Chapter 782 - Rebel

The Emperor never speaks in jest! Nobody below the dias made a single sound.

The Qizhen Emperor looked towards Jing Rong. “This case was handed to you and Jing Yi. Whoever solved the case would gain great merit. We have reason to reward you. Tell me, what would you like Us to reward you with?”

I want your expense of lands. I want your bejeweled dragon throne. Would you give me that?

Jing Rong bowed his head. “This son doesn’t dare to claim merit.”

“We have said, that the Emperor never speaks in jest. I said there will be a reward, so there must be one.”

“This son doesn’t lack anything. If Imperial Father wishes to bestow a reward, why not reward something else?”


“That bout of heavy rain a few days ago caused flooding in the outskirts of the capital. Many houses collapsed, causing the citizens to be homeless and displaced. This son knows that disaster relief funds issued by the Imperial Court must be individually assessed; if there are no injured or dead, the Ministry of Revenue would typically not approve the funding. However, the Zhang Village lost their crop fields and numerous residences. If the Imperial Court doesn’t offer any assistance, the citizens would be in a perilous situation. This son doesn’t wish for any reward, and only beseeches Imperial Father to approve the disaster relief.”

A commotion rose amongst the court officials.

The Qizhen Emperor, was also greatly shocked and troubled. “The Imperial Court naturally would not ignore citizens in peril. We feel uneasy at hearing the news as well. Since you refuse a reward and requested for this instead, alright, We agree.” No reservations!

Jing Rong expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, Imperial Father.”

“Lord He?” The Qizhen Emperor called out.

Lord He of the Ministry of Revenue stepped forward. “Your subject is here.”

“You’ve heard Prince Rong’s words; We have also permitted it. Send some people out to the city outskirts; if what he said is true, then assign however much silver taels are required for it. There can be no negligence; do not let the citizens suffer.”

“This subject obeys.”

“Where is Lord Li?”

The Minister of Public Works, Lord Li, went forward. “This subject is present.”

“It has been raining continuously in recent days, causing landslides and collapsing buildings in many places. The citizens’ homes must be rebuilt and repaired as needed. Your Ministry of Public Works must brace up and see what the public lacks. Make the necessary repairs. If there is a single bit of negligence, We will put the blame on your two ministries.”

“Yes!” Lord Li answered, then retreated.

The Qizhen Emperor was gratified. He told Jing Rong, “Your concern for the citizens have not disappointed Our appreciation of your talents.”

“This is what this son should do.”

He hummed, then turned towards the well-behaved Ji Yunshu beside him. “Teacher Ji.”

Ji Yunshu stepped out into the middle of the hall. “This commoner greets Your Majesty.”

“Dispense with the formality. We summoned you into the palace because you helped Jing Rong solve the Case of the Dried Well. Your work deserves recognition as well. We will not overlook you.”

“This commoner doesn’t dare.”

“We say you dare, so you do.”


“We can clearly see your ability. You were the top contributor in solving the Case of the Dried Well; since you made a contribution, why would there not be a reward for you? We can’t be bothered to ask what you want any more.” The Qizhen Emperor said frankly. “Back then, when We dissolved the post of the Disciplinary Officer of the Ministry of Justice, We originally intended for it to increase the working efficiency of the Supreme Court and Ministry of Justice, as well as ensure that the staff of the Capital Magistrate would not remain idle.

“Unexpectedly, over these several years where the Disciplinary Officer’s position was removed, a lot of trouble emerged instead. Case files arriving from various counties and districts were passed between the Supreme Court and Ministry of Justice, creating a jumble of confusion. This position of Disciplinary Officer is one tasked with bringing to trial cases that plague all counties and districts, a pivotal role that redresses injustice for the common people; it is indispensable. We know that you have a certain ability and daring; you would be an appropriate choice to take on this position.”

