Chapter 80 - Heading to the Zhao Family Village

After breakfast, Madame Wei came over. Seeing that Ji Yunshu’s complexion was much better, she felt relieved.

They exchanged greetings for a moment before Madame Wei got to the point, “Yunshu, Uncle Wei and I have to go out for a few days. Make yourself at home these few days and take care of yourself - especially your injury - until our return, alright?”

“Yes, Yunshu will do as Aunt Wei said.”

“In the future, you don’t need to consider yourself a guest. Sooner or later, you will be my daughter-in-law. Although…” She glanced at Wei Yi and her voice slightly lowered, “Although our Yi’er is unlike normal people, his nature is good and honest. He will certainly treat you well.”

It was needless to doubt her last point. Ji Yunshu smiled at Madame Wei without saying a word.

“Yunshu, can you promise me something?” Madame Wei tentatively asked.

“Please tell me. If I can do it, I’ll certainly do my best.”

After a pause, Madame Wei said, “In all my life, the thing that worries me the most is Yi’er. I hope you could take care of him in our stead. Even if in the future, when my husband and I have passed on, I still hope that you will accompany him and take care of him.” Tears filled her eyes as she spoke.

Hearing this, Wei Yi pulled on his mother’s sleeve, “Mother, you can’t leave Yi’er. Yi’er doesn’t want to leave you.”

“Silly child, people will grow old, get sick and die. The person who can accompany you on your life’s journey isn’t your mother or father, but your wife. You must keep in mind that you are a man and as a man, you must be good to Yunshu. Do you understand what mother is saying?”

“Rest assured mother! Yi’er will take good care of Shu’er. I won’t let people bully her.” Wei Yi spoke in a firm tone.

Ji Yunshu’s eyes slightly reddened at his words! She stretched her hand and grabbed Madame Wei’s hands, “Aunt Wei, I promise you. I will take good care of Wei Yi. No matter what happens, I will fulfill this promise even if…” I don’t become your daughter-in-law.

Ji Yunshu kept the last few words in her heart and declared, “…In short, I promise you.”

“Since I have your words, my mind is more at ease.” Madame Wei smiled while still choked full of emotions. The more she saw Ji Yunshu, the more fondness she felt for her. As she needed to go out to handle some matters, Madame Wei did not stay long as she went to dispatch tasks during her absence before leaving.

Wei Yi left with her and only after he had bid his parents goodbye did he came to find Ji Yunshu.

This was actually good news for her. Since Lord Wei and Madame Wei were away, if the yin-yang corpse case had any new progress, she would be able to stealthily leave the mansion.

Not long after, Luan’er came back from the yamen and informed Ji Yunshu about what she had learned, “Miss, Lord Liu said that yesterday Madame Jiang came to the yamen and caused havoc while shouting at Lord Liu to release her brother, but he stopped her and sent her back.”

Oh my! That’s pretty good, he held up his dignity in front of her!

“What happened after that?”

“Lord Liu mentioned that Lord Jiang and Madame Jiang didn’t have a child together. But there was once a child living in their residence. She was the daughter of someone called Yu Sao. She was six years old at that time. After Madame had moved away, both Yu Sao and her daughter stayed back and they are currently living at the Zhao family village.” Luan’er gave a clear and nice report, speaking fluidly.

“Did Lord Liu mention something else?”

“Nothing else. Although he did say that female servant, Yu Sao, didn’t say anything worthwhile.”

Ji Yunshu quietly pondered, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt something was fishy. Why would there be a child underwear on Lord Jiang? Could it be that the underwear belonged to Yu Sao’s daughter?

Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat and she felt gripped by a bad premonition! Could there be a small possibility that… No, she didn’t dare to bet on such a possibility.

Ji Yunshu summoned a maidservant and ordered her, “Girl, can you bring me some clean men’s clothing? I need a few sets.”

The girl blinked her eyes in bewilderment, but she still obeyed the order and left to fetch some clean clothes.

