Chapter 15 Rain boots


Chapter 15 Rain boots

Zhao Lingjun had always been short of cash, and couldn’t bear to flush the 50 yuan. Therefore he had planned use it after washing and drying it.

Previously, because there was no water, he placed it on the windowsill to air dry.

Even though it had aired for so long that it had dried up, but on the surface of it, there had to be some remnants. Zhao Lingjun just couldn’t figure out how Qin Ye didn’t notice it and immediately placed it into his wallet.

While lying on his bed, Zhao Lingjun finally came to a conclusion. At that moment, in Qin Ye’s eyes, other than that 50 yuan note, nothing else could be seen.

If he was already like this with 50 yuan, what if it was changed to 100, what would happen?

Imagining Qin Ye’s expression when he notices his faeces filled wallet, Zhao Lingjun couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.

After laughing his heart out, Zhao Lingjun was finally at ease, and his murderous mood finally rescinded.

Sadly, his state of ease only lasted for a few seconds. After a few minutes, Zhao Lingjun could only mournfully take a towel and walk towards his bathroom.

Although he had already showered three times, he still felt like he smelled like stinky tofu, as if it had infused into his bones and only by washing off his skin could it be removed.

Just as he took a step into the bathroom, Zhao Lingjun wondered if he continued washing, would a certain part on his body also be washed off?

Deep in his thoughts, he had already walked to the bathroom door and placed one foot on the door’s threshold.

At which point, a tremendous pain shot up from his feet straight to his head.

“AHHH….” Zhao Lingjun involuntarily let out a dreadful cry, crouched, and grabbed his left foot.

That kind of pain, caused even his mind to explode.

??* * *

Zhao Lingjun’s first look was clearly at that loathsome door’s threshold.

But that marble threshold was as glossy and as ever, as if nothing had happened.

He then turned to look at his left foot, that had a sharp searing pain.

Zhao Lingjun just about fainted from what he saw.

He saw an enormous purple bruise, with pale white flesh visible from an open wound in the middle. Although the wound wasn’t too big, it was very deep, and at first glance, it seemed like someone had vehemently pierced his foot with an ice pick.

Even though the blood was no longer gushing out, Zhao Lingjun was still muddleheaded from seeing the visible white flesh in his wounded foot.

Moments later, he finally sighed and snapped out of it, just thankful that he didn’t bleed to death,

“But why is there such a large wound on my foot?” He mumbled.

Completely stumped, Zhao Lingjun looked around the house, and to his dismay, his gaze stopped on a utterly repulsive pair of rain boots jutting out of the dustbin. He had an epiphany and knew why his foot would have such a horrifying wound.

??* * *

Some feelings are never to be forgotten, and remain fresh in the mind for eternity. When he saw that pair of boots, that sensation of being submerged in oily butter came back to him.

He was definite that the culprit for his wound was a sharp object that had slipped into his boots together with the heap of sludge.

Earlier, when he escaped from hell, Zhao Lingjun only had two thoughts. One was to scrub off all the filth on him, and second to hide in a hole from embarrassment, which resulted in him scrambling for his apartment. Although at that time, he already had a painful sensation in his left foot, he had other things on his mind and didn’t immediately check on it.

Moreover, because the wound was on his arch, when walking normally only a slight ache could be felt. Only when the wound grazed upon the threshold did Zhao Lingjun get the shock of his life and paid his utmost attention to it.

“Oh my god, I wouldn’t get infected by AIDS, tetanus and the like right?” Brooding about his injury in that disgusting sludge, infested with a myriad of hazardous substances, Zhao Lingjun lapsed into a drunken stupor, completely unfeeling of anything other than his impending doom.

In a crazed state, he hopped wildly towards the kitchen, prepared a bowl of salt water and poured it over his wound. Not knowing whether it had any use, Zhao Lingjun still chose to do so as he thought that doing something was better than nothing.

That feeling of wanting to die, would be both agonized and sympathised by those who had tried to rub salt on an open wound.

Immediately after the salt water touched his wound, Zhao Lingjun’s foot trembled, and cramped up.

“MLGBD! AHHHH” Cried Zhao Lingjun, pained to the point of tears.

The calf cramps coupled with the searing pain akin to a knife gouging out flesh caused Zhao Lingjun wish he could headbutt a wall and die.

After he finally had some semblance of sanity, he hopped into his toilet with difficulty.

Zhao Lingjun only could think of one course of action, to discard that half filled trashcan emitting a nauseating stench, containing a pair of boots and sludge.

The suffering Zhao Lingjun resented the boots that were the root cause. If it hadn’t been for this pair of boots, he wouldn’t have gone all the way down the sewer. He would have had hanged on the ladder and slowly cleared the blockage from there. He also wouldn’t have gotten soaked by the burst of water, nor would his foot end up in such a grim state.

Therefore in his eyes, the boots was the root of all evil, the cause of everything.

“If I go to the hospital tomorrow, and the doctor asks what cut me. How should I answer?” While still in a rage, Zhao Lingjun opened the window, and was about to throw out the pair of disgusting boots, this thought flashed in his head.

Zhao Lingjun immediately calmed down.

He had a sudden urge to see just what had caused that wound of his.

Is it a rusty nail? Or is it a sharp rock? Or is it a bone fragment from someone’s meal? Zhao Lingjun held his breath, slowly flipped over the plastic bag, as he depressingly thought, hopefully it’s not someone’s used needle, or a human bone.


He then heard a ‘Ding’ sound.

Although he hadn’t seen what it was, but he could discern from the sound that it was a piece of metal.

Since it’s a metal piece, then it definitely wouldn’t be a used syringe or the like.

Zhao Lingjun let out a sigh of relief.


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