Chapter 12 Phantom


Chapter 12 Phantom

By the time he realized these two points, he was knee deep in the sludge, and his rubber boots were getting filled with it.

After his boots filled up and the feeling of loaches squirming ended, he instead felt as if his feet were in a bucket filled with butter.

Just this creamy and sticky feeling made this experience an unforgettable one for Zhao Lingjun. But what made him extremely disgusted, were the few small hard pebble-like lumps that made their way into his boots.

Zhao Lingjun did not know what these pain-inducing lumps were. What he knew was that the sludge was the sediment leftover in the pipes, and that it came from the complex’s toilets. He blanked out immediately upon thinking of this.

When he awoke from his stupor, his heart had hardened and his senses were numbed. Neither the nauseous stench, nor his anxiety and fear upon entering the sewer affected him. All Zhao Lingjun wanted to do now was to quickly find the clogged pipe, unclog it, and escape the hell-like environment of the sewer.

After he received the flashlight from Zhang Changsheng, he had immediately used it to shine the wall with the multiple pipes.

The ends of the numerous small pipes were covered with a metal grate, meant to prevent big bulky items from clogging the main sewage pipe. The grates were currently filled with all sort of junk, making it seem like a drooling monster, that had just eaten with veins hanging outside its mouth. It was visually shocking and mentally frightening, horrifying those who looked at it.

Anyone who looked at it for too long, would feel uncomfortable.

Luckily Zhao Lingjun did not mistake it for a monster on his first glance and was spared that sensation.

Instead he was frightened by another matter. With his nerves and concentration so high-strung, when he saw the pipes all clogged with a large amount of things, he nearly collapsed into the knee-high sludge.

“Nowander when it rained last year, there were a lot of tadpoles here.”

When Zhao Lingjun brandished his shovel, in an attempt to unclog the pipes, he fumed with anger.

Although the tangled up mess clogging the pipes were covered in sludge, there was one item which could be easily identified, and was even the majority of the junk clogging the pipes. Zhao Lingjun had seen this item many times in A films, condoms.

“If I find out which person lesser than a beast, flushed this disgusting thing after a pleasurable night. I will cut off his d*ck.”

When Zhao Lingjun’s shovel came into contact with the garbage, he cursed at God while in a fit of rage. “You MLGBD! Do you not have eyes! You want a good person like me to enter a sewer? While those evil people with no morals, aren’t smote by lightning?”

Before either his wrath could subside, or the junk could be unclogged by the shovel, he heard a weird rumbling sound, followed by the sewer suddenly lighting up.

“Was that really thunder?” Zhao Lingjun wondered. “Could I have been hallucinating due to this stench?”

But what he heard and saw was not an illusion.

However, it was not what he thought it was. When he saw the sewer suddenly brighten, the majority of his colleagues above were clapping and cheering loudly, causing that rumbling sound.

The complex had its power restored, and many of the apartments lights switched on automatically, shedding light on the dark sky, and thus illuminating the sewer as well.

??* * *


Just as the crowd cheered, another shrill scream came from the sewer, only this time, much louder than the previous three.

If that cry was made at midnight, there would definitely be many people wetting their beds in fear.

This time, not only Zhang Zhong, but even the Hengha Er Jiang’s legs turned soft. Their expressions of joy were immediately frozen and slowly turned into one of fright.

“Wha… Wha…” Xiao Ping wanted to ask what was going on, but his teeth was chattering incessantly.

Zhang Changsheng was usually bold and brave, but this time, even he felt scared.

He was scared out of his wits because he knew that the sound was from Zhao Lingjun, and it was filled with fear and despair. He assumed that Zhao Lingjun met something horrible below, and decided to quickly pull the rope in his hands.

Just as he had decided on it, he saw a dark shadow, quickly climbing up the ladder.

Along with it came a horrifying stench.

??* * *

Zhang Changsheng had been crouching over the manhole, but when he saw that shadow climbing up, his legs turned soft and he fell on his butt.

Although Zhang Changsheng was normally brave, at this moment, he was scared out his wits.

Because, although in a panic, he did not clearly see the shadow’s face, but he was certain that it was not Zhao Lingjun.

He was certain because that figure climbed as fast as a gust of wind. That speed, compared to the slow and clumsy Zhao Lingjun was completely worlds apart.

In addition, the shadow’s body looked nauseating, constantly dripping slime and filthy garbage.

But only one person went into the sewer, Zhao Lingjun.

If this figure rushing out, is not him, then what could it be?

Zhang Changsheng laid sprawled on the ground, with no strength left in his limbs, unable to even run away.


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