Immediately, an official jumped out. “Your Majesty, official positions in the imperial court have always been subject to multiple rounds of selection by the Ministry of Personnel, even for simply recommending candidates for the post. Although this Teacher Ji is impressively intelligent and solved many cases, he has never been tested. Wouldn’t it be too perfunctory if he were permitted to hold the position of Disciplinary Officer?”

“This subject agrees. I beseech Your Majesty to reconsider.” Several of those from Jing Yi’s faction joined in the objection.

Ji Yunshu secretly rejoiced. Work harder, dammit! Hurry up and persuade him! She really didn’t want that position!

However, the Qizhen Emperor persisted. “We said that we would reward him, and a gentleman never speaks in vain. Although he has never been through the Ministry of Personnel’s tests nor participated in the National Examinations, We believe that in all of Great Lin, there is no other person more qualified than him to take on the position of Disciplinary Officer. Our decision has already been made, and will not be changed.” He waved his sleeve in a grand gesture and issued an imperial edict. “We bestow the position of Disciplinary Officer of the Ministry of Justice, effective immediately.”

Uncle, don’t you need to reconsider? You’re too wilful. Ji Yunshu thoroughly understood that she could no longer escape and shot Jing Rong a look, but that fellow simply nodded at her, indicating that she should accept. She could only steel herself and accept the boon. “This commoner… thanks Your Majesty.”

“Now that the reward has been given, it’s time for the punishment.” The Qizhen Emperor looked towards the calm and cool Jing Yi, saying, “We don’t wish to speak further on your matter, but you were certainly overly careless in investigating the case. You concluded the case before the real culprit had been captured. We had also a moment of foolishness, to have believed your case file full of logical holes.”

Jing Yi knew that whatever he said would be of no use, so he admitted it and no longer prevaricated. He cupped his hands and bowed, “This son knows his mistake.” His voice was hoarse and weary.

“Since you know your wrongs, then mend the root of your wrongs. Since Jing Rong mentioned the floods in the capital outskirts, then you can handle that matter personally. Shed your princely airs and work together with the Ministries of Works and Revenue; whenever the matter is done, you can enter the palace.”

Miraculously, Jing Yi actually agreed obediently. “Yes, this son willingly accepts the punishment.”

After reward and punishment were meted out, the court session ended.

Since Ji Yunshu had become the Disciplinary Officer, some of the court officials came forward to congratulate her heartily, with no sign of their previous disruptive attitude. All of them addressed her sweetly as “Lord Ji”.

The Ministry of Personnel were very efficient and quickly entered her name into the Book of Officials, while the Ministry of Justice immediately cleared out a clean office for her, neatly equipped with everything she would need, all brand new!

The threshold to Prince Rong’s Residence was nearly worn through by visitors; officials flocked over with congratulatory gifts for Ji Yunshu and to exchange pleasantries with Jing Rong. Ji Yunshu was extremely perturbed, fearing that she would one day die an ugly death.

Jing Rong was frustrated as well, but His Majesty had spoken to award her the official position and cannot be rejected.

In the end, she could only tug on Jing Rong’s sleeve, “I’m going to hide for a while.” She packed her bags in the night and left for Zhuxi Court. After that, any other official that arrived were met with a stormy dismissal from Jing Rong.

As for Jing Yi, he was dragged to the Ministry of Public Works the minute he stepped out of the palace and only returned home after dark. His expression clearly showed his displeasure.

Dou Quan asked, “Are you alright, Your Highness?”

“Did all those Court Officials go visit Prince Rong’s Residence?”

“Prince Rong gained an advantage, and that Teacher Ji was also bestowed the position of Disciplinary Officer by His Majesty. Half of the court’s officials went to visit with gifts.”

Jing Yi ground his teeth audibly and swept his arm across the table, sending the tea set crashing onto the ground. “Jing Rong, this prince and you are now irreconcilable!”

Suddenly, Dou Quan asked, “Your Highness, why not… rebel?”

“What did you say?”

“Prince Rong’s influence and position is now too favorable; His Majesty is also biased towards him. Your Highness, why not take advantage of this… to rebel?”

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