Ji Yunshu changed her clothes and tied her long hair into a high bun. Luan’er pulled her aside, “Miss, are you going to the yamen at this time?”

“No, I’m going to the Zhao family village.”

But Miss, there’s a downpour outside! If you want to investigate something, isn’t better to ask Lord Liu to dispatch some people? Right now, your body needs rest. I’m worried that…”

“This matter is of great importance. Dispatching too many yamen runners would only alarm the common people. Besides, there're some matters I need to verify since it might be very problematic to investigate otherwise. I need to personally go on that trip. I have to ascertain the suspicions that’s bothering me.” Ji Yunshu’s words were very abstruse to Luan’er, causing her mental functions to cease and creating much confusion in her brain.

Ji Yunshu put her clothes in order as she spoke again, “Luan’er, Lord Wei and Madame Wei already left the mansion. So, stay here and take care of Young Master Wei. You chat with him while I’m out. Make sure he doesn’t go find me. Stay here and wait for me, understood?”

“Miss, I’m going with you!”

“No. I don’t know when I’ll be able to return. This is the Wei Mansion after all, I can’t guarantee that father won’t send people to bring me back. If it does happen, with you here, you will be able to stop or delay them.” This was a preventive measure!

Although Luan’er was worried, she grudgingly agreed. 

Stealthily evading the detection of the servants in the Wei mansion, Ji Yunshu left the place in direction of Zhao family village. However, the only way to the village was via water, not land.

With the rain getting heavier, her traveling speed was greatly reduced. Finally, she reached a pier. Her timing could not have been better as a boat was docked there.

A boatman in a raincoat made of straw with a conical bamboo hat was pulling on a cord and trying to tie the boat to a big stone, straining himself against the howling wind and torrential rain. Ji Yunshu propped up her umbrella and walked to him and inquired, “Mr. Boatman, is this boat going to Zhao family village?”

The boatman raised his head, but he was unable to hear what Ji Yunshu in the rain. So he cupped his ears and said, “What did you say?”

“I said, is this boat going to Zhao family village?”

This time the boatman heard her. He waved his hand, “Not going anywhere in this rain.”

“Mr. Boatman, please help me with this favour. I’m in a rush to return home for my father’s funeral!”

Oh! So, that’s the reason! The boatman was able to secure the rope, but this made him reconsider the idea of another trip to the village. Then, he looked at the river in turmoil, the heavy rain and the treacherous waves rolling on the water surface.

“Sir, please don’t make things difficult for me. It’s a downpour right now. The river is quite untame, if the boat capsizes, we will die.”

“But…” Ji Yunshu had yet to finish speaking, but a pair of hands suddenly appeared in her visual field and shove a silver in the boatman's hand.

“Would this suffice?” A deep and straightforward voice filled with a domineering tone could be heard.

Ji Yunshu glanced sideways and realised that Jing Rong was standing next to her - since when was he there? He who comes and goes like a shadow!

“It’s you?” Ji Yunshu spoke in surprise.

Jing Rong ignored her as he looked at the boatman and declared, “If the money is not enough, after you bring us on the other shore, I will give another one.”

Us? It is just me or do I have the feeling that you’re coming with me! Why do I feel that no matter where I go, I can’t seem to shake you off?

The boatman looked at the silver in his hand. His eyes were shining while his hand shakingly clasped on it. He grinned at them and fiercely nodded, “Of course, I can. I’ll bring you to Zhao family village.”

That boatman was truly a typical character that sees money and forgoes his life! After receiving the money, the boatman untied the rope from the stone pillar.

Ji Yunshu had yet to recover from the shock, but Jing Rong had grabbed her hand and pulled her on the swaying boat. He took her umbrella and sat both of them down.

“Are you surprised?” asked Jing Rong with the corner of his mouth hooked into a grin.

“Why are you…”

“You want to inquire why I know that you would be here? And why I know you want to go to Zhao family village?”

That’s right! Are you the roundworm in my belly?

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