

After removing the four items, Zhao Lingjun could see everything inside the box.

??* * *

Many people believe that after failure comes success, in disappointment there is hope. But sadly, sometimes after getting disappointed, an even bigger disappointment presents itself.

Seeing the remaining contents of the box, Zhao Lingjun was thoroughly disappointed.

After removing the four BDSM like props, only a few things were left, a glass bottle, stacks of bundled bamboo scrolls, and finally a worn out censer

Zhao Lingjun picked up the bottles and looked at it, finding a few small blue pills.

“Viagra?” Upon seeing its contents, this immediately came to Zhao Lingjun’s mind.

“Viagra even existed back then?” Putting down the glass bottle, Zhao Lingjun was even more convinced that the owner of the box was a pervert sex fiend.

That wretched man’s image once again appeared in his mind.

Zhao Lingjun took a deep breath, and finally managed to dispel that image.

“Then what are the bamboo scroll and censer for?” Shifting the bottle of Viagra aside, Zhao Lingjun turned his attention the other two items. He went for the bamboo sheet first, opening one bundle. To his surprise, the sheet was engraved with designs that looked like ancient characters.

“F*ck! This must be a hand copied erotica of that era.

He immediately judged the bamboo sheets.

Then Zhao Lingjun took out the last thing remaining in the box, an old and worn out censer.

The weight of the censer threw Zhao Lingjun off, it was unexpectedly very heavy. At first he had tried to lift it single handedly, but the censer didn’t even budge.

Therefore, Zhao Lingjun tried again with both hands.

Once he lifted it up, he noticed that the censer wasn’t a censer, but a three legged pot. [3]

The three legs seemed as if they were made up of clouds ascending to the heavens. Other than the three cloud looking legs, the rest of the pot was full of strange writing. However, this strange writing was not similar to those on the box nor the Black Lotus. It looked oddly similar to those oracle bone scripts that Zhao Lingjun used to see on TV.[4]

Its weight along with the greenish blue spots of patina, solidified Zhao Lingjun’s conviction that it was a genuine and authentic antique.

“It seems that I at least managed to find something valuable inside.” Zhao Lingjun was finally relieved after lifting the pot with both hands and taking a good look at it.

But then a thought struck Zhao Lingjun. “This guy had a hand written copy of pornographic material, a translucent nightgown, rope, whip, candles, and even Viagra to boost his vitality. Then what did he use this pot for?”

Chapter 19 Ancient BDSM Collection?

[1] Khuja says bullshit. ?

[2] SOD - Japanese AV Company. For those kinkycurious people, click here to find out more. ?

[3] Pot - Not the normal modern pot. But an ancient Chinese cauldron pot, like a medicinal pot, but not that big since it can fit in a large suitcase. Picture of it here. ?

[4] Oracle Bone scripts - Ancient Chinese writing normally written on bone and used for pyromantic divination. Click here to find out more. Picture of it. ?


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