Chapter 763 - Learn To Be More Flexible

“Is she referring to Old Man Zhang’s son, Zhang Daqi?” Jing Yi wondered. Who else would have six to seven scars on his face? But many people live in the capital and there would be more than a few that have scars on their face. The person she met may not be Zhang Daqi. 

Wen Shisan mulled over Caifeng’s testimony, then whispered in Jing Yi’s ear, “We should investigate this, Your Highness. But we should keep a low profile, lest Prince Rong catch wind of this and overtake us.” 

“What do you suggest?”

“Send someone to the Zhang Village and bring Zhang Daqi to us, then see if this maid recognises him.” 

Jing Yi took in his suggestion, then nodded. The prince turned to Old Master Huang and said, “I would like to borrow this maid of yours, Old Master Huang. We’ll bring her back once our work is done.” 

The maid’s eyes widened in shock and she dropped to her knees. She thought she had offended the prince in some way and begged for mercy, shivering as she kowtowed repeatedly. “I didn’t do anything, Your Highness. I never hurt anyone, let alone kill anyone. Please, have mercy on me, Your Highness.” 

“Shut it.” Old Master Huang scolded her with a glare. The old man then turned to the prince with a courteous smile. “We are honoured to be able to aid you, Your Highness. Please, feel free to take her with you.”

Caifeng pleaded, “Old Master…” Her hands were balled into tight fists as she whimpered in fear. 

Meanwhile, a sinister smile stretched across Jing Yi’s face as he watched the maid grovel at his feet, as if the sight of her horror and fear was a thrill. What a twisted person he was! Caifeng became even more terrified in his presence. 

Jing Yi towered over her. “Don’t worry, little maid. I won’t kill you.” 


“Just do as you’re told and come with me, once everything is over, I’ll send you back home.” 

Only after this reassurance did the fear in her eyes eased slightly, and she gave a stiff nod. Several guards, equipped with swords, then pulled her to her feet and dragged her away. 

Jing Yi’s attention returned to Old Master Huang. “Please, don’t let anyone else know that I visited today. Can you do that?” 

It was a thinly-veiled threat. 

“Of course, no one would even breathe a word.” Old Master Huang answered, he knew his place. 

Jing Yi did not remain in the Huang Estate any longer. The moment he stepped out, he ordered his men to fetch Zhang Daqi.

His men were very efficient, they brought Zhang Daqi to Jing Yi within a few hours. He was brought to the prince’s presence like a criminal. 


Zhang Daqi stayed on his feet. A guard kicked his leg unceremoniously, and Zhang Daqi dropped to his knees, but his eyes were still rooted to the ground in stony silence. 

Jing Yi scrutinised him with a cold, sinister glare. “Raise your head.” 

Zhang Daqi remained still. 

“This prince commands you to raise your head.” 

Again, Zhang Daqi remained still. 

A guard stepped forward, grabbed his hair and yanked backwards, forcing Zhang Daqi to look up. In an instant, his scar-filled face was revealed for all to see. Zhang Daqi stared hollowly up at the extravagantly-dressed Prince Yi. His lips that were stretched into a thin, rigid line, exhibiting a bone-deep defiance. That look in his eyes sent a chill down Jing Yi’s spine.

Jing Yi glanced to the side, where Caifeng stood as she shook, and asked, “Is he the one?” 

Caifeng rubbed her eyes and looked closely. Then, she nodded, “Yes, it’s him. He’s the man I bumped into.”

Bang! Jing Yi slapped the table next to him and questioned, “Zhang Daqi, have you ever picked up a four-inch long dagger?”


“Answer me!” 

Zhang Daqi responded between pants. “No.”

“You dare lie to me?”

“What crime have I committed?” Zhang Daqi questioned.

Jing Yi stepped forward and looked at the peasant at his feet. “Let me ask you again, did you pick up a four-inch long dagger? And did you then use that to commit murder?” He questioned as he glared daggers at Zhang Daqi. 

The peasant was unfazed, “I’m innocent, Your Highness.” He answered calmly. There wasn’t any sign of fear in his eyes. 

Instantly, Jing Yi raised his leg and kicked Zhang Daqi squarely in the shoulder. 

The kick sent him flying across the room. Zhang Daqi sprawled out on the floor, his hand covered his chest as blood dribbled from his lips. 

“It’s fine even if you refuse to admit it. I have a hundred ways to make you talk.” Jing Yi threatened, he then ordered his men, “Drag him away, do whatever you need to do.” There was a glint of bloodthirst in his eyes. A few guards stepped forward, hoisted Zhang Daqi to his feet and dragged him away.

After Zhang Daqi was taken away, Caifeng asked in a tiny whisper, “Then...can I go home now, Your Highness?”

“Go home?” Jing Yi scoffed. “Silly girl, I will surely let you go if you want. Just, not now. Not yet.” 


“Take her away.” 

“Your Highness?” Caifeng was taken away as well, her cries and pleas echoed through the hall as she too was dragged away.

Wen Shisan has been watching silently throughout Jingyi’s “interrogation”, once Zhang Daqi and Caifeng were out of earshot, he said, “Your Highness, we cannot be certain that Zhang Daqi was really the person that picked up that dagger based on that maid’s words alone. And, even if he did pick up that dagger, that may not be the actual murder weapon, so…”

Before he could finish his statement, Jing Yi raised his hand and stopped him with a cold chuckle, “Shisan, you still don’t understand what I mean.”


“Did you really think that we are here to solve the case?” 

“I’m afraid Your Highness’s meaning has eluded me.” 

Jing Yi smirked, “It doesn’t matter who’s the killer; it doesn’t even matter if the one we arrest is the killer. Nothing matters, as long as we win! All we need to do is send the killer to the Ministry of Justice before Prince Rong, and record their confession in black and white. Then, it would be my victory! When that’s done, no one would care about the details of the case. And your job in all this is to just make sure whoever we send in, becomes the killer.”

“Your Highness…” 

“Shisan, you have my word, as long as you help me win this, you will be the Disciplinary Officer in the Ministry of Justice. So, sometimes it’s good to be more flexible.” 

Wen Shisan started. He wishes to become the Disciplinary Officer, but he also wants to beat Ji Yunshu fair and square, without using these underhanded tricks. But in the end, he kept his mouth shut. That night, Zhang Daqi was heavily tortured to the brink of death, but he did not admit his guilt. 

The next day, in the Huang Estate.

Young Miss Huang woke up fairly early and called for Caifeng several times, but no one answered. “Where is she? Why haven’t I seen her around since last night?” 

One of the younger maids in the estate explained, “ Miss, Caifeng had been taken away by someone last night.” 

“Taken away? Didn’t I say she’s my personal maid, and that no one can take her without my permission?” 

“But, that person is….” The young maid shrank away from the lady as she rubbed her hands nervously. 

Miss Huang was well-known for her bad temper, she glared at the young maid, “Spit it out, who in the world took her?”

“It was… Prince Yi.” The young maid answered with a hushed whisper. 

“Prince Yi?” Miss Huang flinched at the news, her thin brows furrowed together in deep thought. After a moment of silence, she asked, “What did Caifeng do? Why would...Prince Yi take her away?” 

The young maid’s eyes darted left and right before she replied, “I think… it was regarding your missing dagger.”

“That dagger? I thought Caifeng lost it!”

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