Chapter 74 - Shu'er

Ji Yunshu knew that it would not take long for the news of Li Zhao’s arrest to reach Madame Jiang’s ears. That woman was so full of arguments and excuses and Jing Rong was nott present at this moment. Thus, it was hard to tell what kind of wretched ideas that woman could come up with to bail her brother out!

After pondering for a while, Ji Yunshu suggested to Magistrate Liu, “Milord, I think that if we wait for Madame Jiang to arrive, she will definitely pressure you to release her brother on the spot. You will have no choice but to endure, and you cannot release him. In addition, Li Zhao has already admitted to the crime of burying and concealing the corpse. His arrest is only a matter of time. Before we get any new evidence, it’s better to keep him in the prison.”

“I understand. When the time comes, I will grit my teeth and stand firm.” His exuded self-confidence as he spoke those words.

However, it made Ji Yunshu feel more anxious instead. She was afraid that he would grit his teeth too hard and end up with broken teeth instead.

Right at this time… “Mis- Sir…” Someone almost blurted out 'miss'.

A female voice could be heard faintly from a distance until it became clearer and louder as the person came closer. As they turned their heads, they saw Luan’er running towards them, dripping with sweat and gasping for breath.

Ji Yunshu frowned as she was confused about why Luan’er was there, so she asked, “Why did you come?”

Luan’er hurriedly replied, “Some-something has happened at home. You need to go back quickly.”

Something happened? Is it something good or bad? It must have been something bad, since nothing good ever happened in this house! 

Seeing the worry in Luan’er's eyes, Ji Yunshu had no choice but to explain herself to Magistrate Liu, “Milord, you must not forget what I just said. I will also send Wei Wu and Wang San to investigate the case. If there’s a new lead, please inform me as soon as possible.”

“What are they investigating?”

“Save your questions for later. We will discuss it after they finish their investigation.”

The magistrate nodded and Ji Yunshu departed from the yamen with Luan’er.

As soon as they exited, Ji Yunshu asked Luan’er, “What happened at home? What made you panic to the point that you had to run to the yamen?”

“The Wei family came. Lord Wei and Madame Wei also brought Young Master Wei with them. They… They said that they want you to meet Young Master Wei.”

She had to face this situation sooner or later. But when she was on her way to the Ji Mansion, Ji Yunshu felt like there was someone following her. It must be her woman’s intuition playing tricks on her. It was only after she entered the West Side courtyard did Lang Po come out of his hiding place. Seeing that she had returned safely to the Ji Mansion, he relaxed. 

Due to yesterday’s assassination attempt, Jing Rong hd heightened his vigilance and ordered a group of people to secretly protect Ji Yunshu since the assassins said they were ordered to take both their heads. 

Even Lang Po did not forget to grumble, “Your Highness treats Miss Ji very well. He’s afraid that she might meet with a mishap, so he even made me protect her in secret. Sigh! I’m afraid that Prince has feelings towards Miss Ji.” What was this sour feeling he felt? Was it the sour taste of vinegar?……

As soon as she returned to her room, she immediately changed into female clothing, combed her hair and applied some makeup. Then, she left for the reception hall.

Fortunately, neither Ji Muqing nor Ji Lingzhi were present. Not to mention there was not even a shadow of Ji Wanxin. Surprisingly, even that 'disaster-courting' third brother was not in sight. He’s probably enjoying himself in some low-grade brothel right now.This situation was pretty good!

She went inside using proper etiquette and saw that her father had a warm yet stiffened smile on his face. Then, her line of sight fell onto something besides his left hand - crutches! It appeared that climbing up to Qing An temple by kowtowing at each step had caused him some internal injuries. So now, when he walked, he needed to use crutches.

Sitting next to Old Madame Ji, he acted extremely amiable. There was not even a single trace of the vicious appearance he had when he whipped her the other day.

“Father. Grandmother.” Ji Yunshu greeted them before looking at the Wei couple, “Uncle Wei. Aunt Wei.”“Good.” Madame Wei was extremely satisfied with her future daughter-in-law.

Sitting straight on the chair, Wei Yi seemed to have his eyes glued to Ji Yunshu the instant she entered the room. The foolish young man had a face as red as an apple! He then leaned towards his mother and whispered in her ear, “Mom, is she my wife?”

Madame Wei nodded while patting his thigh, “Yes, she is. Isn’t she very pretty?”

For Wei Yi, the moment her mother confirmed his suspicions, he felt as if he had received the greatest present ever. Surprise and excitement spread all over his face, his mouth opened widely while his eyes became twice as big and he darted a heated gaze at Ji Yunshu! It’s true! It’s true! His hands that were resting on his thighs couldn’t stop from fidgeting. His mouth pursed as shyness overcame him, but he still snickered from happiness.

Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you getting shy? Seeing her son this happy gave her peace of mind.

Right at this moment, Ji Shuhan raised his hand toward Wei Yi and said, “Yunshu, look. Young Master Wei’s appearance is truly grand. You two are truly suited for each other.”

Old Madame Ji also did not forget to add, “That’s right. Marrying into the Wei family truly is your blessing. Your father had found you a good marriage.”

Pfft! Wolf in sheep skin! Ji Yunshu did not agree. She tightly clenched her hands into fists inside her sleeves. She was inwardly sneering. Just wait until I make you cry!

Suddenly, Madame Wei pulled Wei Yi and walked to Ji Yunshu’s side and spoke to her with great excitement, “Yi’er, come and take a good look. This is your wife. Last time you were complaining about not wanting to marry, but this time mother brought you to see her. So, what do you think? Don’t you like her a lot?”

Do you think you’re at the market trying to select goods?! Ji Yunshu’s complexion turned green from anger.

Wei Yi nodded, “I like her. I really like Big Sister. I want to take her as my wife and in the future, we will have lots of little Wei Yis.”

Everyone kept silent.

But suddenly, Madame Wei swatted him and corrected his words, “What Big Sister?! Yunshu is your wife, so you should be calling her wife.”

“Oh! Big Sister Wife!”

How shameful! Lord Wei could not let this situation go on, so he cleared his throat and said, “Wife, you should stop frightening Yunshu. She still has yet to marry Wei Yi yet. We cannot allow Wei Yi to inconsiderately shout ‘wife’ everywhere.”

“Oh! True, true, true! Look at me getting all muddled.” Yet Madame Wei did not feel awkward about it. She still told Wei Yi, “Yi’er, right now you still can’t call her wife, so how about you call her Yunshu?”

Wei Yi obediently nodded and agreed without hesitation, “Alright.” 

Thus, he started calling her Yunshu in a voice that could only make people think it was extremely pleasant to listen to! As a matter of fact, the way he called her Yunshu was more pleasant to hear compared to when Liu Qingping called her! At least, it did not feel slimy when she heard it.

Ji Yunshu beamed a gentle smile at him, looking at him with her pure and bright eyes, causing Wei Yi to turn into jelly and melt away.But the next moment, he took the initiative to pull on Ji Yunshu’s sleeve, “My mom and my dad call me Yi’er. Yunshu, can I call you Shu’er?”

No way! “Sure. If Young Master Wei wants to call me that, then feel free to do so.” Ji Yunshu’s expression was gentle, yet her tone was somewhat alienating.

“Good! Then, I’ll call you Shu’er. Shu’er! Shu’er~!” He called her name a few times, shouting in a joyful way!

Ji Yunshu did not feel awkward listening to his voice; in fact, looking at his foolish, yet genuinely happy appearance caused her heart to be rippled with happiness from time to time!

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