Chapter 14 50 Yuan


Chapter 14 50 Yuan

Disaster. Saviour. Longevity. Gods of Pestilence. Vitality. I sacrifice my lifespan, let the six beads stop, and unfold the twists of fate to come.

Wu Xiaoye quietly chanted, while tossing out the 6 tortoiseshell beads that had been polished into a glossy pearl-like sphere.

What Wu Xiaoye employed was the Six Oscillating Tortoiseshell Hexagram.

Legend has it that the Six Oscillating Tortoiseshell Hexagram was created by King Wen of Zhou. This kind of divination using Bagua as the foundation, was one of the hardest forms to master.

But this kind of divination, was Wu Xiaoye’s most masterful one.

There was not a single form of Divinity Trigram that would calculate the results with 100% accuracy. However, in the past whenever Wu Xiaoye used this method of divination, it was very precise, with a low rate of failure.

Therefore, when she decided to try one last time, she used this method to divine.

??* * *

The six beads pulsed rhythmically in the air, before landing at the same time.

*Bang* After the sound, the six pearl-like beads with strange patterns scattered all over the floor like petals falling from a girl’s hand.

After a single glance, a sort of excited yet frightened expression appeared on Wu Xiaoye’s face. The way her expression changed was similar to the ripples on a cool lake when the wind blew on a Spring morning.

“Zhao Lingjun…” Wu Xiaoye dreamily shouted his name.

??* * *

“Zhao Lingjun…”

When he heard his door being knocked on and his name being shouted, Zhao Lingjun was in the bathroom lathering himself for the third time. Even so, he still believed that he smelled like freshly cooked stinky tofu.

Therefore, when he heard the knock, Zhao Lingjun impolitely burst out, “Why are you knocking. I, your grandpa am taking a bath, just wait outside.

Actually, even if Zhao Lingjun wasn’t in such a bad mood, he would still have been annoyed when he heard the sound and replied in the same way.

Because he recognized the voice screaming for him, it was none other than Qin Ye of Hao Meili’s Hengha Er Jiang.

Zhao Lingjun was nauseous again from imagining Qin Ye’s bamboo pole physique and wretched monkey face

He dawdled in the bathroom for another 7 to 8 minutes before slowly opening the door for Qin Ye.

“Why do you shower so slowly?” Qin Ye looked at the moody Zhao Lingjun.

“Slow? Why don’t you try taking a trip into the sewers?” Zhao Lingjun stood at the door, with no intention of letting Qin Ye in. “It’s already so late, what do you want?”

“Oh not much.” Qin Ye hypocritically grinned. “It’s just about the 50 yuan from the last time you went to the city for work.”

“F*ck!” Cursed Zhao Lingjun, silently. “MLGBD. Isn’t it just 50 yuan? Only two days have passed, is there really a need to specially make a trip to my apartment for it?” Can’t you just ask for it tomorrow when we are at work?”

Zhao Lingjun recalled the reason why Qin Ye was looking for him.

Two days ago, Zhao Lingjun had to go out to deliver a custom installation blueprint. He had coincidentally forgotten to bring his wallet, and could only ask Hao Meili to expense out the travel expenses in advance.

Hao Meili had told him not to claim such a small amount from the company accounts and to just borrow 50 yuan from Qin Ye, and to return the amount in the future.

With 50 yuan being such a small sum, Zhao Lingjun did not commit it to his memory. Therefore after awhile he had totally forgotten about it. But unexpectedly, Qin Ye specially came up to his apartment just for that 50 yuan.

If it was at any other time but the present, Zhao Lingjun may have still been embarrassed about it, and would immediately return the money to this nauseating person.

However, today was a completely different matter, the issue with the sewer had already made Zhao Lingjun boil with rage, not to mention being utterly embarrassed in front of Wu Xiaoye. Even then, for Qin Ye to come to his door just for 50 yuan was outright shameless. Therefore Zhao Lingjun decided to waste this nauseating guy’s trip. He then proceeded to discourteously say, “I didn’t withdraw money today. I will return the money in the office tomorrow.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Ye stared blankly at him.

“It can’t be, Xiao Zhao, you must be kidding me.” After a long pause, Qin Ye laughed stalely. “You can’t be so poor until you can’t even fork 50 yuan out?”

“Obviously I’m poor.” Zhao Lingjun got into an even poorer mood after hearing Qin Ye’s reply. “You obviously know how much my salary is. Not dying from starvation is already a miracle.”

“...” Qin Ye was speechless, at Zhao Lingjun shamelessly claimed that he was poor.

Seeing Qin Ye like this, Zhao Lingjun looked down even more on this guy that refused to leave.

“Don’t worry, although I am poor, but the 50 yuan that I owe you will be repaid in full, and not one cent less. I will even deliver it to your office tomorrow.”

“Fine.” Upon hearing that, Qin Ye’s face blossomed into a bright smile. “Then we will discuss about the money tomorrow. But let me in for awhile.”

“Let you in?” Zhao Lingjun quickly pulled onto the stick-like arm of his, who was trying to pass Zhao Lingjun and enter into the apartment, and questioned him. “We already agreed to discuss it tomorrow. Why do you still want to come in?”

“Lend me your toilet for a while, mother nature is calling.” Qin Ye replied. “I have been holding it in since I reached your doorstep. I will leave after using it.”

“F*ck.” Coming into contact with such a person, Zhao Lingjun just felt numb and nothing else. He could only helplessly let him pass and blankly stare at Qin Ye enter his toilet.

??* * *

“Xiao Zhao, you have to pay attention to the sanitation of your toilet.”

Zhao Lingjun first heard flushing, before hearing Qin Ye holler from the toilet, “How come you didn’t flush?”

“F*ck me.” It just came to his mind that, earlier before he went down, he took a dump and there was neither water nor toilet paper. Upon recalling his 50 yuan, he became even gloomier and could only say to himself, I, your grandpa didn’t ask you to use my toilet bowl, what are you complaining for. Grandpa here just wants to sicken you to death.

Before Zhao Lingjun’s inner dialogue was finished, he suddenly heard Qin Ye laughing maniacally in the toilet.

“Xiao Zhao, as a person you have to be more honest.”

After which, he saw Qin Ye open the bathroom door, grinning from ear to ear.

“Honest?” For a moment Zhao Lingjun, didn’t understand what he meant.

“Didn’t you say you had no money? Qin Ye boastfully waved his wallet in the air. “It seems that you’re actually very rich. Even your bathroom’s windowsill had a 50 yuan note lying there.”

“The bathroom’s windowsill?” Zhao Lingjun momentarily went into a daze, and immediately recalled where that 50yuan came from, and asked, “Then where is it now?”

“It’s in my wallet of course!” Qin Ye proudly declared. “Just nice 50 yuan, not more not less. Tomorrow you don’t have to specially come to my office to find me.”

“.........” Zhao Lingjun’s mind paused.


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