Chapter 76 - The Fish Took the Bait!

Old Madame Ji’s words were equivalent to the master of the house’s words. Thus, she said, “Both of you, this matter has already passed. This world has laws and decrees, and our family has its own laws. Yunshu pushed our girl Lingzhi, causing her to almost cripple her hands. Her father only whipped Yunshu to teach her a lesson. We just want to avoid such matters from recurring after she enters your Wei family and causes you trouble in the future.”

Ah! Such a caring grandmother!

No matter how Madame Wei spoke, she knew how to respect her elders. She glanced at her husband, pursed her lips into a faint smile, and spoke in a polite tone, “Old Madame Ji, Yunshu is a thoughtful and clever child. Even if she committed a mistake, how could I have the heart to punish her? However…” 

She stretched out the last word, then sneered before continuing, “You said that Yunshu pushed that girl Lingzhi? I really can’t believe it. Afte rall, I have heard quite a few things about Lingzhi’s temper.”

Although Ji Lingzhi was young, she had committed many wrongdoings while accompanying Ji Yuanzhi, her third brother. Because he himself was a good-for-nothing son, together they both often went around the city bullying people.

This time, Ji Shuhan and Old Madame Ji had nothing to retort. They became even more embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Wei Yi and Ji Yunshu were on their way to the West Side courtyard. 

“Shu’er, I’ll carry you on my back. I can walk really fast. I can bring you back to your room faster to rest, alright?” Wei Yi was still extremely anxious about Ji Yunshu’s injuries.

Ji Yunshu turned and glanced at Wei Yi. “Sure.”

Thus, Wei Yi squatted down, showing his solid back to Ji Yunshu. Then, he turned his head and patted his shoulder, “Shu’er, climb on.”

Watching his actions, Ji Yunshu could not stop smiling. Her heart relaxed and was filled with warmth.

“Shu’er, you and Big Brother are alike,” declared Wei Yi.

“Is that so? Hmm…”Ji Yunshu pondered a bit and asked him, “Wei Yi, do you really like me a lot?”

He nodded energetically, “Yeah, I like you a lot. After you become my wife, I want to make tons and tons of little Wei Yis with you.”

Again with the little Wei Yis?! Your mother really did a good job brainwashing you! 

“But what if… I don’t like you?” Her words were spoken softly, but due to their close proximity from their current position, he still heard the question.

Disappointment flashed through his face while his steps turned sluggish. He pouted his lips and asked, “Is it because I’m stupid that you don’t like me?”

“No.” Ji Yunshu replied to him with certainty, and her eyes reflected her remorse. She opened her mouth and continued, “Wei Yi, do you know that you’re not silly or stupid? Compared to many people, you are very clever and attentive. You carry in you an honesty and sincerity that can’t be found in others. Do you know how unique and special you are?”

“Then why don’t you like me?” That’s right! Since he was better compared to many, why didn’t Ji Yunshu like him?

“That’s because…” My heart belongs to someone else.

However, the last part of her sentence remained unspoken. She only said, “Enough, you won’t understand.”

Right at that moment, they were walking through a corridor. After she made sure there were no 'eyes' spying on them, she immediately patted Wei Yi’s shoulder, “You can let me down.”

“I cannot. Shu’er, you are injured and can’t walk.”

“I’m not injured, so first let me down.”

Wei Yi became stunned when he heard her, allowing Ji Yunshu to slowly climb off his back. After she got off, he watched her with disbelieving eyes before going around to her back and taking a look. Then, he pointed and spoke, “But Shu’er, your back is still bleeding.”

She smiled at him, dipped her fingers in her 'blood', and quickly smeared some of it on Wei Yi’s lips. She then told him, “Taste it and tell me if it’s blood.”

Wei Yi stretched out his tongue and licked his lips. His eyes narrowed, looking pensive. Then, he said in a small voice, “I don’t know what it tastes like.”

“Silly, this is paint. Not blood.” After revealing the secret, she turned around and walked forward. Wei Yi followed, going around her asking what paint was. Ji Yunshu did not know how to explain so he could understand, but she still tried to do so. While they were passing through the rear court’s garden, they suddenly heard a shout.

“Stay where you are!” The voice belonged to someone they were rather familiar with - it was none other than Ji Muqing.

Ji Yunshu turned around and looked toward the direction the voice came from and saw Ji Muqing sitting with prim and properly in a pavilion built above water not too far from them. She leaned on the pavilion pillar with one hand resting on it, while the other hand held an elaborate box containing fish bait. 

The scene should have been quite beautiful, but Ji Yunshu only felt nauseated at the sight of Ji Muqing! Even Ji Lingzhi was present, sitting on the stone table practicing calligraphy.

Didn’t she say her hands almost got crippled? In a mere few days, they have healed to the point that she can use a brush. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Right at that moment, Ji Lingzhi saw Ji Yunshu, but she continued to write, ignoring her. Ji Yunshu was too lazy to try to understand her attitude, so she continued on her way with Wei Yi. 

However, Ji Muqing started to mock and ridicule them, “Hey, idiot! Did you come here today to take a look at your future wife? You absolutely shouldn’t look at her too much. After all, a bastard is a bastard. Looking at her too much will turn you blind.”

Hmph! Then why are you still looking at me?!

Wei Yi had no idea what Ji Muqing meant, so he looked at Ji Yunshu and inquired in a small voice, “Shu’er, what is that big sister talking about?”

Who knew that instead of answering his question, she asked him something else, “Can you swim?”

Wei Yi shook his head.

“Hmm… good then.”

Why good then? No matter how Wei Yi thought about it, he still could not understand what she meant.

In a blink of an eye, Ji Yunshu revealed a smile with deep intentions. She stepped forward and took the long corridor leading toward the pavilion and went inside.

Then, she directly asked Ji Muqing, “Big Sister, did you call me just now? Do you need me for something?”

“Nothing! My mouth is my own, so I say whatever I want to say.” Her pretty face showed insufferable arrogance. She continued to throw fish bait in the water, but suddenly she noticed the 'blood' on Ji Yunshu’s back. She wrinkled her nose, “What’s on your back?”

Ji Yunshu smiled, “It got stained with red water. Don’t be startled too much.”

Ji Muqing hooked her lips into a sharp mocking smile as she coldly snorted.

Ji Yunshu continued to speak, “It just happened that Young Master Wei came to see me. We’re enjoying the garden’s beautiful scenery, and this pavilion offered a nice view.” 

Ji Yunshu turned around and went straight to Wei Yi, “Wei Yi, do you like the view here?”

He looked around and nodded, “I like it.”

“Who allowed you two to come here. Get out! This place is mine and eldest big sister’s.” Ji Lingzhi pouted and started to yell. She then pointed at them with the brush in her hand.

“Lingzhi, don’t cause a scene. Since your third sister wants to watch the scenery with this idiot, then let them be. We don’t want the Wei family to claim that we lack courtesy and etiquette,” stated Ji Muqing.

Obviously, this made Lingzhi unhappy as she glared at them.

Little brat, wait until I make you cry.’

“Huh? What is that?” Ji Yunshu suddenly pointed at something while shouting in surprise.

Everyone’s eyes quickly followed the direction she pointed at, but they saw nothing out of the ordinary. Curiousity took hold of Ji Muqing. 

Ji Yunshu continued, “Big sister, don’t tell me you couldn’t see it? It’s just there! There!”


The fish took the bait!

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