Chapter 752 - Destined to Work for Lord Yama

Jing Rong, on the other hand, led Ji Yunshu to another table and sat down.

As for the capital governor, he was in a pickle.

He was the capital governor and the two princes investigating the case were both like the great ancestors; not to be offended and difficult to please.  [1] Although it may look like he could just pick any spot to sit down, the reality was not that simple. He was a supporter of Jing Rong, but it wouldn’t do to make that obvious right now.

Why not… I find another empty spot to sit. That’s better.

The Zhang village chief hurriedly ordered people to bring over a few coal braisers to warm everyone up, as well as to dry their drenched clothing. He also brought over a few pots of steaming hot tea and poured everyone present a cup. However, Jing Yi flicked the cup aside in a show of disdain.

Wen Shisan, who was seated opposite him, was not picky at all. He was shivering all over after searching for evidence in the rundown temple and dearly wished for a cup of warming tea. Just as the teacup was about to reach his lips, something flew towards him and struck him on the thumb, causing a sharp pain.

His grip loosened and the teacup smashed into smithereens on the floor.

Opposite him, Jing Yi asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Shisan cradled his thumb and looked about. Gritting his teeth, he shook his head, “It’s nothing!”

Looking at the situation, the village chief presented another cup of tea to him. As Wen Shisan lifted the cup once more… Bang! Another sound rang out.

This time, the teacup had been struck. A hole appeared in the cup and the hot tea poured out from the opening, causing him to release his hold on the cup once more from the pain.

In the end, another cup was sacrificed.

This time, Wen Shisan couldn’t take it anymore. Standing up in anger, he raised his voice and cried out loudly, “Who is it?” 

Everyone in the ancestral hall looked at him in incredulousness while remaining silent.

Jing Yi seemed to have realized something. He looked at Jing Rong from the corners of his eyes and understood. He turned to Wen Shisan, ”Shisan, sit down.”

Although Wen Shisan was still indignant, he suppressed his anger and sat back down.

But his bottom had barely touched the seat when the chair simply collapsed on itself, causing both chair and human to fall onto the floor. His face stiffened with rage as he endured the pain and scrambled to his feet.

Just as he was about to ask who was the culprit, Jing Rong called out from his seat at another table, ”Why is Mister Wen so careless; it's one thing to have problems holding your teacup but how could you fall off your chair? How amusing.” His tone was packed with mocking and sarcasm.

Wen Shisan was not an idiot and figured out that Jing Rong was the culprit. He ground his teeth noisily with a sour expression on his face and remarked, “I didn’t know that Your Highness likes to play dirty.”

“Oh? Play dirty? Why does this prince not understand what you are talking about?”


“Forget it, Shisan.” Jing Yi advised while looking at Jing Rong from the corner of his eye, “Why take despicable people seriously?”

Jing Rong grinned and added, “That’s right, despicable people will naturally have their dues and eventually be punished for their deeds. They’ll laugh for an instant but cry for eternity.”


Jing Yi’s face darkened but he managed to control himself in the end.

Wen Shisan was pissed but since his opponent was a prince, he could only pat the dust off his garments with a huff. He told Jing Yi, “Your Highness, I shall go out for a while to take a breather.” With that, he began to walk out the doors.

Jing Rong, on the other hand, did not let up. A tiny pebble appeared at his fingertips once more with the intent on making contact with the back of Wen Shisan’s head. But he was held back in time by Ji Yunshu. She tugged his hand and shook her head. Jing Rong obliged and returned the pebbles to his sleeve.

Following that, she said, “I’ll go outside for a moment.”

JIng Rong nodded and she went out.


Outside, Wen Shisan was standing under the rafters, washing his hands.

Ji Yunshu strode out and walked beside him; she raised her head to look at the dark sky and uttered, “I never thought… that we would meet again in the capital.” Her tone was cold.

Wen Shisan’s hands froze before he withdrew them. He gave her a sideways glance and replied, “Neither did I know that, in just four short years, you’ve become Teacher Ji whose name is known throughout the capital.” His words were woven full of sarcasm.

“You don’t have to beat around the bush. Tell me, what are your motives for being here?” Direct and to the point!

Wen Shisan replied, “What kind of motive could I have? Prince Yi invited me to solve the case, so here I am.”

“There’s no one else here, so you have nothing to hide. I don’t think anyone would understand better than me just what kind of person you are, Zhou San.”

“Zhou San?” He laughed as his eyes narrowed, “I haven’t heard this name for over four years either.”

Ji Yunshu turned her body to face him and threw a cold, sharp gaze, “Listen here, if you dare play any tricks with this case, I’ll definitely won’t let you off.”

Shifu, what are you talking about? What could I possibly do?”

“Don’t call me shifu.” Ji Yunshu reprimanded.

“It’s the truth, you are my shifu! As the saying goes; a master for a day, a master for life.”

“Shut up!” Ji Yunshu’s personality was typically calm and steady. Yet, when facing this man, she couldn’t help but gnash her teeth!

Wen Shisan was smug that goading had worked, “You want me to shut up but I’ll still say this. If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be today’s Wen Shisan. Shifu, I really am grateful to you.”

How disgusting! Ji Yunshu controlled herself as she replied coldly, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you that solving cases is not something that could be done by mere theoretical discussions; what matters most is this.” She extended a finger and pointed to her head. It relies on your own intelligence!

Wen Shisan did not care in the slightest, “You don’t have to tell me that. I too have solved many cases over the past few years. Jingan’s citizens even gave me three words. “ He raised three fingers. “A living Buddha.” He was blatantly bragging about his achievements.

And yet—

“When you say that you have solved many cases, are you referring to the serial clan extermination case in Jiangzhen last year and the Case of the Malicious Bones?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Although I have never been to Jiangzhen myself, I have looked deeply into those two cases. During your investigation on the clan extermination, you caused over ten innocent citizens to be imprisoned and beaten to death.

“Your actions during the Case of the Malicious Bones were even more abhorrent; in order to lure the culprit out, you actually caused three innocent lives to be lost. One was an elderly man over half a century old, another was a heavily pregnant woman, and the last one was an infant barely two years of age. You’re despicable and incorrigible. Is this what you call solving cases? Using the lives of innocents to redeem a mere title of a living Buddha?”

Her words were powerful and struck deep.

Wen Shisan’s expression crumpled. It felt like something was stuck in his throat; he couldn’t say a single word.

Ji Yunshu continued, “If I say that I’m afraid of you, it’s not because I am afraid that you’re better than me. I’m afraid of the fact that you are indiscriminate in your methods, and do not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of innocents in order to solve cases. Do you still remember my words during our first case, that we were destined to work for Lord Yama? Our left hand holds the culprit’s life and our right hand grasps that of the victims’, if we relax for a mere moment, then our lives are forfeit.”

[1] TLN: Last bit after the ; is my addition to convey the meaning and for clarity. 

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