Chapter 13 Heaven Defying Divination


Chapter 13 Heaven Defying Divination

The people present were already in a state of panic from that scream, and now with Zhang Changsheng acting like he had seen a ghost, the souls of most people had already left their bodies from fright.

With everyone still clueless, a body dripping with slime and filth covered garbage charged out of the manhole.

“MLGBD!!!” Immediately after, they heard a bellow comparable to the complex’s loudspeaker from the thing.

Zhang Changsheng was shocked silly.

Everyone on site were also in a stupor.

The thing that charged out was not some monster, but Zhao Lingjun.

But when Zhao Lingjun went in, he did not look like this.

When he went down, he was equipped with rubber boots on his feet, shovel in his hand, and a mask over his face. In the majestic sunset, he looked just like the male lead from Indiana Jones, and had the aura of a professional sewer cleaner.

But the person in front of them, was coated in slime from head to toe, with an assortment of things stuck to him. He looked like a pitiful creature that was pulled out from a bucket of swill after being dunked inside. There was even a red condom stuck on his hair.

Zhang Changsheng looked at this abomination with a red condom on his head and wanted to laugh, but did not dare to do so. He was afraid that if he had laughed, Zhao Lingjun would assume that he was gloating, pounce and slaughter him.

“Are you alright?” Therefore Zhang Changsheng quickly stood up and stepped back while trying to appease him.

But Zhao Lingjun did not reply.

Zhang Changsheng only saw Zhao Lingjun untie the rope on his waist at breakneck speeds, turn around and run off. As Zhao Lingjun turned to run off, Zhang Changsheng saw a shadow flying quickly towards him.

“Concealed weapon?”

Zhang Changsheng unconsciously reached out to catch the UFO.

Zhang Changsheng felt like he had grabbed a fish, it was slimy and sticky.

“What is this?”

Zhang Changsheng curiously looked at the thing in his hand.

He saw a facemask, with a variety of slime coating it. In addition, there was even a condom stuck to it.

With just a glance, Zhang Changsheng could not help but spit out a *WOW!*

“This guy… Really? He wasn’t careful and ended up looking like this, and he even threw such a disgusting thing.” Zhang Lin of the Hengha Er Jiang commented.

But as the victim, Zhang Changsheng bore no resentment towards him.

Just holding onto this facemask, already caused him to feel nauseous.

Then before he surfaced, this thing was still plastered on his face. How did he feel? Looking at the hobbling Zhao Lingjun running towards his apartment, Zhang Changsheng sincerely sympathised with him.

??* * *

How did he feel?

Zhao Lingjun could no longer feel anything beyond wanting to die in a hole right now.

Zhao Lingjun never expected the pipe that looked to be plugged firmly, to just unclog itself once he brandished his shovel just one time. The clogged up mess burst out like the Yellow River’s dam bursting, and cleared itself in a split second.

The sewage water burst out and then flowed normally.

Zhao Lingjun only had time to shut his eyes tightly, before the surge of sewage water mixed with all sorts of disgusting things showered him.

When he rushed out of the sewer, Zhao Lingjun had really wanted to murder people. Wanting to bludgeon Zhang Zhong with his shovel, then clonk him on the head.

But the first thing he saw, was Wu Xiaoye.

Zhao Lingjun did not know why of all people, he just had to lock eyes with Wu Xiaoye first.

When they locked eyes, for a split second, sparks arose. But Zhao Lingjun felt that she was scrutinising him from head to toe. But he also felt that her gaze was filled with despair and disappointment.

Zhao Lingjun did not know why she had such emotions. But at this moment, he could only feel very embarrassed. No matter what, in front of the girl he liked, looking more disgusting than a beggar, was too embarrassing and he could not take it.

That was why Zhao Lingjun only took off his disgusting mask, threw it to the guy who asked if he was alright, and ran at the speed of light to bury himself in a hole.

??* * *

When Wu Xiaoye returned to her apartment, the complex’s water and electricity were both running already. Most of all, when she was taking a shower, she found out that the water was draining properly.

Standing under the shower, the room temperature water slowly fell onto her head, and slowly flowed down her body. However, her frustration and disappointment did not ease up in the slightest.

“Could it be that he is not that person I’m waiting for?” Wu Xiaoye thought’s were filled with Zhao Lingjun and his silhouette from earlier when he ran into the building.

Wu Xiaoye could discern that Zhao Lingjun, after coming out of the sewer, other than being very awkward, did not have the slightest bit of change.

“Even after I poured strenuous effort, not hesitating to use my lifespan, to obtain this divination, that was unexpectedly like the moon reflecting off the lake, imaginary and intangible. Grandma, could it be that I really cant exact revenge for you?”

Under the cool water, Wu Xiaoye’s tears kept flowing.

“Impossible! Even if my divinity using physiognomy and the Divinity Trigram[1] had problems, by sacrificing a decade of my lifespan through the Grand Heaven Questioning Technique, and defying the Heavens, it is impossible for it to be wrong.”

When her tears rolled down her face and dripped drop by drop on the ice-cold floor, her heart, also slowly calmed down.

Wu Xiaoye decided to try again, for one last time.

When she set her mind on it, she heard the sound of water running next door.

When she heard the water running, a blush unknowingly crept up her face.

She knew that her neighbour was Zhao Lingjun, and obviously knew what he was doing.

“What is wrong with you?” Clutching her burning face, Wu Xiaoye took a deep breath before calmly telling herself, “Wu Xiaoye, you have a vengeance to exact. How could you still be absorbed in a childish love affair?”

[1] Divinity Trigram - It’s a derivative of the Bagua and generalised here, so it’s not a specific method.

Click here to find out more.

Physiognomy - Telling fortune/ divining through the body features, and physique.

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