Chapter 18 Opening the Box


Chapter 18 Opening the Box

Zhao Lingjun was pleased with his fingers.

Watching the black metal box slam onto the floor, Zhao Lingjun imagined that he possessed Midas Touch, and was euphoric.

Even the angry shouts from the utterly annoyed Lin Yiren, sounded like a symphony to his ears.

This euphoria was so addictive that Zhao Lingjun wanted to try replicating it again. However, Zhao Lingjun still decided against it, as knowing Lin Yiren, he would definitely stay true to his words and rush up with a murderous aura if Zhao Lingjun was to try again.

Looking at the floating Black Lotus, that was no longer giving off the multicoloured light. Zhao Lingjun was completely certain that if he touched that flower again, it would start rotating, exude that multicoloured light and finally the black metal box would disappear once again. After which, the Black Lotus would return to its original state and drop to the ground.

Zhao Lingjun was now certain of what made the Black Lotus bloom, and the black metal box appear.

The process of doing it was pretty simple, first to throw the Black Lotus onto the floor, and then touch it.

Seeing the black box giving off such a bone-piercing frigid aura even on such a hot day, Zhao Lingjun was hesitating on whether to open it, and examine its contents.

??* * *

The black metal box and the petals of the Black Lotus floating above it, both had similar engravings all over them, seemingly like an ancient script.

The black metal box looked quaint, and not from the present. However, the style of the metal box looked similar to a large suitcase.

It was not only similar in shape and size, but it also had a clasp to latch it.

When Zhao Lingjun was a student, whenever he went home, he had to lug a similar suitcase to this onto a crowded train. Therefore, he immediately understood how to open the suitcase, by unlatching the buckle.

Opening the box, seemed so simple.

If such a box was placed in front of Zhao lingjun at any other time, he would have unhesitantly opened it and examined its contents.

However, he witnessed the whole process of how the black box had appeared.

No matter how you looked at it, the box materialized from the Black Lotus.

But! The floating Black Lotus even when in bloom was not much larger than his thumb.

A small Black Lotus, materializing such a big box, was akin to a hen laying an ostrich egg.

It is instinctual to fear the unknown; to Zhao Lingjun, how the box appeared was really just too strange.

??* * *

After examining the box from the safety of his bed for a long time, Zhao Lingjun finally came to a decision.

Zhao Lingjun was afraid that a frightening big dumpling[1] would jump out of the box. Although the box didn’t look very big, however even a thumb sized lotus could materialize this box. As such it wasn’t out of the question even if the box contained numerous English speaking Jiangshi. [2]

Once he thought of such supernatural things, Zhao Lingjun trembled in fear. However, Zhao Lingjun still decided to persevere and open it, not wanting to regret it for his whole life. He felt that no matter who it was, his curiosity would outweigh the possible dangers, and wanted to uncover its contents.

Rather than being unable to sleep for the rest of his life, and be filled with remorse, he’d rather face the dangers, even if a Jiangshi jumped out and killed him.

Therefore, Zhao Lingjun made up his mind to open it.

After deciding, Zhao Lingjun first hobbled over to his kitchen, retrieving a chopper.[3]

If given a choice, Zhao Lingjun would have retrieved an AK47 or a chainsaw like those from zombie games. Those two weapons, were not only good for murder, but great for self-defense as well.

But after searching, the best weapon Zhao Lingjun could find was merely a measly cleaver.

If a supernatural demon like the Jiangshi jumped out of the box, he would first chop its head then dash out of his house and call 110. (Chinese Police)

Zhao Lingjun played out that scenario in his head. While grasping the chopper in his right hand, he cautiously used his left hand to slowly unlatched the hasp.

Because the fastening appeared exactly the same as his large suitcase, he assumed that after unlatching the clasp, he had to lift up the lid personally.

Unexpectedly, the cover of the black box immediately sprang open after Zhao Lingjun unlatched the clasp.

Zhao Lingjun jumped back in fright, almost letting go of his chopper.

He had jumped back in fright because along with the opening of the box, a gust of wind blew his hair backwards.

A gust of air. Zhao Lingjun’s first feeling was that it was an ill-omened wind.

But after jumping backwards, he realised that nothing terrifying had appeared from the box.

The black metal box just like a normal suitcase, laid open quietly on the ground.

??* * *

Seeing nothing terrifying leap out, Zhao Lingjun was overjoyed.

Zhao Lingjun presumed that since the Black Lotus was so magical, the black box would contain something valuable.

Does it contain treasures worth more than what’s inside Du Shiniang’s[4] treasure chest, or is it a wearable golden mask that can transform one into Ultraman? Could it even be a gorgeous beauty asleep for a millennium?

Zhao Lingjun excitedly skipped towards the box.

“Just what was the original owner of the box up to?”

But, after taking a glance at its contents, Zhao Lingjun eyes rolled twice and nearly fainted.

[1] Big Dumpling - Slang from Ghost blows out the light, popular story in China. (Yes the same one in IRAS). It refers to a Jiangshi(refer to [2]), evil spirits, and such supernatural things. Click here to find out more about the story. ?

[2] Jiangshi - Chinese style zombie. Click here to find out more. ?

[3] Chopper - Thinner than a cleaver, Chinese household knife. Click here to find out more. ?

[4] Du Shiniang - Lady from a popular story in China. Works in a brothel, amassed quite a wealthy sum through various means, and placed them in that treasure chest of hers. In the end it was thrown into the sea. ?


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